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Asda Smartprice Rice pudding

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8 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Puddings

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    8 Reviews
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      22.10.2013 23:58
      Very helpful
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      Creamy and tasty.

      I love rice pudding and I decided to give this brand a while ago since it was really cheap to buy and if I didn't like the taste of it I wouldn't have wasted a lot of money. I find the Smart Price a good brand for most items and cheap enough prices. I have bought this rice many times.

      The rice comes in a can and has the name clearly on the front and so can easily be spotted on a shelf. Once the can is opened, the rice has a sweet smell to it and it does smell pleasant and not an off putting smell. The rice is a cream colour and does look fine inside the can. I do find I need to use a spoon to scoop the rice from the can because it is a little more solid than a branded kind. I can still pour it from the can but I find I do need to use a spoon to pour all of the rice from the can into a saucepan because it doesn't tend to pour with ease and some of the rice is at the bottom of the can if I don't use a spoon to scoop the rest from the can. This isn't a huge issue and it is what I expected being a cheaper brand.

      Once the rice is poured into a saucepan, I just simply stir it and heat it up on my hob. As the rice begins to heat up, the rice becomes quite creamy and softer. I continue to stir until it is heated and then it is really easy to then pour it into a dish. The rice is a soft, creamy texture and the rice is very easy to chew and swallow. My grandchildren can easily chew and swallow it and they love this rice and often have asked for a second helping. It does have a sweet taste to it but not a sickly sweet taste.

      It doesn't have a bland taste and does taste quite nice in my opinion. There is a good enough amount of rice in the milk and it isn't just all milk and no rice with this brand. Some cheaper brands can be more of the milk and can be quite sloppy but this one does heat up extremely well. I like to eat it sometimes with a blob a jam over the top or syrup, the jam and syrup gives it an extra flavour and I eat any rice pudding brand in this way. The jam and syrup blends well into the rice when the rice has been heated.

      I have eaten this rice pudding cold many times too, I sometimes like to pour a little in a dish, give it a quick stir and place it in my fridge for around a hour or so and then eat it. I just love cold rice pudding and I would say I do like to eat it cold rather than heated up at times. It all depends how I feel at the time I am eating it and at which time of the day. If I eat it as a little snack I tend to eat it cold but if I eat it as a desert I always heat it up on my hob. I have also heated it up in the microwave and it heats up a little faster than on the hob.

      Half a can contains 169 calories, so not too many from your daily allowance if you are on a diet plan and a good amount to eat as a little treat.

      For a 400g can it is priced at just 15p. I think this price is a super one and this rice is worth the 15p in my opinion. The quality is really good too.

      Contains no artificial colours or flavours and is suitable for vegetarians.

      I do recommend this rice pudding if you are maybe wanting to drop a brand and buy a cheaper one to try. I think it is ideal for anyone struggling with money and have a lot of children to feed. Can be stored in a food cupboard and ready to eat if you want to eat a desert after dinner and have forgotten to buy one, this rice is a good emergency desert and I have been pleased I have it stocked in my cupboard for those days when my little grandchildren come stay for dinner when unexpected and I have been had a desert to offer them after dinner.

      I will keep on buying this rice pudding in the future because it has all of the taste I expect from a shops own brand.

      I give this rice 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        27.10.2012 01:10
        Very helpful



        Versatile storage staple

        Asda Smart price rice pudding
        When I saw this, I thought for 12p it would be awful, nothing that cheap can taste good right?
        My two year old son loves rice pudding and I was buying the more expensive brands; but trying to be more frugal decided to give this a shot. Well I was pleasantly surprised. I opened the can expecting to find a very running consistently but found a lovely thick and creamy dessert that I was happy to give to my son. I gave it a try and found it to be the perfect sweetness, but not overly so, which can ruin rice pudding. It is not as creamy as the more expensive brands but it is great value for money and I have no complaints.

