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Asda Extra Special Fruity Sorbet Push Ups

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Type: Ice Cream

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2008 22:15
      Very helpful



      A delicious and refreshing alternative.

      The product I will now review is actually something I bought for myself, rather than for my kids! This said I would love them to "get into the habit" of eating these just for the health benefits.

      The product I will now review are 6 fruity sorbet push ups from Asda's extra special range.

      ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

      These ice lollies come in a squarish box, cream in colour with all the writing including the "extra special" text written in gold... very classy!
      There is the most tongue tingling and mouth watering picture on the front of the box, there is a picture of each of the two sorts of sorbet lollies enclosed, open topped and melting very slightly, around them are pieces of succulent fruit.... A few raspberries and blackcurrants scattered around haphazardly, a whole mango, standing proudly in the background and a succulent passion fruit, split to show off it's bright and juicy insides..... Mmmmm!
      Just above the picture reads the description which goes - 3 sweetly exotic mango and passion fruit sorbet ices with real peach pieces and 3 tangy-sweet raspberry and blackcurrant sorbet ices with real raspberry pieces......
      Normally I wouldn't tend to write down the description on the product packaging, worried I will be accused of review filling, but this description I felt just added to the anticipation of eating the product!

      ~~~~~~ THE SORBET ICES ~~~~~~

      I have to be truthful, unless completely covered in chocolate I don't tend to go in for fruity lollies, but after seeing the picture on the box and seeing the price, (hold on, hold on I'm getting there!), I decided to give it a try!
      Upon removing the lollies from the box, (which I always do, so as to make room in my freezer, yes for more ice lollies!), I noticed there are three of each afore mentioned flavour.
      .I will start with the raspberry and blackcurrant ices - They come in a wrapper the same size and shape as a callipo, blush pink in colour complete with a foil top. When removed from the wrapper (and turned upside down and put back in the wrapper), which you don't have to do but seems to be a habit I have developed from childhood, you will notice the colour and texture if the ice. The colour is a shade darker in colour than the wrapper and has a creamy almost bubbled effect to it, and the smell is very intense and again mouth watering, the most prevalent scent being that of the blackcurrant.
      The second of the flavours is mango and passion fruit - These come in a orange wrapper, again topped off with the mandatory foil lid. These are exactly the same colour as the wrapper, upon first look you assume they are orange until the smell hits you. Mango is a reasonably strong flavour and rather a subtle smell as far as these ices are concerned, the passion fruit however is the complete opposite! Passion fruit, in my humble opinion adds the flavour of the exotic, but nothing (in this case) definite, the scent however is strong and heady, and again mouth watering. These remind me a little of the "um bongo" cartoon drinks I had as a child with the passion fruit always being the one unrecognisable taste, but it always being the clincher flavour!
      These ices are both half the size of a traditional callipo.

      ~~~~~~ THE TASTE ~~~~~~

      The taste is just as you imagined they would be....sublime!

      The blackcurrant and raspberry is sweet with a tangy edge, just enough to get your mouth juices exploding, as you bite through the insanely soft sorbet you are given the second layer to this lolly in the form of the soft and tangy raspberry pieces that are set all the way through the ice.
      The mango and passion fruit is an intensely sweet sorbet , complemented beautifully by the reasonably large chunks of peach dotted throughout.
      Even though these are "ices", they are not hard, even straight from the freezer, they resemble more, the slush puppies that you can get that has been compacted together, giving it a soft, creamy and crumbly consistency.
      These are perfect on hot and cold days alike, on hot days they are refreshing and thirst quenching and on cold days they are a perfect fruit hit.

      For the blackcurrant and raspberry ice, these contain - per 100g- 102 kcal
      23.1g of sugars
      0.2g of fat, of which saturates nil
      These also contain a large quantity of fruit, 81% in fact, so this helps explain the reasonable high sugar content, due to the fructose in this product. (Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar, found in fruits and vegetables, just in case you didn't know, but of course you already did!)
      For the weight watchers out there these are 1.5 w.w points.

      For the mango and passion fruit ice, these contain - per 100g- 120 kcal
      27.1 of sugars
      0.2g of fat, of which saturates nil
      These contain a high proportion of fruit also, 67% per lolly.
      These equate to 1.5 w.w points also.

      ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

      As mentioned before this product is exclusive to Asda as part of there "extra special" range.
      These are a reasonably new product and in so being are currently on special offer, normally they can retail around the £1.35 range, but presently they are available for £1.00, bargain!

      ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~
      I would very highly recommend these, they are in my opinion, healthy and delicious and at this price a bargain to boot!

      For more information on this and other products available in this range visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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