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Asda Extra Special Strawberries and Cream yoghurt

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Brand: Asda / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2011 08:21
      Very helpful



      Just superb


      I'm not really much of a pudding man, although I do like sweet things I usually find dinner suffice, and if not there is always the biscuits later with my cuppa. Sometimes though I do fancy a little finishing off dessert type thingy instead of waiting for the biscuits. It is on theses occasions that I often opt for yoghurt. Generally this would involve an offer at ASDA on the Muller range which has grown extensively over the last year of so. At other times a nice ASDA extra special might just do the trick.

      ASDA Extra Special

      These are often quite hard to get and do not seem to frequent the shelves as much as other ASDA yoghurts or indeed the Muller yoghurts. When they are available they are usually in the 50p price range, which is an excellent deal of which you are about to become aware.

      The packaging is slightly better than bog standard and really doesn't do the product much justice. It is simply a white yoghurt pot with some simple written descriptions on it. It has the customary foil top for easy access to the creamy yoghurt, but it is the contents, which are irresistible. It is an off white colour which should straight away have given me a hint as to the creaminess. There were red pieces floating in the cream coloured thick liquid, I could see seeds so I presumed them to be either raspberries or strawberries, because you see at this point I had not even bothered to check as to what the contents were. I just took one out of the fridge since I fancied one.

      As it turned out my assumption was correct to the point that it was in fact a strawberry, or at least part of one. With strawberry yoghurts I'm always a bit wary since I once got quite a large piece of the stalk portion, which kind of put me off. I hasten to add this was NOT an ASDA one where I found the disagreeable item. The fruit was both sweet and juicy and along with the really delicious creamy yoghurt soon had me drooling. The cream doesn't seem to be as predominant as I thought it might be, but it is adequately compensated for by the creaminess of the actual yoghurt.

      It was at this point I changed spoons from a small one whichever that is, the one above a teaspoon to the one larger than that. This was to accommodate the greediness, which had overcome me, and my sudden wanting for more of this exquisite dessert. I love yoghurts at the best of times but the rather unimpressive writings on the container, were spot on this was indeed EXTRA SPECIAL, far better than the Muller ones which I had for a while preferred. They do of course come more expensive than the Muller, but the extra expense is well worth it. They are so gob smackingly good. If it were possible I'd have dumped the other yoghurts in the fridge into a big bowl, found a larger spoon and dug myself in for a massive yoghurt binge.
      Now the reason for this not being possible is that..........................yes dear just the one for me, couldn't eat any more even though it is delicious, cos her indoors would have given me the look and the doghouse would be beckoning.


      At around 50p these yoghurts are both Extra Special and superb value for money, but and there is always a but when something is so good, they are not always readily available, which is a sin in my book. Obviously when they are available I buy several to keep me going till they are hopefully in store again. Yoghurts are both healthy and delicious and a lovely snack, but the ASDA Extra Special one should come with a warning, one just isn't enough you just want to dive in and drown in the supremacy of this most bodacious delight.


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