        Since the first time of buying have bought it many time and we have tried it cold straight from the tin, warmed up with jam, with added hot chocolate(my favourite...yum!!) and I have even added cinnamon and raisins. However my son's absolute favourite combination has to be rice pudding and banana. I added a little banana flavouring to the rice pudding and slice a banana and mix it up. My son can't get enough of it. The option are endless, rice pudding is so versatile. As I said though the consistency was good, not runny or watery as I anticipated.
        The tin is simply packaged, as it is part of asdas "no frills" line of products. It is a white background with green writing and a picture of a bowl of rice pudding. It cost twelve pence for 400g which is an incredible price.

        The ingredients are listed as Skimmed Milk, Water, Whole Milk, Rice (9.0%), Sugar, Whey Powder (Milk), and Acidity Regulator (Sodium Bicarbonate) so is suitable for vegetarians. It is also free from artificial and flavours which again is another plus. You can heat this in the microwave for about two and half minutes on full power, but make sure you stir it first. I personally use the hob to heat it through so that I can add any additional ingredients I wish more easily. It only takes a few minutes to heat through.
        Being a tin it is ideal to keep in the cupboard until needed or if you have a food storage this is a great addition. I always have plenty in the cupboard its lovely for if my son is poorly, it's his comfort food.

        The tin needs to be opened with a tin opener, as there is no ring pull but for 12p you can't have it all.
        Once the tin has been opened remove contents from the tin and store the rice pudding in a covered container and consume within two days...if it lasts that long!!

        Nutritional Values:
        Typical values per 100g
        Energy 358kJ 85kcal
        Protein 3.3g
        Carbohydrate 15.8g
        Of which sugars 9.1g
        Fat 0.7g
        Of which saturates 0.4g
        Fibre 0.9g
        Sodium Trace
        Equivalent as salt 0.1g
        As if stating the obvious this product contains milk, so people with milk allergies should be aware.

        Product Code: 3633567
        This product is made in the UK, and is available at most if not all asda stores. I buy mine online at www.asda.co.uk.
        Asda head office is:
        Asda Stores Limited
        LS11 5AD.
        Or you can contact Customer Services team on 0800 952 6060.


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        26.02.2010 20:31
        Very helpful



        It's difficult to spend a better 18p than this, its good, it's very good.

        This can of ASDA rice pudding, from its bargain basement "Smartprice" range, is supplied in a conventional tin can, containing 425g ( 15 ounces for the people like me who still deal in real money ), of product. The can is yours on handing over the miserly sum of 18 pence to Messrs Asda ltd - it's an absolute bargain.

        So what do you get for your 18 pennies then?

        You get a typical Smartprice range, Green and white "Logoed"; can - NOT Orange and white as shown in the associated Dooyoo picture. The label contains large amounts of information, the type of which I generally ignore but which others find interesting and relevant. This includes Nutritional info - detailed below, Ingredients, and usage / heating instruction along with some other statutory rubbish. There is also mention of associated Allergy advice - also detailed below, along with Storage and recycling instructions plus contact details for ASDA - talk about a load of Blah.... The can itself has to be opened by using a Tin opener which some people find a pain, but not me. Remember, ring pull cans cost more to produce than conventional cans - have a ring pull, put the price of the can up a bit more.

        So to the chase then, what's the Rice pudding like? In a word, very nice, I know that's two words, but you get my drift. On opening the can, the contents look like a thick and stodgy pudding with a slightly "Off cream" colour - promising so far. Tasted cold, I thought yes, not bad, it's quite creamy and tasty, very similar to Muller rice in my mind. Warmed up it becomes better, really creamy and really satisfying - It doesn't taste cheap at all. I certainly couldn't eat half a can and leave some for another day, it's too nice - Oink, Oink.... If you want to Jazz it up a bit, just add a few Sultanas or Raisins, or Dried Apricots, Apples etc, that makes it even better - not that it needs any additions at all, just a suggestion for a bit of variation.

        I was really surprised by how good this Rice pudding actually is. Don't take my word for it, buy a can and try it, I would be very surprised if you were disappointed - it's only 18p after all - what have you got to lose?

        "Alleged" Important information - lifted directly from the label on the can...

        Allergy Advice:-

        Contains Milk - Can you believe that Rice pudding contains Milk?????? -- has the world gone mad??? Is it me??? Stop the bus; I want to get off.... PLEASE BEAM ME UP Mr Scott.

