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Asda Good For You Probiotic Rhubarb yoghurt

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Brand: Asda / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      16.06.2008 14:06
      Very helpful



      I was impressed!

      I have recently read a couple of reviews here on Dooyoo about Asda Good for You Rhubarb Yoghurt and both were very positive about it.

      Even though I still was not convinced that rhubarb yoghurt would be at all tasty but I decided to try some. After all I like rhubarb - it's just that I couldn't quite imagine the flavour in yoghurt.

      Anyway when I was in Asda at the weekend I noticed said yoghurt priced at 37p and I thought I would give it a try.

      The peel off top of the plastic pot looks bright and cheerful in yellows and greens with a picture of some sticks of rhubarb. The information given on the lid is as follows:

      The contents have less than 1% fat
      The yoghurt only contains 91 calories per 150g pot
      It contains no artificial flavours, colours, aspartame or hydrogenated fat
      It is Probiotic
      It contains sugars and sweeteners

      The pot itself is translucent plastic (recycleable then!) so you can see the pink yoghurt inside.

      The information on the pot is pretty much the same as that on the lid but it also serves as a reminder that, if you are not happy with any Asda product they will refund your money AND replace the product! Now you can't say fairer than that can you.

      So, from the description and information on the container it was all sounding very good.

      When I felt a bit peckish and fancied a nice snack I decided that the time had come to try it.

      The pot itself is wider across the top than a 'standard' sized yoghurt pots thus making the removal of the contents that much easier.

      I just peeled off the lid, gave it a lick of course, and looked at the contents.

      The yoghurt itself is pink in colour and obviously smelled of rhubarb but I have to say it looked a bit watery on top so I gave it a stir with my spoon and it looked fine then. I think it is just the way some of these things settle.

      So let's get onto the important bit - the taste!

      Well the yoghurt is thinner than some I have eaten but I have to say that I agree with the other Dooyooers the taste is great! The rhubarb flavour comes through with a nice tang to it, which is nice. Sometimes the products made from the more bitter fruits are over sweetened and the flavour is spoiled.

      The nutrition value of 100g of yoghurt (i.e. 2/3 of the pot) is;
      Calories 61
      Protein 4.5g
      Carbohydrates 10.4g
      Of which sugars 9.9g
      Fat 0.1g
      Fibre 0.3g
      Sodium 0.7g
      Equivalent as salt 0.2g

      So considering the fact that the yoghurt is so low in fat and calories and it tastes good - I will not only buy this one again but I shall be trying more flavours in the range too!


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        12.06.2008 11:04
        Very helpful



        A nice alternative to Muller yoghurts.

        Anyone that shops in Asda will be aware of the price hike that seems to have appeared on a lot of the products for sale there. Due to this fact I am now substituting many of my usual products with cheaper or on offer products available.
        This is how I came across the product I will now review, I have always bought muller yoghurts in one form or another as for a long time they have been on the offer of 5 pots for a pound, they have now shot upto 4 pots for two pounds.... On your bike Asda I'm on the lookout for something new and cheaper, hence this product!

        The product I will now review is "rhubarb virtually fat free probiotic yoghurt".

        ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

        The yoghurt comes in a clear plastic pot, slightly smaller in size than a muller yoghurt. As this is an Asda "good for you" product the usual colour scheme applies, yellow sunflowers with green petals with the good for you logo in the centre.
        The side of the pot holds all the nutritional information for the product, with the plastic lid having the same information duplicated on it with the addition of large pieces of juicy rhubarb to reiterate the flavour.

        ~~~~~~ THE PRODUCT ~~~~~~~

        As the pot is clear you can see the yoghurt before you even purchase it, giving you more of an indication on fruit content, ie if you are a person that only likes the smooth and bit free variety, which on many occasions I am, however with rhubarb there has to be a high quantity of stringy rhubarb to set of the smoothness of the yoghurt, I was not disappointed!
        Through the pot you can see the baby pink colour of the product with a slight stringy texture within, upon opening the pot the sheer amount of green stringyness is more apparent.
        The smell is very subtle with the yoghurt appearing nice and thick, ok so now I'm hungry!

        ~~~~~~ THE TASTE ~~~~~~

        As I expected the yoghurt is thick, smooth and very creamy, the shreds of rhubarb make the yoghurt seem more dense in texture, but not gritty like so many other fruity yoghurts can be.
        The yoghurt is lovely and sweet, with the sweetness being offset with the slightly sour flavour of the rhubarb, there is also a slightly earthy flavour as an aftertaste which compliments it beautifully.
        As this product states it contains both sugars and sweeteners, there is a slight aspartame flavour, but as I use sweetener in most of my drinks and cooking it is just another bonus flavour for me.
        This product however states that it does not contain aspartame but I can only assume they have used a similar tasting product.

        ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

        Ok, so this is the nitty gritty for me, many of the good for you products boast the low fat aspect but then after eating it you find it is exceptionally high in sugar, so this I was interested to find out,

        Per pot - 92 kcals
        10.4g carbohydrate
        10.4g of which sugars
        0.1g fat
        Of which saturates NIL!

        So as I anticipated this product is quite high in sugar, this only hinders if you are following a low sugar diet, the weight watchers diet is more concerned with calories and saturated fat content, so on this point the calculated points value per pot is - 1.5 w.w points.
        I was pleasantly surprised by this figure, the taste is so delicious that I was expecting it to be a lot higher, also as with all Muller yoghurts there is the added benefit of pre- biotic and pro biotic additives, it seems that many other brands are jumping on the band wagon in regards to this aspect, remember a healthy gut is a happy gut!

        ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

        These are not on offer but are only 34p each, which I consider to be a reasonable price for the quality of the product. I have to be honest I don't remember seeing a huge variety of flavours in this range, but am sure there is at least the basic flavours available.

        For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        A 'live' yoghurt, good for digestion and general wellbeing.

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