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Asda Instant Custard Mix

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Brand: Asda / Type: Custard

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2010 13:50
      Very helpful



      This custard is best served hot with a fruity or chocolate pudding


      I popped into Asda to buy some canned custard to have with my Golden Syrup cake, but had sold out of what I normally buy. The only option for me was to buy some instant custard and I had two choices, Asda's own brand or Asda Smart Price. I'd read some negative reviews on other economy brands of instant custard, so I heeded the warnings and gave the Smart Price version the wide berth, so I went with Asda's standard own branded version with the hope it would be better.


      I bought a couple of packets of custard which cost 24p each, which is almost 10p cheaper than the branded alternative. It comes in a vibrantly coloured red sachet with yellow lettering, which I think fits the product perfectly, the front of the sachet promises that this product makes 'thick and creamy custard' and the picture of a spoon featuring some sponge pudding covered in lashings of creamy custard reinforces the point - well it certainly looks and sounds tempting. As I would expect the instructions, ingredients, nutritional data and contact details are on the back of the packet. The packet weight is 84g and the best before date is located on the front of the packet in the bottom right hand corner. Mine had a best before date of March 2011, so it has a good shelf life, though not as good as the cans, but it is still worth getting a few packets and sticking them in the cupboard for those times when I forget to get canned custard. The packet should be kept in a cool dry place.


      This product contains milk, and possibly traces of nuts and/or seeds. It is suitable for vegetarians.


      When I was ready to make my custard I opened the packet which required me to tear off the top, it was easy enough to do without resorting to scissors. I poured the custard powder into a jug and took a sniff (taking care not to get the custard mix all over me) and it smelled as I expected, custard powder with a hint of vanilla essence. The powder was as I expected, pale yellow but I was impressed that there weren't any lumps in it and had a fine texture - so based on that I was hoping to get the thick and creamy custard I was promised on the packet.


      This custard is very easy to make, simply add freshly boiled water to the ¾ pint mark (or 425 ml if metric is your preferred method of measurement) in my measuring jug. Asda says that I must not mix this to a paste first, and that I must add boiling water in order for the custard to thicken. So, following the instructions to the letter, I poured in boiling hot water and stirred the mixture briskly with a fork. It was very easy to mix and came together to form a nice thick yellow custard with no lumps or grittiness, and had the smoothest texture of any of the instant custard products I've tried in the past which were more expensive. I picked up the jug to make sure there were no signs of powdery residue lurking around at the bottom, which is something this kind of product is prone to, and any stray bits I found mixed in easily which I think is impressive. I'd say the amount of custard this product makes will serve three to four people depending on how much custard they like, and what it's being served with. The nutritional information is based on a ¼ pint serving.


      I poured some of the finished custard over the aforementioned warmed piece of Golden Syrup cake and started eating my pudding. The custard poured beautifully and I was relieved that no skin had formed on the top. I felt the product was at its best when it was hot, but once it cooled down it felt like eating slime, which for me wasn't very pleasant, so I wouldn't recommend serving it cold or using it on a trifle. That said, the custard remained smooth as it cooled, where other brands developed a gritty or powdery texture.

      The custard was very thick, but I felt it lacked the creaminess and the flavouring of Asda's canned version, but I guess this is only to be expected from a product that is made with water. For that reason I wouldn't recommend serving it as a bowl of plain custard. I don't think I made the best choice in serving it with my cake as it was plain, so I tried the other packet with an apple crumble which produced a more pleasing result, so this leads me to recommend that it is best served with a fruit or other pudding which has a stronger flavour.

      Nutritionally, the instant custard is both lower in fat (1.4g) and sugar (10.1g) when compared to the canned version (6.6 g of fat and 21.0g of sugar) so this product could be a good choice for someone on a diet as I understand it, but the rest of a pudding also has to be taken into consideration.


      This is one of the best instant custard products I've tried, and I would buy it again if I couldn't get the canned version which for my palate tasted better. It is cheap, and good value for money at 24p a packet I can't really complain, but it is best served hot with a fruit or chocolate based pudding. I award the Asda Instant Custard mix a 3 star rating.


      Sugar , Whey Powder (Milk) , Maize Starch , Dried Glucose Syrup , Potato Starch , Vegetable Oil , Flavouring (contains Milk) , Milk Protein , Acidity Regulator (Potassium Phosphates) , Colour (Annatto) .


      Energy 354kJ 84kcal
      Protein 0.9g
      Carbohydrate 16.9g
      (of which sugars 10.1g)
      Fat 1.4g
      (of which saturates 0.3g)
      Fibre 0.9g
      Sodium 0.04g
      (equivalent as salt 0.1g)

      Also on Ciao under the same username


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