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Asda Jelly Squeezy Pouches

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Brand: Asda / Type: Puddings

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2011 22:41
      Very helpful



      Great for all the family!

      Asda Squeezy Jelly Pouches are my new favorite purchase when I do my food shopping! I only recently discoved them by chance and I wanted to share my opinion with everyone about them!

      Being a family of three, two adults and an 11 month old baby there isn't really much cross over in food. Our son has food designed for his age and we have just the normal, everyday things. So when I saw these pouches I was thrilled as it meant something we could all enjoy, something for each of us.

      Jelly is one of those things that always seems like a lot of effort to make to me, although I know deep down it's not! So when ever I have previously purchased any I've always bought the little ready made pots you can get already done. However these never really taste like proper jelly to me! Always a bit plastic and a bit manufactured which defeats the point. Jelly is also one of those things I class as a luxury-it's not essential to my shopping each week and it's not something I usually would have eaten regularly or else it would loose it's appeal. So it was a nice suprise when I saw these in the dried fruit isle.

      The pouches themselves come in four different flavours:
      1. Orange
      2. Strawberry
      3. Raspberry
      4. Blackcurrent

      And all say they have no artificial colours of flavours. In all fairness the ingrediants list was a little more pleasantly suprising than expected. Yes, there was mentions of sugars and acids but what stuck out to me was the fact that there is fruit juice (from concentrate), water and natural flavorings. All in all not as bad as expected for a 'processed' product.

      The taste of the jelly is quite nice really. In my opinion it actually tastes like proper jelly. Something I think is always a plus, when an item tastes of what it should be! It's got that sort of taste that takes you back to your childhood birthday parties with jelly and ice cream-perfect for all us big kids! The consistancy is a little wet in all fairness, especially after the first few 'squeezes'. When you first open the pouch and squeeze you will often find it's stuck and you need to squeeze quite hard to get any to come out. However after this the consistancy at the top of the pouch tends to be quite watery for a few squeezes. Still tasty and fruity, just a little bit too watery. After this though it's just a slightly more wet version of the type of jelly you get from the fridge after it has set. Obviously because it's not stored in the fridge you wouldn't expect that consistancy anyway! The flavouring is very sweet, and fruity. Put it this way, you deffinately couldn't eat more than one or it would be too sickly. My 11 month old loves these as a treat after a meal and they create so little mess I love them too! All you need to do is squeeze them on to the spoon for a baby or straight in your mouth if you are older!

      The jelly itself comes in foil type pouches each of 85g and each with a twist and lock style top. They should be stored in cupboards and out of sunlight and are perfect for treats and lunchboxes! Kids will love these, anything in a pouch and jelly of any kind always grabs a few brownie points! Mess free and simple, you can carry them around with you and if they are for young children all you need is a spoon if you are civilised-me personally when we are out and about my little boy gets ever so excited when I squeeze it straight in to his mouth!

      These pouches also come in a dairy variety and fruit (puree) variety and are on constant offer at Asda of 4 for £1.50 or 45p per pouch. This offer can be mixed and matched across the dairy and fruit ranges too!

      For more information please visit www.asda.com

      Thanks for reading!


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