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Asda Extra Special Rhubarb Champagne Yoghurt

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Brand: Asda / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2009 17:51
      Very helpful



      excellent way to enjoy a great fruit.

      Rhubarb is probably my favourite fruit, even though it doesn't really look like a fruit and I even feel a bit odd referring to it as a fruit. I hadn't ever eaten it outside of a crumble until about a year ago, and since I haven't half made up for it. It's now my favourite yoghurt flavour and I feel completely qualified to tell you all how fantastic this product it.

      Unlike other yoghurts in the standard ranges, this extra special one comes in a cardboard oval white tub which just stinks of quality rather than cheap packaging. Environmentally speaking I'd also rather buy a paper based packaging than one that has been made of plastic, so that's another bonus. The lid however is plastic. On the sleek packaging you can also see the tender looking pieces of rhubarb, which just make you want to delve straight in before you've even left the supermarket. I have to say that generally speaking people wouldn't consider the rhubarb to look all that tasty, but I think ASDA have done well here.

      The main difference between this and a standard yoghurt is in the texture of the product. There are also certain bits that can be found within the yoghurt which gives it a more luxurious texture in my opinion. The nature of rhubarb means that there are a few stringy bits, but I suppose that's rather unavoidable and I don't mind it. There is also a far richer flavour to the yoghurt which tastes creamier as opposed to the milky taste of other yoghurts of a lesser quality.

      While the quantity of the yoghurt isn't that much more than that of a Muller light for instance, the quality does make up for the difference in price, which could be almost three times, depending on your usual yoghurt. The first time I tried this it was actually in the reduced section, which made it an absolute bargain but it has a distinct "dessert" vibe to it, rather than just a yoghurt, which makes the extra cash worth it.

      The Rhubarb Champagne yoghurt from ASDA's extra special range is definitely worth the extra money. It tastes great and is a marked step up from traditional yoghurts.


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