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Asda Chocolate Mousse

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Brand: Asda / Type: Mousse

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2010 20:20
      Very helpful



      Better than the leading brand - totally recommended!

      The mousse's are a pack of 4 and are clear tubs with purple lids. On the lids it includes the name of the product, the barcode, the weight and the sell by date.

      ~*The Asda Brand*~

      There are different 'levels' of the Asda brand. There is the basic range; Smart Price which sells you very...um...basic quality food at cheap prices, and there is the Asda Extra Special range, which sells very high quality food at the prices of well known brands, and sometimes higher! There are also the 'good for you' range, and the great stuff' kids range. However these chocolate mousses are just from the middling, good ol' plain Asda range; a nice comfortable middle between Smart Price and Extra Special. On one of the lids it has a green 'Asda Brand' box, which tells you that as this product is an Asda brand it will have no artificial colours or flavourings in it. The standard Asda brand is known for good quality, affordable goods.

      ~*We're Off Shopping!*~

      So, bundle yourselves into the car/bus/train/spaceship (or, if you're being really good walk or cycle - it'll pay off when you are eating the chocolate mousses later on!) and head off to your local Asda. Go to the aisle where the dairy products are - you know, the really chilly one where you always wish you'd brought an extra jacket - and around where the yoghurt's and chilled desserts are you should find these mousses. If there is no Asda nearby (or, frankly, you just can't be bothered going there), pop online and start your grocery shopping there. Find it by either clicking the link I posted above or clicking the tabs:
      Dairy, Eggs & Chilled >>> Chilled Desserts
      Simple really! And at only 50p for four chocolate mousses, you could well add another few packs to your trolley!


      Obviously there are many different types of chocolate mousse available, so why should you go for Asda? Well, there are the reasons which I will gloss over further on in the review: taste being the obvious one! But another is price. Here I will show you the other prices of some popular brands which are also sold at Asda.
      Aero Chocolate Pack Of Four - £1.10 (Never tried them...)
      Asda Good For You Pack Of Four - £0.50 (Good price, but as they are good for you bet they're not as nice!)
      Cadbury Light Mousse 4 - £0.85 (Prefer the Asda ones!)
      Asda Smart Price Mousse 4 - £0.25 (Doubt they'll be as good as these!)
      Cadbury Mousse 4 - £0.94
      Weightwatchers Mousse Pack Of Two - £1.00 (These 50p each, the ones I'm reviewing 12.5p each!)
      Rolo Chocolate And Caramel Mousse Pack Of Two - £1.58 (Expensive, but totally gorgeous, see upcoming review!)

      ~*Bring It Home...*~

      Simply pop the mousses in the fridge and chill. Oh...and I'd make sure you eat it by the use by date. Otherwise they might taste a bit funny...Then simply eat them when you want!
      Open Up

      In their small clear plastic pots, I admit the packaging isn't great, but that really doesn't matter. When you peel back the lid of the mousse a gorgeous chocolately smell fills the air. The consistency of the mousse is very bubbly and light, but sometimes I mix it up with my spoon (!) to create a smooth mousse. Whichever way you eat it, the taste is so rich and chocolately, very surprising for an Asda branded mousse, and I think the 60g tub was just enough without it becoming sickly! I really loved the taste, much preferred it to the other more expensive mousses I have tried, such as Cadbury's.


      Skimmed Milk , Sugar , Cream (7.0%) , Chocolate (5.0%) [Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids] , Cocoa Powder , Milk Proteins , Fructose-Glucose Syrup , Thickeners (Pectin, Sodium Alginate) , Emulsifiers (Lactic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Acetic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides , of Fatty Acids) .

      ~*Dietary Information*~

      Dietary Information
      Suitable for Vegetarians.
      Allergy Advice
      Contains Milk.
      Free From Artificial Colours. Free From Artificial Flavours.

      ~*Posh It Up!*~

      My special idea of the day: When inviting friends for a dinner party, I scoop the mousse's into a posh bowl, and squirt some whipped cream on top. I then grate some chocolate over the top, or add a little chocolate sauce, and my friends are none the wiser that their mousses cost little over 12.5p each! It is so rich it could easily pass for a very expensive, upmarket desert.

      So, that's it then! I fully recommend these lovely desserts!


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