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Asda Chocolate Sundae

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Type: Other Desserts

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    3 Reviews
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      05.09.2011 09:45
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      An excellent pudding from Asda

      I simply love Chocolate although chocolate doesn't love me at the moment! I suffer from Reflux or acid heartburn and I have just realised that particularly at night if I eat too much chocolate I will suffer badly! This is a real blow for me! But in one way its good as im hoping I wont keep on piling any more pounds as I try to cut down on chocolate!! Anyway that's another story! One of my favourite sort of pudding are something like a Chocolate sundae; I don't mean a chocolate sundae that just has mousse mixed with cream for example; It is essential for me that it has either sponge cake in it or crumbly digestive biscuit! This Asda Chocolate sundae is definitely one of my favourites now and it has all the ingredients I love. It has fresh cream in it. Chocolate flavour custard, chocolate mousse and a lovely moist chocolate sponge. These ingredients are sort of largely mixed in a sort of swirly type way, with the cream mostly on the top of the sundae but some towards the bottom of the pudding too. There is plenty of chocolate sponge which I like to eat in combination with the other parts of the dessert. I am a bit odd perhaps as there are certain ways in which I like to eat things! I don't just take big spoonfuls without thinking about what I am eating; I always eat such puddings with a teaspoon! Its not the same for me if I were to use a large dessert spoon for example. I love to savour all the tastes and eat these puddings slowly! The only possible slight downside to this sundae is that the chocolate custard is slightly too runny, but it still tastes delicious.

      I have been very naughty lately with goodies and this product is great value at only £1.50 for 2 x 140g pots; therefore I always buy 2. I buy 2 with good intentions; i.e.; having one for myself and one for my daughter or one for myself and one for my partner. When im with my partner he doesn't seem to be bothered about eating his and I have occasionally asked him if he wants his one; to which he replies " you can eat it". I ask him if he is sure and he always says he doesn't mind if I have his one. Yes, it's a bit greedy I know! The days of my eating all these lovely puddings will have to slow down very soon though!

      Main Ingredients
      Chocolate mousse, Whipping cream, Chocolate loaf cake, Chocolate custard, Stabilisers ( Sodium alginate, Pectin, Carob bean gum Whole Milk, Skimmed milk, Water, Fat reduced Cocoa powder, sugar, Cornflour, Vegetable oil, Raising agents, Whole egg, Natural flavouring..

      100g of this sundae contains 258 kcals. Its very high in calories and you may struggle to read all the information on the labelling!

      This is a superb tasting Chocolate sundae which Chocoholics will love! I have to award it the full 5 Dooyoo stars.


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        03.06.2010 19:38
        Very helpful




        We often have little tubs like this in our fridge. We both have a sweet tooth and me especially. I like to take things like this in with my lunch, and this was the first time we had tried this one. We had tried a similar thing from other supermarkets which were nice as well.

        This is from the Chiller cabinet. It is 136g's and cost 97p, or 2 for £1.50.

        You can just eat this out the tub, which is the easiest way. There was no little spoon with this, which I think something like this should have.

        This was certainly full of Chocolatey goodness. This had Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate cake mixed through the tub, Chocolate Custard and some cream on top with chocolate Curls on it as well.

        This tasted nice and sweet. It was a bit runny but I think it was more the custard that run all over everything. The Chocolate didn't taste too rich and was just a nice light, milky Chocolate but with a slight rich taste to it. Not a sickly rich taste though.

        Per 100g this has 260 calories and 18.3g of fat. It is easy enough to eat the whole pot at once, so not for the calorie concious.

        A nice Chocolate dessert and just the kind of thing I like. Perhaps a bit too much Chocolate for some people, but if you haven't tried this and see t then I recommend.


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        14.04.2009 16:34
        Very helpful



        See review.

        I may have mentioned in previous reviews that my darling husband currently works for Asda distribution, this in a nut shell means he gets the "cages" ready for the specific supermarkets shelves. Now Asda is a great company to work for, there are a plethora of perks that can be had including a 10% discount card for employees and one designated "spouse", but this is not to be the subject of the review, well not this one anyway!

        One of the many perks to be had aside from the one mentioned is the cheap food that can be had. Very often my husband comes home with enough apples to last us a month or deli counter meat worth £20, but bought for £1.00, this is how I became acquainted with the product I will now, finally review!

        The product I will now review is - "Asda, chocolate sundae"

        This is not a product I was familiar with, located usually within the chiller section, just down from the yoghurts.

        The sundae comes in a tall and clear plastic pot with a lid (completely recyclable). Through the clear yet slightly flexible plastic the dessert can be seen in it's entirety and this is joyous in it's own right!
        Across the top of the again clear plastic lid is a large sticky backed information, come lid securer. Included on this strip is a world of information including brand name, product name, price, ingredients list, nutritional table, allergy advice.... Well, everything in fact as there is actually nowhere else to put this information!

        To open you have to peel the sticky paper strip away from the main pot and gently pop off the lid.

        The fact that this states itself to be a chocolate sundae is an understatement in itself. Starting from the bottom upwards the dessert is in layers.

        The bottom of the pot is an amalgamation of chocolate mousse, creamy and light and little cubes of moist and rich chocolate cake pieces.
        On the top of this is a swirled effect of chocolate custard and cream, this looks really effective through the clear pot.
        Finally on the top of this is another substantial amount of chocolate mousse and topped with a cream "flower" or flourish, whichever one you wish to say!

        The taste was not quite what I was expecting. I am a real self confessed chocoholic so seeing that quantity of chocolate in one pot was mouth-watering to me. The taste is however very light. There is a very subtle chocolate flavour to the mousse, even the cake pieces, which don't get me wrong were delicious, but didn't really taste of chocolate that much. The custard was custard flavour not really chocolate and the cream was.... Well creamy!

        This was a nice dessert which I did enjoy, but would have liked a lot more chocolate depth to the proceedings.

        The nutritional information is as follows -
        Per 100g (even though the dessert itself is 136g!)
        260 kcal
        2.7g protein
        21.1g carbohydrate
        15.3g of which sugars
        18.3g fat
        10.3g of which saturates

        The allergy advice is that this product contains gluten, milk, wheat and egg, and this product may also contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

        This product is available for around the 90p mark, which for the size of the dessert is great value (the pot is around 5 -6" tall), but the fact that these are available on a "buy 2 for £1.50" offer is fantastic. Of course these were brought back from work by my husband so these were a lot less than that, but he refuses to tell me just how much!

        There are a few different variations on the sundae theme including a strawberries and cream sort, very appealing!

        For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

        This is a nice dessert but not what I was expecting!

        Thanks for reading x


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