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Ben and Jerry's Fudge Central

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Type: Sorbets & Ice Cream

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2003 16:01
      Very helpful



      They say that a thing of beauty should have perfect symmetry. We find ourselves most attracted to people who have the most symmetrical faces. All this would explain why I have fallen in love with Ben and Jerry?s Fudge Central, as the middle of the ice cream contains a dark fudge truffle core and either side the two flavours of ice cream reflect each other in perfect mirror symmetry. PACKAGING As far as Ben and Jerry?s packaging goes this has to be one of the most boring I have come across. The tub is a chestnut brown background colour and running vertically down the centre of the face of the tub is a pictorial representation of the fudge truffle core. And that?s as exciting as it gets. To make up for this hideous lack of inspiration a special offer is advertised on the reverse side. Ben and Jerry?s are giving away a special spade to be used for eating their ice cream. All you have to do to claim your spade is send the lid of the Fudge Central tub together with a stamped self-addressed envelope to the address they provide and this plastic knick knack will be yours. However, they ominously specify that this is ?while stocks last? and, as if that wasn?t bad enough, you have to allow 28 days for delivery. How long does it take to put a plastic spade in an envelope which has already been addressed and stamped? THE ICE CREAM Luckily for Ben and Jerry?s all disappointment at the mediocre packaging is soon forgotten once the tub is opened. All the way through the centre of the ice cream tub runs a spherical core of a dark brown fudge truffle. On one side of this half the ice cream is vanilla, containing dark chocolate chips and the other half of the ice cream is chocolate, containing white chocolate chips. The ideal way to eat this product is to ensure that you combine some of each of the ice creams and some of the truffle core on each spoonful, as then you achieve the full taste sensation. This is als
      o essential as the fudge truffle core on its own is extremely rich and sickly and would be difficult to eat alone except for the most hardened chocolate masochist. However, once it is combined with the soft cooling ice creams it provides a warmness and a balancing sharpness to the sweet chocolate and cream flavours provided by the ice creams. The chocolate ice cream is not of the dark bitter variety but the soft, smooth, creamy and lighter chocolate variety and contains the most gorgeously chunky white chocolate chips. The vanilla ice cream is not highly vanilla flavoured but is a much softer, creamier version, reminiscent of the flavour of a vanilla Mini Milk. As it is a non aggressive type of vanilla it enables the ice cream to blend easily with the chocolate ice cream and the fudge truffle core. The dark chocolate chips inside the vanilla ice cream are, once again, a welcome change of texture. YOU?LL DIG IT This product combines two delicious ice cream flavours, some gorgeous chunky chocolate chips and a lovely rich soft semi-liquid core. The different flavours and textures work well together and have resulted in another triumph for Ben and Jerry?s. The thought of digging into the ice cream with a large Ben and Jerry?s plastic spade, however, seems like sacrilege. I will be saving my stamps and will stick to the more refined method of using a tea spoon (okay, I admit that eating it straight from the tub leaves a little to be desired but then you have to be a little decadent from time to time). However you decide to eat yours, enjoy!


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      Fudge Central starts with a thick core of soft chocolate fudge, surrounded with a perfect pairing of chunk-filled chocolate and vanilla ice creams for an intense combination that lets you customise each spoonful.

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