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Asda Chocolate Trifle

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Type: Puddings

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    4 Reviews
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      28.01.2010 12:26
      Very helpful




      We like Trifle, the both of us, and although the wife would probably choose the more traditional one with fruit in it, I prefer the Chocolate one. I am reviewing this one from Asda and I have the sainsbury's one to do after, both are nice in a slight different way.

      This is in the chill section of Asda. I haven't seen this in the section where the smaller Trifles are, as our local Asda has a bit up the back of the shop where the larger Cakes and trifles are.

      This cost £2.29, but it is a large Trifle. I think it is 500g. This is in a large round plastic tub with a cardboard part over it, so you can see the Trifle before you buy it.

      This would serve 4 large portions. It isn't overly sickly, but if you just want a little sweet treat then I think this would do 6 smaller sections.

      This is made up of a Chocolate Sponge, with a sort of runny Chocolate Mousse with a good amount of Cream on top and some Chocolate Curls. The Chocolate all tastes of Milk Chocolate and the Cream although not thick, it seems light, Whipped and Creamy.

      There is a good few calories in this, but it is worth it in a way as you are getting a good Chocolate experience from all the layers in this and should be liked by most people out there.


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      04.07.2009 16:25
      Very helpful




      I have always been a huge fan of desserts, however although I love a nice chocolate bar or chocolate dessert yoghurt, I've never actually been a huge fan of chocolate based desserts such as birthday cake or sponges.
      I think one of the reasons for this is that because at primary school, one of the desserts used to be chocolate sponge with Clementine's, which was a rock solid block of chocolate sponge, scattered with watery pieces of orange. That dessert always turned my stomach and I think, its ever since then I've stuck to plain sponge and opted for strawberry or caramel based desserts.

      However, the other week, my mum came in from the weekly shop at Asda with some new additions to the shop. My mum knows me very well, and knows I will jump at the chance of trying a new dessert, so into her trolley she had plopped two different Asda desserts. These came in the form of trifle- a strawberry one, and a much appreciated option by my brothers; chocolate trifle!!

      ===Trifle at Asda===
      Asda, not only do the specific trifle we purchased, but a huge variety of other ones too! We bought the Asda Chocolate trifle, however chocolate is not the only flavour in this range. If you aren't keen on chocolate desserts but still want to stick to the Asda Variety, you can choose the strawberry version, raspberry, sherry or what I believe to be a limited edition Winter fruit version. Asda also do their own "smart price" strawberry trifles and their "Good for You" versions too. If you want to be extra indulgent you could choose their "Extra Special Sherry Trifle". However, I was perfectly happy with the one we were landed with!

      ===Where can I find it?===
      Of course, as this is Asda's own brand of trifle, it can be found in Asda only. They can be found next to all the other chilled desserts such as the sundaes, cheesecakes and chocolate puddings. They are stored in a fridge, and can most commonly be found in the yoghurt aisle, or very near too them depending on how large your Asda store is.

      ===Is it pretty on the shelf?===
      Well, if I'm honest, the chocolate version, in my opinion is not quite as attractive on the shelf as the strawberry version. While the strawberry version is a bright red colour, the chocolate one is a deep purple colour. None the less, the packaging is very attractive. The outer cardboard sleeve states that of course its Asda's own brand, and inside is a chocolate trifle. The front also gives a description of the pudding. It is mouth wateringly described as "Layers of smooth chocolate custard, light chocolate sponge and rich chocolate mousse. Topped with whipped cream and milk chocolate curls". Now I don't think anybody can deny that this dessert doesn't sound completely gorgeous. If the product description isn't enough to get you wanting to try it, the picture underneath most certainly will. The picture shows the dessert placed in a glass, see through bowl. It shows clearly all of the layers of the pudding, and really gets you wanting to dig in! The pudding is 650g.