        Nutritional Information:-
        Per Half Can.

        Energy 744kJ ( 176kcal )
        Protein 7.0g
        Carbohydrate 33.5g
        of which sugars 19.3g
        Fat 1.5g
        of which saturates 0.8g
        Fibre 1.9g
        Sodium Trace 0.08g
        equivalent as salt 0.2g

        Normally I would say to you all, do not expect this product to compare favourably with some of the "Top of the range" Rice pudding products available out there, as it would be an extremely unfair comparison, but that is not the case with this - it compares very favourably indeed.

        I don't think it matters whether you are on a tight budget or not, this Rice pudding is well worth your 18 pennies, at that price, this Rice pudding is superb, it's not Quite Ambrosia, and it's not a patch on what you make at home, but for shop bought stuff it's good, it's very, very good!


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          11.02.2010 15:53
          Very helpful



          For all those Rice Pudding lovers out there!

          Well baby Scarlet has certainly inherited my appetite and eats really well. Even after having her tea she also eats a pudding to fill up her ever growing belly. The ones she likes the most are Yoghurt, Rice Pudding and Custard. Mummy loves Rice Pudding and Custard too so we both share a tin after tea. I am going to have a go at making my own Rice Pudding one day as my Granddad makes it to perfection.

          I find though they can be quite expensive to by so when I was last in Asda I though I would give the Smart Price ones a go. The only disaster I have come across from the Asda's own brand was the vegetable soup but as the rest out weigh that one I thought I might as well give it a go. And at 18p per 425g tin I didn't think it would matter if it was a disaster.

          The Asda Price Smart tins are very basic but not at all hard to miss when shopping. They have white labels and the writing to explain the product is in green and the Rice Pudding was no exception. Also on the front of this one though it explains it is suitable for vegetarians. On the back of the tin then there is all the usual information about Nutrition, Allergy Advice, Ingredients, cooking advice and what to do if you are not happy with the product.

          Allergy advice for you -
          Contains Milk.

          Ingredients -
          Skimmed Milk, Reconstituted Whey [Water, Whey Powder (Milk)] , Whole Milk , Rice (9.0%) , Sugar , Acidity Regulator (Sodium Carbonate) .

          Cooking Instructions -
          Microwave - From Chilled/Ambient: Empty contents into a non-metallic bowl. Cover and heat on full power for 2 1/2 minutes (750W) or 3 minutes (650W), stirring halfway through. Stir thoroughly before serving.
          Hob - From Chilled/Ambient: Empty contents into a saucepan. Heat thoroughly over a medium heat for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. DO NOT BOIL.

          Nutritional advice per half a can -
          * Energy - 744kj (176kca)
          * Protein - 7.0g
          * Carbohydrate - 33.5g
          Of which Sugars - 19.3g
          * Fat - 1.5g
          Of which Saturates - 0.8g
          * Fibre - 1.9g
          * Sodium - 0.08g
          Equivalent as Salt - 0.2g

          As I opened the tin I expected the Rice Pudding to be so thin and watery but it was not at all what I expected. It was quite thick and creamy that you would expect any bigger brand to be like. The smell as well was exactly the same as the bigger brand and made me so hungry as I was pouring it out of the can ready to go in the microwave.

          To ensure that it is not too hot for Scarlet I never put it in for the amount of time that is on the can, so I popped it in the microwave for about 60 seconds. Once the pop had sounded the smell was even stronger because the pudding was now warm It smelt so delicious. But again the ultimate test would be the taste and baby Scarlet's opinion.

          If baby Scarlet doesn't like something she will just open her mouth and let the contents fall out so with every new brand I try with her I brace myself for having to catch food. As soon as she could smell the rice pudding though she was so excited about eating it. As I popped the spoonful into her moth she swallowed it right away and her mouth was open ready for more.

