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Asda Lemon Tart Dessert

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      06.07.2009 01:39
      Very helpful



      A delicious dessert at a great price.

      Just a quick update to say that this delicious tart is still only £1 in Asda and it is currently included in a buy 4 for £3 offer, so even better value!

      Review of Asda Lemon Tart dessert

      Asda Lemon Tart is a refreshing dessert at a refreshingly low price. We bought one to have as a quick Sunday pud after a roast meal, I'd never tried it before and was so pleased with it that I will buy another next time I'm in Asda to keep in the freezer.

      ==The Product==

      Part of the Asda frozen dessert range, the strap line on the box reads:-
      "Crisp Shortcrust pastry with a creamy tangy lemon filling, finished with a sweet dusting"

      I couldn't describe it any better, it really is a tangy, lemony delight! The dessert is presented in a yellow coloured, recyclable cardboard box bearing a photograph of the tart on the front. The picture is exactly as the dessert looks in the flesh, so to speak, a thin pastry base with a lemon filling lightly sprinkled with icing sugar. The front of the box also has a green circle informing consumers that the tart contains no artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings or hydrogenated fats and a green 'V' to denote that the product is suitable for vegetarians.

      The packaging carried the nutritional information and ingredients on the reverse along with the Asda contact details and the 'Try Me, Love Me' money back guarantee.

      The total weight of the lemon tart is 350g, we shared it between three adults and one 9 year old child, each eating a quarter of the tart, this gave everyone a very generous helping of dessert, for less greedy people, Asda describe the tart as containing 6 servings!

      ==Storage and Serving Information, Taste and Texture==

      The dessert should be stored in the freezer and will keep in the frozen state for up to 3 months. If refrigerated, it will keep for 24 hours.

      To prepare the dessert remove the packaging and place on a serving dish to defrost at room temperature for approximately 2-21/2 hours. I hadn't realised that the actual dessert sat on a cardboard disc, so did not remove this which made cutting the dessert a bit of a trial when the time came....never mind, I'll know next time!

      The tart has a lovely lemon smell, really mouthwatering and fresh. The tart is circular in shape and looks firm, it kept it's shape very well after defrosting, probably because of the cardboard disc still being in situ! It is a delicate yellow in colour as you might expect from a lemon dessert.

      At first bite, the tangy lemon is the over riding taste, as it melts in the mouth the lemon is sharp without being sour and leaves your palate feeling refreshed. The pastry is crisp and slightly sweet, as for the icing sugar dusting, taste-wise, this really is not necessary in my opinion, I feel it is really only there to stop the tart looking too bland. It adds nothing to the flavour of the dessert! There did not seem to be any after-taste with this dessert, the taste was so predominately lemony, that this overtook the other flavours. The dessert was a very pleasing blend of textures with the creamy filling and the crisp pastry base, the filling reminded me of a rich lemon mousse in texture.

      ==Ingredients and Nutritional Information==

      OK, it's a pudding, it isn't going to be low calorie or particularly healthy is it?

      I won't bore readers with the full ingredient list or entire nutrition breakdown, just a brief over view.
      Per 1/6th of the tart the calorie content is 330, fat 14.9g, protein 4.1g, carbohydrate 44.9g, sodium 0.06g.
      The main ingredients are 34% cream, Sugar, Flour, 5% Lemon juice, egg, vegetable oil and so on.
      The lemon tart contains gluten, milk, wheat and egg, so persons sensitive to these ingredients should beware. The recipe does not contain nuts, however Asda warn that the tart could contain traces or nuts or seeds.

      The product is produced for Asda in Germany.

      ==Cost and Asda Company details==

      I really don't know how Asda can make this dessert for the humble price of £1! It represents true value for money in my view. The tart would as I have said served 4 people and at 25p per portion I think this is a real bargain and Asda are to be commended for producing an excellent quality dessert as such a good price!

      Asda is a well known supermarket which is part of the American Wal-Mart group, they have stores the length and breadth of the UK. As stated earlier n this review, Asda in line with many other supermarkets nowadays, offer a money back guarantee on their products, known as 'Try Me, Love Me'.

      Asda can be contacted by phone on 0845 300 1111
      by post at
      Asda Stores Ltd
      LS11 5AD
      or online at

      ==Thoughts and Conclusion==

      This is a delicious dessert, of course it is fat, calorie and sugar laden, as are many desserts, but as an occasional treat this is a lovely refreshing tart. Next time you are in an Asda store, why not take a wander down the frozen dessert aisle and pick up one of these, it's a pound well spent!!

      Thank you for reading.

      ©brittle1906 July 2009

      NB Also posted on ciao.co.uk under same user name.


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      16.06.2009 07:36
      Very helpful



      See review.

      As a self confessed chocoholic, it always astounds me that my husband really doesn't like chocolate desserts, preferring fruity or creamy based desserts.

      I came across the dessert I will now review on one of my weekly jaunts to my local Asda.

      The dessert I will now review is -"Lemon tart dessert"

      The box is coloured in such a way that it practically through itself from the freezer and punched me in the eye!

      The box is bright sunshine yellow with all the obligatory information included, brand name, product name, brief description, the statement that this product contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and finally the price.

      Asda have this really ingenious method of persuading you to purchase there products by either rounding up or down the price to the nearest whole pound and displaying on the product itself. It makes you feel like it's on special offer and soon it gets thrown into the trolley!

      The dessert, as mentioned earlier is a frozen dessert, so will need to have a good few hours defrosting time.
      The trick to this, or at least I have found, is part defrost the tart, then remove from packaging (box and shrink wrapped plastic layer), this way you will be able to handle the dessert without it falling to bits.

      The tart isn't the most awe inspiring sight when first viewed.

      The tart is round and the same size as a bog standard flan case, The case itself is made from shortcrust pastry and is a nice pale golden colour.
      The filling is essentially lemon curd, this is a thick pale yellow looking custard filling with a generous sprinkle of icing sugar.

      The depth of the case initially worried and disappointed me, the dessert is only around ½" deep, not very generous I thought, this of course changed when we had eaten it!

      The taste is an eye opener, literally!

      The case is buttery and crumbly and incredibly moreish, this is offset perfectly by the sharp sweetness of the lemon curd filling.
      The filling itself is thick and claggy in consistency and one of those desserts that seem to stick to the roof of your mouth, but in no means does this detract from the experience!

      After a small slice I realised why there was no need for more depth to the dessert......this is an incredibly sickly pudding so anymore filling would be greed not need!

      I would say that this tart would be enough for 5 people, a great feat for someone who can eat desserts like I can !

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per 1/6 tart,

      193 kcal
      2.4g protein
      26.2g carbohydrate
      14.0g of which sugars
      8.7g fat
      4.5g of which saturates

      This does contain gluten, milk, wheat and egg, and may also contain traces of seeds and/or nuts.

      This a lovely refreshing pudding, that is (obviously) not the healthiest treat out there, but nice none the less!

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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