      ===Removing from the packet===
      This is a fairly easy process actually. The dessert is contained in a plastic type bowl, and this is concealed in the cardboard sleeve which contains all of the vital information needed for the person who is buying. To removed from the cardboard, you could try and slip it out with minimal ripping but personally I feel this would be difficult to achieve. As my family and I were eating the pudding in the one night, we just ripped the cardboard and put it in the bin. To get the pudding out of the plastic bowl you have to remove the lid which is fairly difficult actually and required two of us to figure out how to do it. After you have removed the lid, you are ready to serve.

      ===Dishing it up!===
      As I said, the dessert was 650g which was a reasonable size for the four of us and each received a large portion as to which my brothers were delighted about. To serve up the trifle, its probably best to use a large spoon, helped along by another one. We actually used a ladle and it proved to be a good idea. When you dig the spoon (or ladle?) into the dessert its fairly easy to sink in, until you get to the sponge layer where it gets slightly trickier and you have to press a bit harder. The pudding removes quite neatly though and the remaining pudding stays in place without slopping over which was a big plus point as it annoys me when things fall over and go out of place! There was a tiny little bit of pudding left in the bottom, however it wasn't much and certainly wasn't a waste.

      The trifle looks delicious in the bowl and unusually actually does resemble the picture on the front of the box. The layers are clearly visible and looked very appealing. The only "bad" thing about the appearance of the dessert was that there didn't seem to be very many chocolate curls on top of the whipped cream- but not to bother.
      In my opinion, its best to eat the trifle with a spoon, however my brother cleverly (or not so..) decided to use a fork and this proved to be very difficult and he made a rather a lot of mess. The pudding has a very sweet smell to it, and actually resembles dairy milk chocolate in scent which was incredibly thrilling to me as I love this type of chocolate.
      I ate mine with a spoon and this was easy enough. The first thing I tried was one of the milk chocolate curls on top of the whipped cream. I only got two tiny pieces and to be honest they weren't overly tasteful. They did have a slight chocolate hint to them but they were so small it was difficult to actually taste them. The next part I tried, was the whipped cream. There was quite a fair amount of this. It tasted very sweet but also deliciously creamy, resembling any other whipped cream you can buy in the bottles. The layer underneath the cream, is the chocolate mousse. Now this surprised me quite a bit. I was imagining a light and fluffy layer, pretty unfilling

      Pictures of ASDA Chocolate Trifle

      ASDA Chocolate Triflehowever what I was given was rather different. The mousse did resemble mousse slightly but in my opinion it was a lot denser and sweeter than the usual chocolate mousse. This pleased me though as when I have chocolate mousse, I usually mix it up anyway to give me a sort of chocolate paste. Once again, this tasted of Cadburys chocolate which I thought was superb. Of course it wasn't up to the Cadburys standards but there was definitely a slight hint of it! Underneath the chocolate mousse layer, there was the sponge. Now I'm not a fan of chocolate sponge so I was a bit doubtful as to whether I'd enjoy it or not. However I needn't have worried. The sponge wasn't overly chocolaty which was good for me (but if you like chocolate sponge you probably wouldn't enjoy it as much). It was rather soft in texture which was surprising as it had been fairly difficult to cut through. I was pretty pleased with sponge overall. Underneath this layer, lay the chocolate custard. Now I love custard, however chocolate custard doesn't appeal to me as much. Spooning some up, I was met by the most smooth texture I'd met in a long time. It was delicious, and actually resembled real custard without the chocolate. The chocolate flavour was definitely there though, and resembled Cadburys once again.
      All together, the textures and tastes were glorious, and when eaten all together the chocolate flavour is more noticeable and powerful.

      Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the taste of this pudding, and it made me feel very satisfied and full up afterwards.

      === Its Asda's own...but how much will it cost me?===

      For such a delicious dessert, you'd expect to pay rather a lot of money. However you needn't worry as this 650g pudding will only set you back £2.18 which personally I think is a really good price for such a huge dessert! I have to say though, this flavour trifle is one of the more expensive ones, as a raspberry one (600g) only costs £1.74 and 1kg of the strawberry trifle is only slightly more expensive at £2.44. At this moment in time there are no offers on with these desserts however, around a month ago they were doing buy one get one free, so I'm sure this offer will be introduced again at some point!

