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Asda Light Raspberry and Cranberry Yoghurt

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Brand: Asda / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2009 11:24
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't eat this again except for a million pounds in cash.

      I spotted Asda Light yoghurt range yesterday, and I thought at 38p for a large Muller-sized pot, I couldn't go wrong.

      Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

      This morning I had some fruit for breakfast and was still peckish, so I managed to avoid the temptation of crisps and reached for the yoghurt (mistake #2).

      It looks ok from the outside - whitish packaging, foil lid like a cheaper version of Muller, obvious title of 'Asda Light'. The lid says that it is fat free and 98 calories per pot. It's also described rather Americanly as 'Smooth Raspberry and Cranberry yogurt'. So far, nothing to complain about.

      I opened the lid and saw it look very watery with random lumps of yoghurt in (not fruit, just weird looking yoghurt). I stirred it thoroughly, expecting it to get thicker, but though the lumps mainly mixed in, it very still very watery. Even now I can see flecks of white and bits of lump in it, and it worries me slightly because I have no idea what the white bits are.

      Still semi-fooled into thinking it might taste okay (mistake #3), I tried a watery spoonful. Quite frankly, it tasted absolutely disgusting. It takes cram packed full of sweetners and chemicals, though looking at the ingredients there's nothing incredibly bad in it, just a list of random things including carrot concentrate and chicory extract (?). The aftertaste is even worse, it tastes like they put bleach or toilet cleaner in it of some kind, just in case the initial taste isn't bad enough for you.

      There is very little I won't eat once I start, but this is one of the most disgusting things I've ever tasted (reminding me of a terrible hot dog I had in Eastern Europe once - god knows what I was thinking or what was actually in it). I've had two spoonfuls and I feel sick to my stomach. I've had half a wholemeal roll to try and take the taste away, but it's still lingering and now even the smell is making me want to heave.

      Unfortunately I bought another yoghurt in this range and though I hate throwing food out, I am tempted just to chuck it to stop myself being ill.


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        07.02.2009 17:25
        Very helpful



        Muller is still our favourite

        As I have said in previous reviews we have decided that this is the year we will lose weight and get fit. Dave needs to lose weight to reduce his blood pressure and I need to lose weight to stabilise my blood sugar before it's too late and I end up on Insulin. We have decided to try the Slimming World diet plan and whilst I don't intend to go into all the details of the plan here the basic premise is that certain foods are 'free' on certain days meaning that you can eat as much as you like of them.

        One of the things that we can eat any time is low fat yoghurt and we usually buy Muller Light. The other day we were doing a bit of shopping at our local Asda and I noticed that they had their own version of these at 38p or 3 for a pound which is a significant saving on the price of Muller currently 54p per pot. We decided to try the raspberry and cranberry flavour to go with our raspberry jellies.

        The full name of the product is Asda Light Raspberry and Cranberry Yoghurt.

        Each 200g pot of the raspberry and cranberry flavour yoghurt has only 0.2g of fat and 98 calories and they are sweetened with sucralose, so they're ideal if you're on a diet.

        The pots are the same design as the Muller pots and are wider than the 'standard' sized yoghurt pots thus making the removal of the contents that much easier. They have less of a ridge round the bottom of the pot so getting that last bit of yoghurt out is easier than it is with the Muller ones.

        The foil lid has a picture of a raspberry and a cranberry on it. The words 'Asda Light Smooth Raspberry and Cranberry yoghurt fat free only 98 calories a pot' let you know exactly what you are buying - or do they?

        I peeled off the foil lid, licked it of course, and looked at the yoghurt. It was pink in colour with a slight fruity aroma.

        The yoghurt itself was smooth but it was somewhat watery in texture, nowhere near as creamy or as fruity as Muller.

        The taste isn't as good as Muller either. It is fruity but slightly bitter rather than being rich and sweet. We both ate it but neither of us enjoyed it as much as the Muller equivalent.

        We ate it poured over raspberry jelly and raspberries but it was definitely a disappointment compared to Muller.

        The nutrition value of the pot of yoghurt is;
        Calories 98
        Protein 8.4g
        Carbohydrates 15.6g
        Of which sugars 14.6g
        Fat 0.2g
        Fibre 2.2g
        Sodium trace
        Calcium 196mg

        It is free from artificial colourings or flavourings and is suitable for vegetarians.

        The foil lid and plastic pot can both be recycled so that's another point in its favour as far as I am concerned.

        In conclusion I would say this yoghurt was OK but I certainly wouldn't choose it instead of Muller Light whatever the price difference.


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