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Asda Toffee Pavlova - dessert

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2009 18:47
      Very helpful



      See review.

      As a little treat to ourselves, ie my and the hubby, I decided to buy something sweet for use to munch on.
      After much deliberation I decided it should either be a hot something to have with custard or a cold something that incorporated meringue and cream, hence the review.

      The product I will now review is "Asda, toffee pavlova"

      These have been a favourite of mine since childhood, the memories of my Nan having a raspberry one on a Sunday teatime held high in the centre of the table on one of those highly pretentious cake stands will stay with me always.

      Now I love the raspberry ones, but fancied trying something slightly different, so this really appealed to me.

      The box for this particular dessert is rather large, the reason being that the dessert is quite brittle in design, so the dessert is housed within a large plastic tray then placed inside the outer box hopefully to provide more protection.
      The box holds all the relevant information, brand name, product name, brief description of dessert, food facts and finally a mouth watering looking picture of a cross section of the pudding.

      When you take the pudding from the box you will notice that the dessert looks surprisingly like the picture on the box, sometimes the outer picture is nothing like the inner delight, so this was a good start for me!

      You buy this dessert frozen, then have to let it defrost for a good 3-3½ hours before eating. Please don't do what I did leaving it in the fridge, forgetting about it, then having it for pudding the night after. By the time I came to serve it, it had dissolved down to half it's size and the meringue on the bottom had gone soft and slimy, this is where the cream had soaked through.

      After leaving it for around 3-3 ½ hours you can either lift it from the tray and place on a plate to slice, cut the thin plastic side away from the tray to slice, or do what I do and simply spoon the desired amount out. I'm not proud and it all goes down the same way!

      The pudding is made up of four elements. There is a nice thick round slab of meringue that is the base of the dessert, on top of that is another more than generous layer of cream, not fresh but synthetic... my favourite sort! There is then another round slab of meringue with a hole in the centre, this is where the final element is placed. There is pool of toffee sauce poured into the gap and then as a finishing flourish a handful of toffee curls are liberally sprinkled on the top.

      The pavlova is more than easy to slice up and there is little breakage, you do have to take your time though as the meringue is of course quite brittle.

      The taste is delightful. The meringue is light, sweet and crunchy to the bite. Once you have cracked through the outer layer there is a deliciously chewy centre.
      The cream is light and creamy and the perfect compliment to the meringue as it isn't too sweet.
      Finally the toffee sauce is thick and smooth with the added textures of the toffee curls. The sauce is extremely sweet, but as you only actually get a small amount per slice, (depending exactly how much you have per portion!), it is more of a complimentary flavour than anything else.

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per ¼ of the pavlova,
      237 kcal
      2.2g protein
      40.6g carbohydrate
      36.0g of which sugars
      7.3g fat
      4.7g of which saturates

      This product states that this contains gluten, milk, wheat and egg, this product may also contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

      This product doesn't contain artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat, this is pretty much the same across the board for Asda branded products.

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      This dessert was obviously purchased from Asda, for around the sum of £1.50, depending of course whether or not it is on offer at the time.

      This is a lovely dessert, probably not as nice as the raspberry Pavlova, as I think the fruit adds a freshness that takes away the extreme sweetness of the meringue, but if you have a sweet tooth like me, this is a lovely dessert and perfect for you.

      Thanks for reading x


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