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Asda Mini Eclairs

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2010 09:38
      Very helpful



      A very nice little treat


      ASDA is where we do our main shop and this usually consists of a visit on Saturday morning. In general the store is pretty well laid out and shopping isn't quite the hassle it might have been.

      At the far end of the store is the bakery, where all the freshly made bread and cakes can be found, and this section is the one we head for last to get our little treat for that lovely cuppa when we get home.

      I usually plump for Vanilla slices and Anne usually goes for either the éclair or the choux bun. The vanilla slices come in packs of two, as do the choux buns but the éclairs come in a pack of 4, so the way I see it I'm due an éclair....................lol. On this occasion however on our way to the bakery department we spotted what we thought was a far better buy. In one of the freezers, which display special offers, there was a box of 16 mini éclairs so we decided to try these instead.


      The ASDA pack of éclairs is packaged in a red box with a lavish display of 16 mini éclairs. The picture on the front certainly entices one to purchase the pack they do look delicious. They are currently priced at £1.00 for the pack of sixteen and I think that represents excellent value.

      Each éclair is about 3 inches long and of a rough tubular shape of approx three quarters of an inch in diameter. This makes them a good size for a cuppa and easy to hold. They are stored in store in a freezer so they are quite cold when bought, and require an hour or so to defrost, but being we have to travel albeit a short distance and that we may have other shopping to do, they have warmed up a bit by home time, and usually half an hour is suffice.

      This isn't really a problem since I think for some reason they taste best not quite cold. The choux pastry is crisp in places and a little chewy in others, whether this is intentional or not I don't know but it is a feature I enjoy.

      Since the length of the éclair is split so as to ensure they call be filled with fresh cream taking a bite can be a bit messy but well worth it. There is quite a lavish amount of cream in each éclair, which mixes well with the choux pastry.

      The topping is claimed to be Belgian chocolate but it taste more like a chocolate flavoured icing to me. It is quite sweet and does add a bit of sweetness to the whole experience.


      All in all a £1.00 well spent a really nice éclair with ample cream and a chocolate topping. I think value wise they are really good value and that is probably the reason they have become a must buy on a Saturday. They're very nice indeed and I look forward not particularly to the shopping, but certainly to some of the purchases.


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        20.11.2009 08:50
        Very helpful



        Mini éclairs great for parties

        Most of you that have read my reviews will know Mr Lools and I have sampled rather a lot of party food recently ... not just on party buffets either. However last weekend whilst we had friends staying we decided to cook some party food. To add some variation to the selection we decided to give Asda Mini Eclairs a try......


        Asda Mini Exclairs are part of the party food range. The packaging of the éclairs is branded consistently with the Asda party food range; a deep red cardboard box with a very festive look to it. There are 16 mini éclairs per pack. 16 Mini Eclairsis written in white font and there is an image of the product on the packaging looking delicious.

        The cooking instructions are on the packaging. The mini éclairs should be left to thaw from frozen and should be refrigerated for no longer than 24 hours.


        A pack of 16 mini éclairs costs £1 from Asda the same price as the other party food in the range. This is also a similar price to what Tesco charges for similar items in their party food range. I personally feel that the mini éclairs are a very good value item from the Asda Party food range as you seem to get quite a lot of food for your money once you take the éclairs out of the packaging.

        ***Mini Eclairs***

        Once fully defrosted the éclairs have a wonderfully sweet scent. This is a rich chocolate scent with a hint of cream.

        The éclairs also look very appealing. The oblong shaped, cream filled choux pastry is about 2cm wide by 4cm long. There is also a thick covering of milk chocolate on the top of the pastry. This is a generous covering of chocolate in my opinion but not too much.

        As soon as you bite into the éclair the rich chocolate taste hits you. This is a very sweet creamy milk chocolate which is very soft but still retains firmness. The taste of the choux pastry then hits you, this is a very light sweet pastry taste. The pastry is moist yet not too soggy and not too thick. Texture wise Asda have got the pastry just right. Inside the pastry the taste of the cream then hits you. This is very soft and fluffy and has a wonderful light creamy taste which I feel brings out the creaminess of the milk chocolate, leaving a light creamy taste in you mouth.

        Although the mini éclairs are quite sweet and creamy I do not find them too sickly and are not just for those with a very sweet tooth.

        **Nutritional Information***

        Per éclair
        55 calories
        4.5g fat

        The éclairs are suitable for vegetarians.

        Contains Gluten. Contains Wheat. Contains Eggs. Contains Milk. May Contain Nuts. Contains Soya\Soybeans.
        May contain nuts and/or seeds.

        I was pretty surprised by the fat content. I knew that these would not be good for you nutritionally but these are very small so I expected a slightly lower fat content. Especially as I have quite a small appetite and could eat at least 4 of these mini éclairs easily.

        The mini éclairs are another item I was impressed with from the Asda Party food range and make a great sweet addition to Christmas buffets. The products are good value for money and taste fantastic. Sweet pastry with cream and rich milk chocolate is always a winner in my book. But we warned eat too many and you may have to invest in larger clothes in the new year as the fat content per mini éclair is high.


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