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Asda Fruit Fool Strawberry

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2009 12:33
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      I'm not a big fan of yogurts and desserts in general but the ASDA Fruit Fool is certainly an exception from this rule. All flavours are just so delicious, the texture is so soft and creamy and it doesn't even have that many calories (200 calories for 114 gram might seem a lot but the taste is really worth the little sin).

      Fruit Fools are a mix of yogurt and whipped cream with different fruits; therefore it is not suitable for vegans and because pork gelatine is used also not suitable if you try to avoid eating pork.

      ASDA currently offers gooseberry, strawberry, lemon and rhubarb flavoured Fools. Rhubarb and lemon are very nice, strawberry was a little bit too sweet and artificial tasting (although no artificial flavourings were used, it just doesn't taste right) and the gooseberry fool is definitely my favourite!

      The consistency is lovely, very creamy and light thanks to the whipped cream and not runny as normal yogurt is. Basically, if you would stick a dessert spoon in the middle it would stick there.
      It does contain surprisingly much fruit with 22% of the gooseberry fool. The pieces are rather big and taste of actual fruit; not like the soggy stuff that you sometimes get with other yogurts.

      This was the first Fruit Fool I ever tried and it didn't really convince me. Even though the consistency was as lovely as the ones of the other flavours it just did not taste as good. All the others are rather sour with the hint of sweetness coming from the cream; however the strawberry fool was way too sweet and did taste almost artificial. However, only natural flavourigs were used. Still for me it did not have this delicious strawberry flavour that others have.

      Ah, my favourite! I have currently 10 - ups, now 9 - of those in my fridge. Gooseberries are my favourite summer fruit and it's quite hard to find any gooseberry flavoured product that actually tastes like the real thing; often they are far too sweet and full of chemicals. However, this ASDA product is just delicious, the high fruit percentage gives it a great flavour and finally the natural sweetness of the berries was not drowned in artificial sweeteners.

      I'm not too good when it comes to preparing desserts when my friends come over, usually a frozen rhubarb pie will have to do. A little cheat is serving a fruit fool per person with fitting fresh fruit on the side. Although they are delicious on their own the fresh fruit adds the extra pit that makes it a perfect and light dessert and is of course rather healthy!

      The Fruit Fools are currently on a "5 for 2pound" offer which makes them 40pence each. Of course that's not cheap if you compare it to a "normal" yogurt but it's half the price of Waitrose Fruit Fools.
      For me it is 10 out of 10 - my favourite ASDA product so far!


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