          Right I thought if she likes it that much I will need to try it. So I took a spoonful. The taste was so creamy and yummy I couldn't wait to eat my half. It was exactly like the bigger brand makes and it was so Moorish. I couldn't believe for such a cheap price it felt like I was eating Ambrosia. I was shocked. From mine and Baby Scarlet's opinion 'if you are a Rice Pudding lover give this one a go and you will not be disappointed'.

          I will be singing from the roof tops about this find for a long time and with a 18p price who wouldn't be.


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          18.01.2010 23:05
          Very helpful



          For the price you really can't go wrong!

          And so my downgrading continues - my chosen budget product today - Asda's smartprice rice pudding.

          The product

          Asda's Smartprice rice pudding currently costs 18p for a 425g can. The can is packaged in Asda's familiar but rather bland style - green writing on a white background.

          On rare occasions I have opened the can and found that the rice and the milk had separated slightly, giving the pudding a very watery look to it. However this is only a minor nuisance as once you pour it into the pan everything starts to mix together nicely. Cooking doesn't take very long, usually around 4 minutes. Alternatively you can put the pudding in a bowl and microwave for around 2 1\2 minutes.

          The taste

          Once cooked the pudding has a very nice consistency. I was worried there may be too much milk compared to the rice, however Asda have got the ratio just right - not too thick but also not too runny. Taste-wise it's very good considering I only paid 18p for it. The rice almost falls apart in your mouth it's so soft and the milk has a very nice creamy taste to it. Yes, it's nowhere as creamy as Ambrosia's rice pudding but it's still a tasty dish, especially if you add a big dollop of jam or honey to give it a bit more flavour.


          For 18p you can't go wrong really. A nice consistency and a fairly creamy taste make this budget item a winner.


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          26.09.2009 06:54
          Very helpful



          Traditional comfort food.

          Review of Asda Smart Price Rice Pudding

          This review covers a canned rice pudding from the Asda economy budget range, known as Smart Price. Along with many other supermarkets budget lines, Asda's Smart Price is a range of lower priced, simply packaged basic items.

          ==The Product==

          Rice pudding, it is an old fashioned milk pudding, which is still popular today. Although, not hard to make from scratch at home, rice pudding is something I never cook, as I prefer to buy a canned version. We generally have several cans in the larder as a standby quick dessert.

          As my household budget is currently at an all time low, more and more basic lines appearing in our shopping trolley. Asda Smart Price Rice Pudding is one of the them!

          The rice pudding comes in a very plan and simple recyclable tin. The tin is a non ring pull type, so users will need to wield a trusty tin opener. The product is labelled with a white label bearing the Asda logo, product name and description in a green font. The picture used by Dooyoo shows the old version of Smart Price packaging, which was red and white.
          The can contains 425g of rice pudding and costs a minuscule 18p per can.

          Cooking instructions, nutritional values and ingredients are printed on the label along with health/allergy warnings.

          ==Appearance, Taste and Texture==

          Th rice pudding is creamy coloured and looks nicely thick in the can. There is no discernible smell.
          The rice itself is well cooked, soft to the bite yet with a little resistance and the milky pudding is sweet without being sickly. The pudding is creamy and not over rich. There is no particular after taste and in my opinion, this rice pudding is just the most delicious comfort food known to man, woman, child!!!

          ==Cooking Instructions, Ingredients, Nutritional Values and Allergy Advice==

          The manufacturer advises that the product can be heated in a saucepan on the hob for 3-4 minutes. It should not be boiled and will need occasional stirring.
          It can also be heated in a microwave for approximately 2 ½ minutes.
          Asda Smart Price rice pudding can also be enjoyed cold.
          The product should be stored in a cool, dry place before opening and used with in one day of opening.

          Each can will serve two people amply, three at a push if you are not as greedy as my family!

          **Main ingredients**
          Rice pudding contains milk, rice, sugar and whey
          I won't bore readers with a long list of nutritional values. Suffice to say that 100g contains 83 calories, 15.8g carbohydrate and 3.3g protein.
          **Allergy Advice**
          Product contains milk based ingredients, so persons sensitive to milk should exercise caution.
          Asda Rice Pudding is suitable for vegetarians

          ==Availability and Price==

          Available from Asda stores or through Asda online shopping, at 18p per can.