      ====Tasty...yes...but what'll it do to my wasitline??===

      Well, this is always the bit with food that I absolutely hate- the nutritional values, or in some cases, lack of nutrition! The nutrition information is clearly printed on the back of the cardboard outer packaging. There is no indication as to what the calorie content is on the front of the packaging and I assume this is because it'd put some people off buying it! We are told that 100g of the pudding will cost you 202 calories. This means that the whole pudding has over 1300 calories in it, therefore a quarter of the pudding will set you back a whopping 328 calories! As for the fat content, 100g of the pudding contains 9g of fat, which is only really what you'd expect from something of this kind.
      Of course, although delicious, the pudding is not suitable for everybody. It unfortunately for some people, contains gluten, Lactose, Wheat and Milk. It may also contain traces of nuts. The product however, boasts that it contains no hydrogenated fat or no artificial colourings or toppings, which is pretty reassuring!

      Should I buy it?
      Definitely. The pudding was absolutely delicious. However, if you are not a fan of chocolate, or are following a weight loss diet, I don't think it'd be for you. I am not a huge fan of chocolate desserts but I could just about cope with this one. It was very heavy and after a main course left me feeling very full so if you, like us, are going to be having a quarter of the pudding, I'd recommend having just a little light dinner.
      The trifle would also be perfect for say, parties, or special occasions, and could probably do 6/8 people at a push though the portions wouldn't be overly large.

      ***5 sense summary***

      Sound- n/a
      Appearance- very nice, brown dominating colour
      Texture- smooth whipped cream, dense chocolate mousse, soft sponge, smooth custard
      Scent- rather chocolaty
      Taste- chocolate but not overpowering....delicious!!

      SweetTooth 93


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      08.04.2009 20:25
      Very helpful



      A great and very different dessert

      Think of trifle and what springs to mind? Jelly, custard, fruit and cream, traditional Sunday tea fodder.
      You may have noticed that Asda have other ideas, they have created the ultimate in adult trifles.
      No hundreds and thousands scattered over the top of this one! A bowl filled with an elegant and sophisticated dessert. I feel that this may be a bit on the rich side for the kids!
      When I first saw the chocolate concoction I though that it was a trifle expensive at £2.18, but after working it out I realised that it was about average. The pudding serves four adequately, so at around 55p a serving it is acceptable.

      The trifle comes in its very own plastic serving bowl and it is wrapped inside of a lightweight cardboard cover with a teasing picture of the contents on the front.
      Often the pictures show the contents in a good light and the trifle looks delicious in the picture.

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so here we go.
      OOOO the top looks really good, a thick layer of well whipped double cream that is covered in chocolate curls, my idea of heaven.
      Sitting just under the cream is a light chocolate mousse, packed with air bubbles.
      Next comes a layer of feather light chocolate sponge that has been moistened by the mousse and the custard.
      On the bottom is an extra thick layer of creamy chocolate custard that is to die for.

      You could easily serve the trifle as a dessert for any guests but it would need to spoon out and stay in one piece! I wielded my serving spoon and slid the edge into the layer of soft whipped cream, then I plunged it deeply into the trifle and in one clean upward thrust I managed to remove a decent sized portion and deposit onto the plate without making a terrible mess of it.
      The whipped cream still looked good and the chocolate curls had stayed in tact, a quick squirt around the edge of the portion with a can of spray cream and it looked pretty professional.

      Even to a hardened chocolate addict like myself one portion of the Asda chocolate trifle is sufficient. The combination is perfect, the chocolate mousse is so airy that it `bursts` under your tongue. The chocolate custard is rich, thick and very creamy with a dense chocolatey flavour.
      The layer of sponge that runs through the middle is a dream and the whipped cream just dissolves as soon as it hits your mouth.
      In short the whole thing is a rich experience, but like anything there is only so much `rich ` that one can take!
      After I had scoffed my portion with vigour I had to sit back and take time out, the sheer opulence of the pudding had made me feel ever so slightly bloated.

