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Asda Great Stuff Banana Delight

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      24.03.2010 20:20
      Very helpful



      A lovely desert

      I decided to try this banana angel delight when they were on offer in asda, i think they were 3 for £1, and i got 2 banana and 1 strawberry flavour. These were all the flavours that they had in stock at the time, but i hear they also do vanilla and chocolate flavour as well.

      The banana angel delight comes in a bright green sachet which has the words 'great stuff' advertised on it. This is a range of asda foods which are suposed to be really healthy and to try and attract the attention of kids with the bright colour i think!

      I have tried quite a few things from the 'great stuff' range such as the miniture bags of fruit you can buy, for example cut up apple and grapes. Asda are really trying to create a healthy range of foods attractive for kids.

      On the sachet is states that the angel delight is also made with real fruit powder. Another way of asda trying to trick you into thinking its healthy! I suppose it is healthy, as you add milk to it and that gives you calcium that you need. I dont drink milk at all, not even in my coffee, so this is a great way of me getting a bit of calcium!

      The sachet suggests that this has been tried and tested already on kids, which gives you another reason to buy it for them!

      It has a checklist as part of the 'great stuff' guarentee, making you believe they are really in to what is best for you. It states no artificial colours or flavours, and no hydrogenerated fats or preservatives. Also it says they have strict limits on the fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar that has gone into this product.

      It is great to know they care bout whats going in our food, and deffinately made me feel a bit better about the product by reading all these facts about how much healthier it was.

      The instructions on the back, showing you how to make the angel delight are very easy to follow. All you need to do is add the contents of the sachet to a bowl of 300ml of whole or semi-skimmed milk. You need to whisk the mixture thoroughly for approximately one minute until it is light and creamy. Then the mixture is ready to pour into your serving dishes and let it stand first for 5 minutes before you eat it!

      The texture of this desert is very creamy and light, like they say it should be. It had a nice banana taste, which was quite strong. It tasted just the same as the real thing! I always add a chopped banana into mine as well. You could add anything to it really, it is nice poured onto a home made fruit salad. This recipe is also shown on the back of the sachet. It also suggests having it with chocolate finger biscuits! Yummy! But then it makes it bad for you so have it with fruit instead!

      My boyfriend made this mixture once, and had heard it was nice as an ice cream. So he put it into a bowl, covered it and put in in the freezer. It was a few days later he tried it, and it wasnt very nice! It was nothing like ice cream! It was still very soft, it hadnt gone hard, but i wouldnt recommend trying it!

      I havnt tried the strawberry angel delight yet, but i will do tonight i think! I also would love to try the chocolate flavour, i love any chocolate flavoured desert!

      Overall, these are deffinately recommended, for a cheap desert thats apparently not that bad for you!


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      21.05.2009 19:30
      Very helpful



      thumbs up for this one.

      Asda Great Stuff Banana Delight actually differs to the picture provided by Dooyoo, it's actually a green 50g sachet with the Asda Great Stuff logo at the top (with the two little smiley faces inbetween the two words), with 'blissful banana flavour delight' underneath, followed by a cartoon banana with a plate of yellow stuff being thrown at him!

      The pack is obviously aimed at children or parents with children. I however brought it for the whole family to share.

      It states that it has no preservatives and is taste tested by kids and endorsed by Asda nutritionists. It also has the 'great stuff' guarantee which means:

      - Strict limits on fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar.
      - No artificial colours or flavours.
      - No hydrogenated fat.

      So far so good!

      On the front it states 'with real fruit powder', so I checked the back and in the list of ingredients it says 'Banana Powder (1.0%)' which really isn't that much at all. I then went on to read the ingredients which went into a long list and ended with 'Sweetener' so I don't suppose it's half as nutritious as Adsa like to make out.

      The banana delight contains milk and could contain traces of nuts and seeds (although they're not actually listed as ingredients). It is also suitable for vegetarians as the gelling agent is not gelatine.

      The packet should be kept in a cool, dry place and has almost a years 'best before' date - April 2010 (Though things don't last that long in my house!).

      Is all you need to make the banana delight is milk. You need to rip of the top of the sachet and pour all of the powder into a bowl, then add half a pint (300ml) of cold semi-skimmed or whole milk to it. You then need to whisk it or give it a good stir for about a minute until it's smooth. This is really important because if you don't mix it up enough, it will set lumpy (or won't set at all) and taste rank - trust me! By this point it will look and smell just like banana milkshake. You then need to divide the mixture into dessert dishes and put in the fridge to set. Although it says leave in the fridge for 5 minutes, I'd give it 10 just to be sure - there's nothing worse than getting to the bottom and finding it's all runny.

      The packet states that each 50g sachet serves 4 people but I'd say it's better for 3 (greedy) unless you are going to serve it with something like cake or another dessert.

      I personally eat this on it's own but the next time I buy it I think I am going to do a 'banana delight fondue' as recommended on the back of the packet, which involves dipping a selection of fresh fruit into it, mmm!

      You can see when the banana delight has properly set as it looks just like moose, has little bubbles in and is firmish and bouncy to touch. It has the same consistency of Angel Delight if you have ever tried that. The first time I tried it I was very impressed by the taste, it tastes of real banana and not really artificial like I thought it would. It goes without saying that if you don't like banana I'm quite sure you wont like this! It's very light, creamy and just melts away in your mouth - no need for all that chewing lark! The only problem is it leaves you wanting more. Beware if you decide to eat a whole sachet of banana delight, you will feel extremley fat and sick by the end.

      Although I like banana and most banana flavoured things I was unsure how I would feel about this product as I like my moosey desserts to be chocolate flavoured. Although I still think chocolate is the best flavour (can't beat it) I still really enjoyed the banana flavour and will be buying it again.

      Now let's talk about the dreaded C word - calories. Well one fourth of a pack with semi-skimmed milk is 89 calories (3.4g fat), which isn't too bad I suppose but which also means a whole pack is 356 calories (13.6g fat) which isn't great. Okay for a treat every now and again I'd say.

      I personally really enjoy this product but if you buy it, try it and don't like it you can always take it back to Asda and they will happily refund the price of the banana delight. Everyone's a winner baby!


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