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Asda Chocolate & Hazelnut Cones

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      10.03.2013 17:31
      Very helpful



      A luxurious ice cream that won't break the bank!

      Whatever the weather I love to finish a meal off with an ice cream cone! Why not take advantage of having the heating cranked up and still being able to enjoy an ice cold cone? But with money being tight and my family all happening to love ice cream too, I have to opt for the cheaper brands where possible as we go through about two boxes a week, which is where Asda's chosen by you range fits in nicely.

      ~ What is Asda's chosen by you range? ~
      Hundreds of thousands of blind taste tests have been carried out by an independent company. Products are blind tested by the public - that's Asda customers as well as customers of other major supermarkets. Products do not become part of the range unless they meet customers' high standards. That way whenever you see 'Chosen By You' you can be confident you are buying great tasting products every time you shop.
      - Taken from Asda's chosen by you website.

      ~ Price & Availability ~
      Asda's chosen by you ice cream cones are available in five different varieties; mint chocolate, strawberry & vanilla, chocolate & hazelnut (the one I'm reviewing), toffee & vanilla and peanut butter crunch. Each box of 4 will only set you back £1.00, which works out at 25p a cone! Compared to your average branded box costing you £1.50 or above.

      ~ Packaging ~
      Asda's chosen by you chocolate & hazelnut cones come in a pale brown box to represent the flavour. On the front of the box there is a black band along the top with Asda's chosen by you logo. Beneath this is the name of the product and a product description in white lettering which reads; chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream rippled with chocolate flavour sauce and topped with chocolate flavour coating and hazelnut pieces, in a crunchy baked wafer cone with a chocolate flavour coating on the inside.' - What a mouthful! One long side and one short side of the box is printed with the same design.

      One of the longer sides has a full ingredients list, nutritional information, allergy advice and storage information and the adjacent shorter side gives you Asda's chosen by you contact details and a repeat of the product description.

      ~ Appearance, taste & Texture ~
      Each cone is wrapped in silver paper with a little cardboard lid on top. The cones are each 110ml, which is about the average size for an ice cream cone. Looking at the cones, they look very appetising with clear elements of chocolate and nuts and a nice baked, golden looking cone. The ice cream is nice and soft and creamy and has subtle tones of vanilla and chocolate running throughout with a very substantial amount of chopped, crunchy hazelnuts on top. But for me the best part of these ice cream cones is the chocolate sauce! It's thick, it's luxurious, it's rich and it's utterly delicious, in my opinion it makes the whole ice cream come together! It's swirled generously throughout but once you get half way down the ice cream you are greeted with a huge amount of the fudgy sauce which is making my mouth water just thinking about it! The waffle cone is of excellent quality, nice and crunchy and sweet without being too dry or stale and is finished off nicely with a substantial chunk of chocolate in the bottom.

      ~Other information ~
      Each chocolate & hazelnut cone contains; 210 calories, 16.1g of sugar, 9.4g of fat, 7.2g of saturates and 0.1g of sodium. Nothing really surprising in the nutritional front, this is a chocolate ice cream after all!

      Contains: gluten, milk, nuts, wheat and soya

      ~ Overall opinion ~

      For £1.00 you really can't go wrong with these unless you don't like chocolate, ice cream and hazelnuts....I would highly recommend these ice cream cones to any ice cream fan, particularly if you're feeling in need of something indulgent that won't break the bank. In fact, I would recommend the whole range of Asda's chosen by you ice cream cones as I have had positive experiences with them all and don't see the need to pay for a more expensive brand when these are just as delicious and just as good quality, if not better!


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      15.07.2011 09:21
      Very helpful



      A great ice cream cone; quality product; great favours

      I really enjoy ice reams and eat many different types; I have tried various store brands of these sort of Cones and most are good; this Asda one is one of my favourites. Once again its in Asda's great 'Chosen By You' Range. Asda describe this ice cream in the following way;

      'Chocolate and Vanilla flavoured Ice Creams rippled with chocolate flavour sauce and topped with chocolate flavour coating and Hazelnut pieces, in a crunchy baked wafer cone with chocolate flavour coating on the inside'

      You can buy 6 of these delicious tasting ice cream cones for only £1.19 or they are currently on special offer at 2 x 6 cones for £2.00 A real bargain that is. The inside ice cream part is lovely; the chocolate sauce really is 'rippled' throughout the ice cream; which isn't always the case with some similar types of ice cream cones. I really like the Hazelnuts on the top and the thin layer of chocolate which is also on the top of the outside of the cone itself. This sort of wafer is also my favourite sort; it makes the old kind seem so bland in comparison. When I was little, many moons ago; I loved my ice creams then, but you could only really buy ice creams with the standard wafer. The cone itself is very crunchy and at the bottom of the cone is the final part which is filled with chocolate. Each cone is 110ml.


      Chocolate & Vanilla flavoured ice creams (61%); Reconstituted skimmed milk; Partially reconstituted Whey protein concentrate (Milk); Glucose Syrup, Sugar; Coconut oil; Plain chocolate (1.2%); Cocoa mass; Sugar;; Cocoa butter; Fat reduced cocoa powder; Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin); (Mono & Diglyrcerides of fatty acids; Stabilisers (Carob bean gum, Guar gum);Vanilla flavouring; Biscuit cone (16%); (Wheat flour, Sugar, Palm oil, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin); Chocolate flavour coating; (12%); (Coconut oil, Sugar, Cocoa powder, Maize starch, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin); Chocolate flavour sauce (8.5%); (Glucose syrup, Water, Sugar, Fat reduced Cocoa powder, Cocoa mass, Sweetened condensed Skimmed milk, Gelling agent, (Pectin), Salt, Nibbed Hazelnuts (1.8%)

      Allergy Information

      **Contains Gluten, Wheat, Milk, Nuts & Soya**

      **May contain traces of Nuts and Peanuts**


      Each cone contains 209 Kcals

      These are a great tasting ice cream cone from Asda and a great price too; well worth buying and well worth the 5 Stars im awarding it.


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