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Asda Strawberry Swirled Cheesecake

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cheesecake

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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2010 17:05
      Very helpful



      A wonderful treat!

      As I was shopping in Asda the other day an assistant was just restocking the chiller cabinet with various goodies amongst which was the Asda Strawberry Swirled Cheesecake at a cost of £1 or two for £1.50. It looked so delicious that I just had to try one.

      The label on the top has a picture of strawberries on it together with the name of the product and a note that it contains no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat.

      The cheesecake comes packaged in a clear plastic pot with pull off lid and the label on the top sticks to one side of the pot, goes up and over the top and the other end sticks to the other side of the pot. I mention this because it means that the pot cannot be opened and tampered with.

      As the pot is made from clear plastic I could see that the contents looked lovely. The base looked like digestive biscuits and the topping was a very pale pink creamy looking substance with red swirls through it.

      I removed the label and took off the lid and was immediately greeted with a light but lovely aroma of strawberries.

      I took my spoon and dived in! The creamy cheesecake topping was a nice thick consistency and tasted divine. The strawberry taste was just strong enough and tasted natural as opposed to the synthetic taste that you sometimes get with these sorts of desserts. The base appeared to be just crumbled digestive biscuits as it disintegrated into crumbs as I got some on my spoon. Despite this it tasted great and mixed very well with the creamy topping.

      I found it a bit difficult to get all of the contents out of the pot as it was an unusual shape being tapered towards the base but I managed! It was so nice I wasn't going to waste even a crumb!

      The nutritional information per 125g pot is as follows:

      Calories 351
      Protein 2.9g
      Carbohydrates 32.2g
      Of which sugar 22.3g
      Fat 23.0g
      Of which saturates 12.2g
      Fibre 1.6g
      Salt 0.3g

      In conclusion I would say that this is one of the nicest desserts of this type that I have ever tasted. It also comes in lemon flavour and so I tried that one as well - in the interests of research you understand! To be fair I would say that the lemon one is even nicer!

      They would be a bit high in calories to eat every day but as an occasional treat I would recommend them both without hesitation!


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        21.07.2009 15:29
        Very helpful




        It was whilst I was shopping in my local Asda supermarket that I fancied getting some puddings for my partner and myself as a little treat for after our dinner that night. I perused all of the offerings at my leisure, gazing at everything from fruit yogurts to chocolate éclairs and nothing really took my fancy until my eye happened upon the 'Asda Strawberry swirled' cheesecake in an individual pot.

        Taking a closer look, I noticed that the cheesecake was a 'New!' product from Asda which explained why I had not noticed it before. Being a huge cheesecake-lover means that I buy them quite regularly, and of course this latest offering from Asda was no exception! - Into the basket it went, well two of them actually, because of course I bought my other half one too. This actually worked out a little better value because the individual price of the 125g pot of cheesecake is 88 pence, whereas you can buy two for the sum of £1.50

        We did of course eat them that evening, and our opinions were a little different. My other half thought it was delicious and had no complaints at all - Nada. He couldn't fault anything about it and almost begged me to buy them again next time I was in Asda.

        Me on the other hand, well I had a few little gripes with the pot of pudding...

        One thing that struck me as being a bit annoying is the shape of the plastic pot that this cheesecake comes in. Whilst it is quite a modern-looking design, it is rather unpractical. The little pot tapers from the top of the plastic pot where the lid sits on top, right down to the bottom of the pot, so that the biscuit base is much smaller in size than the topping on top. This did not strike me as being a problem until I had started to eat the pudding, and found that the ratio of biscuit base to cheesecake topping was not in proportion at all, for my own tastes at least.

        The biscuit base itself was too crumbly or something - the consistency was definitely lacking something, although I did find that the overall taste of the biscuit base was really very nice.

        The Cheesecake mixture was not the right consistency either in my humble opinion - it was much too runny, and put me in mind of a mousse or something rather than a more solid cheesecake filling.

        The taste of the cheesecake filling was very pleasant though - not overly sickly at all, which I have found to be a fault with many shop-bought cheesecakes in the past. The strawberry 'swirls' that were present throughout the white-coloured cheesecake were plentiful and I thought that they complimented the cheesecake perfectly.

        Overall, I thought it was a nice pudding and it offered a bit of a change from other puddings that we buy regularly. I cannot honestly say that I would be devastated if it was discontinued by Asda though - I didn't like it THAT much and like I said earlier, I felt there was something missing in terms of the consistency of the pudding, and the biscuit base.

        The nutritional information on the plastic lid informs me that 100g of this little dessert will provide me with 348calories and 23g of fat - eeeek! There is also some allergy information on the packaging so that anybody with a food allergy can make an informed choice before buying this product. The cheesecake IS suitable for vegetarians, which I found quite surprising as many cheesecakes are not.

        I would award this little cheesecake pudding three stars, although I think if you are a fan of cheesecakes in general you would be better off trying it for yourself and making your own mind up, because whilst I thought it was only 'so-so' my other half thought it was excellent - definitely mixed opinions in our house!


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