      Of course you could make smaller portions but I think it serves four people adequately. I hate to tell you that a quarter of the trifle contains over 1000 calories!!! this may have to be one for high days and holidays!
      It is high in fats and sugar too. Although it contains no artificial colouring or flavouring it does contain eggs, milk, wheat, gluten and soya beans. There is a chance that a nut or two may have slipped in too!

      One of those wonderful chilled desserts that can prove irresistible, rich and creamy and very very filling!


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        15.03.2004 12:57
        Very helpful



        Trifles are a bit of a favourite in our house. At Christmas I tend to make one each year, using a recipe passed down from my grandmother, and we all enjoy them immensely. I have always been averse to purchasing any ready made trifles from supermarkets, due to their unappetising taste, and the extortionate prices, but this week I was traipsing the aisles of ASDA when I espied a chocolate one. Not being able to resist much that contains chocolate, I ummed and ahhed a little, before putting the trifle into the basket to bring home. The trifle is packaged in a recyclable transparent plastic container, which is fluted, and can be utilised for a jelly or blancmange mould after use. A 650g trifle will cost £1.78, and will easily serve four people, so the trifle is a very economical dessert for a family. I will happily admit that the main reason I purchased the trifle was because of the huge amount of different chocolate textures within. Not only is there the promise of chocolate custard, but also chocolate mousse and sponge cake, and the piece de resistance, chocolate curls. A chocoholics dream no less. The trifle certainly looks appealing, as well as luxurious, and the different coloured chocolate layers complement the virginal white layer of whipped cream perfectly. The trifle smells delightfully chocolatey, with a rich cocoa smell wafting from within the packaging once it is opened, as well as the scent of double cream which adds a richness to the overall aroma. As I sink my spoon through the light whipped cream topped with attractive milk chocolate swirls, it glides easily through the layer of chocolate mousse beneath, meeting some resistance when it comes into contact with the chocolate sponge cake, but gliding effortlessly onwards to the rich layer of chocolate custard at the base. The base of the trifle is a thick dark brown chocola
        te custard, which has a gloriously creamy chocolate taste, that positively glides across the tongue and down the throat. I was slightly worried that it may taste watery or thin but no, this is not the case. A beautiful thick consistency lending a luxurious edge to the dessert, the custard is complemented but an exquisite chocolate sponge which has just the right amount of moistness and is so light that it almost melts into the custard. The sponge has a rich cocoa flavour and is slightly sweet, but in no way overpowering. The mousse topping the sponge is a light brown colour, and has a light, bubbly texture and consistency, with a hint of chocolate flavouring. The mousse melts in the mouth, or failing that melts into the sponge, depending on how many of the different layers you are sampling at the time. The whipped cream that tops the trifle is piped into attractive star patterns and has a light yet creamy consistency. The chocolate shavings complement the trifle well, and while eating these, it will be the only time that you will feel the need to use the teeth, as due to their size, they do need to be bitten into rather than swallowed. I was half expecting the chocolate to be rather weak and insipid but was pleasantly surprised at the smooth creamy texture, and the quality of the curls. Overall, the trifle was pure unadulterated chocolate ecstacy. We shared ours between four people, and one portion was quite enough for me, due to the overload of chocolate and cream. All that aside, the overload was gorgeous, and I would definitely purchase one of these again, if we want a quick dessert that needs no preparation. The trifle contains gluten, milk and egg, as well as soya, and there is a warning that it could contain traces of nuts and seeds. If the trifle is served equally between four persons, each dish will contain 272 kcals and 16g of fat, so it is not advisabl
        e to eat it as part of a calorie controlled diet! If you are a lover of all things chocolate I can guarantee you will love this trifle and will buy it over and over again. ASDA Stores Limited Leeds L511 5AD


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