          Contact details.
          Asda can be contacted at www.asda.com
          The customer service number for Asda is 0845300111

          Asda offer their own money back guarantee, your money back if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

          ==My Thoughts and Conclusion==

          This is not Ambrosia and it doesn't pretend to be, it is a basic rice pudding at a sensible price. If wish, you could jazz it up with a sprinkle of nutmeg or a handful of dried fruit, but to be honest it is perfectly acceptable 'naked'. We often eat ours cold with a few pieces of fresh fruit or chopped nuts added. A delicious treat at a budget cost!
          Highly recommended.

          Thank you for reading

          September 2009

          N.B. Please note my reviews may appear on other review sites under the same user name, brittle1906


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          01.08.2009 20:35
          Very helpful



          Not a bad pud for the money!

          When it comes to rice pudding I can't get enough of the stuff though I don't like home made at all (before anyone comments on this do bear in mind you haven't tasted my Mothers! lol) So occasionally I'll indulge my taste-buds to some Ambrosia or something but today I saw this in my local Asda store costing 18p for a large looking can so decided to try it out! I've actually just sat and ate the whole can (for the purpose of this review of course lol).

          The Packaging....

          425g can with a white and green label around the middle of it. On the front I'm simply told it is Asda 'Smart Price' Rice Pudding and on the bottom of the can I'm told it is suitable for Vegetarians. On the back of the can I'm given ingredients and allergy advice along with storage and heating instructions and nutritional information, contact details for Asda are given and finally there is bar-code on there. The only slight annoyance I have with this can is that there is no ring pull to the top of it! However it is simply an 18p economy can and it is informative enough to be fair to it which is the most important thing of course.

          To Heat It Through....

          On the hob - 3 - 4 minutes in a saucepan , over a moderate heat stirring occasionally.
          In the microwave - 2 1/2 - 3 minutes in a microwavable dish, stirring once through cooking.

          The Pudding....

          Of course you can eat this cold if desired and I do desire cos I'm not keen on hot rice pudding one bit! So I opened up my tin and was met by a really rammed full can! I could see lots of rice within this in thinnish creamy coloured 'sauce' and it had a nice creamy, sweetish aroma to it and to my eyes it looked ok.

          It emptied out easily and was really rather wet but not like water or unappetising in any way. Taste wise this is ok. It is really, really sweet and the reason I feel the liquid is so thin is because it's made with skimmed milk. The rice is a wee bit soggy but does thicken the sauce up somewhat if you give it a damn good stir.


          A rather sweet pudding but it's nice enough. For me the rice is a bit on the sludgy side but at 18p a can it's only a small whinge! It is a bargain and it comes down to how sweet do you like your puddings really!

          Allergy Advice....

          Contains Milk.

          Nutritional Information....Per 1/2 Can:

          Energy: 176 Kcal
          Protein: 7.0g
          Carbohydrate: 3.5g
          of which sugars: 19.3g
          Fat: 1.5g
          of which saturates: 0.8g
          Fibre: 1.5g
          Sodium: 0.08g
          Equivalent as salt: 0.2g

          Only available in Asda stores.


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            07.07.2009 13:02
            Very helpful



            Not recommended!

            I love rice pudding, always have and always will but it has to be Ambrosia creamed rice pudding for me, I have tried several others and most recently I gave the Asda smart price version a go simply because it was so cheap.

            The Asda smart price rice pudding is far too watery and has virtually little or no creamy taste at all, it almost tastes more like boiled rice left in its water than it does like the tasty creamy pudding it should be.

            Ok it has to be said it is very cheap at only 35p per can as opposed to the 79p that Ambrosia rice pudding costs but there are some things more important than saving a few pennies and when it comes to food the most important thing every time is taste.

            This rice pudding is very, very sweet, I guess they add plenty sugar to give it some taste but it is simply too sweet and has no real texture or creaminess and this makes for an overall very poor product.

            I have nothing against Asda smart price products in general and I do purchase a couple of them regularly but this one is not good and I certainly would not recommend it to anyone, especially if they have tried the Ambrosia version because this will definitely disappoint.



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