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Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream

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Brand: Ben & Jerrys / Type: Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      16.02.2010 16:46
      Very helpful



      Sweet creamy rich ice cream from who else but Ben & Jerry's

      I think that I have worked my way through most of the Ben & Jerry flavours however on my last trip to the supermarket I noticed yet another flavour of Ben & Jerry's..... Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream. Well of course I had to try it.

      ***What is it?***

      Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream is "Cheesecake flavoured Ice Cream with Cheesecake Brownie Chunks"

      The B & J's Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream comes in a 500ml cardboard ice cream tub with lid, very similar to the other products from the brand. The tub has a blue background with white clouds.
      On the front of the carton is the Ben & Jerry's logo and images marbled white and chocolate pieces of brownie.

      On the back of the tub there is a description about the Ben & Jerry's brand and company values

      A 500ml tub costs £3.98 in Asda and Tesco. This is very expensive. The supermarkets often have special offers on Ben & Jerry's products offering BOGOF offers or half price offers which still makes the ice creams relatively expensive but much better value for money and worth stocking up on.

      ***Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream***

      When you open the tub there is no real distinctive aroma, just a very sweet scent with a slight aroma of chocolate.

      The ice cream is a speckled creamy beige colour. Within the ice cream are pieces of chocolate brownie. These are a reasonable size but smaller than the pieces of brownie in the Chocolate Brownie Flavoured Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry's.

      The taste of the ice cream is delicious. It is not the most distinctive of cheesecake flavours but it does have a rich creamy sweet flavour which is very much like the soft cheese filling in a cheesecake. The ice cream is very creamy and smooth and has a very silky and thick consistency when it is in your mouth. The flavour is quite strong and I feel quite sickly.

      The pieces of Cheesecake Brownie chunks gives the ice cream a slightly more varied flavour. The brownie pieces are soft and chewy and have a very rich sweet chocolate flavour. This is a rich chocolate taste but not quite as strong as the brownie pieces in the chocolate brownie flavour. The chocolate brownie flavour and cheesecake ice cream combine well giving a sweet and creamy flavour but this is very sickly, therefore you do feel quite sick if you eat too large of a portion.

      **Nutritional Information**

      Per 100g serving

      240 calories
      4g protein
      26g carbohydrates
      24g sugar
      16g fat

      Suitable for vegetarians

      As you can see from the above information, this is not a healthy product but is a great treat every once in a while.


      I would definitely recommend Cheesecake Brownie ice cream to anyone who likes the richer, sweeter Ben & Jerry's flavours such as Phish Food and Chocolate Brownie. The ice cream has a very sweet rich cheesecake flavour and has delicious pieces of rich chocolately tasting brownie pieces in. This is sweet but maybe not quite as sweet and sickly and the Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Brownie flavour ice cream.

      Again like with other products from Ben & Jerry's this is not a product which is cheap at £3.98 per tub and also not so great for the waistline.

      But this is another great flavour from Ben & Jerry's, perfect for those that love rich creamy tasting chocolate cheesecake.


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        25.10.2009 16:20
        Very helpful



        Gorgeous ice cream

        I am on a bit of a mission at the moment to try as many flavours of Ben & Jerry's ice cream as possible whilst it is on offer at Morrisons at only £1.90 for a 500ml tub, which is around half the usual price.

        Unfortunately, Morrisons never seem to stock my favourite Strawberry Cheesecake flavour, so when I saw this Cheesecake Brownie flavour I thought it would be worth trying as an alternative.

        Cheesecake Brownie flavour is advertised as one of the 'newer' flavours, and comes in the usual distinctive Ben & Jerry's cardboard tub, with its appealing brightly coloured designs.

        On the front I am told this is 'Cheesecake Ice Cream with Cheesecake Brownie Chunks'.
        As well as being a lover of Cheesecake I am also partial to Chocolate Brownies, so this sounded really tempting.

        Ingredients :
        Cream, water, sugar, condensed skimmed milk, cream cheese, free range egg yolks, wheat flour, soybean oil, cocoa powder, natural flavourings, stabilisers, emulsifier, corn flour, vegetable oil and sugars.

        Not an E number in sight!

        Of course with an ice cream this good, the calories of course have to be the disadvantage, and one fifth of the tub will provide you with 240 calories, which I suppose is not too bad for a treat.
        The problem is trying to stop eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream once you start. I can quite easily devour half a tub if I am not careful (well the tub is only small!), and my daughter managed 3/4 of a tub last week - though she did feel a little sick afterwards!

        On opening the tub, the ice cream is always quite hard so I do like to leave it a couple of minutes until it begins to soften, before sticking my spoon in.

        The ice cream has a lovely smooth texture and as usual is the great quality you come to expect from Ben & Jerry's.

        Creamy in colour as well as texture, the ice cream does have a lovely taste which is reminiscent of cheesecake, but not as much as my favourite Strawberry Cheesecake flavour has. It is still lovely ice cream though.
        The brownie pieces I have to say are delicious and there are plenty of them swirled through the ice cream.

        I did manage to just eat one fifth of the tub as a treat and resisted the urge to carry on, so have made it last a few days.

        I would still rate a couple of the other flavours as my favourites but this is still a delicious ice cream, which I will buy again as I am currently stocking up on a few flavours whilst it is on offer. My freezer has a drawer full of different flavours right now!

        In my opinion no other ice cream lives up to Ben & Jerry's.

        It does also state on the packaging that Ben & Jerry's are supporting the Millenium Goals to end poverty, hunger and disease, which is good to see.
        Further information about this can be found at www.endpoverty2015.org/benjerry

        Get yourself to Morrisons whilst it's cheap!


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          14.09.2009 15:50
          Very helpful



          Tasty ice cream!

          Me and my friend had a stodgy munchy girly night the other night munchies, booze the lot. Now what would a stodgy munchy night be without Ben & Jerry's though right?

          I could not decide what flavour to try but I wanted to try something new so I got my friend to pick one for me - Cheesecake Brownie, sounded interesting.

          It came in the usual funky, trendy tub with Ben & Jerry's banner along the top. Cheesecake Brownie is stamped in the middle - and at the bottom it says Cheesecake Ice Cream with Cheesecake Brownie Chunks. Yum!

          Well to look at the ice cream was a bit of a disapointment - it was a creamy colour with specks of erm brown stuff innit. Woopeedoo!

          I dunked my spoon in - after I let it soften a little - and smoothed my lips over the ice cream, it was a bumpy yet tasty ride. As my lips glided it came across a funky cakey texture. Mmm brownie chunks, light, fluffy, sweet chunks of naughtyness scattered within this thick, creamy, smooth and sweet ice cream. I'm confused though - not that that's hard! I don't know what part of a cheesecake this ice cream is meant to taste like.

          I'm not complaining in the slightest as it is really tasty, it's sugary, it's naughty and different being everything you'd expect from Ben & Jerry's but it doesnt taste like a cheesecake topping, nor the biscuit base so I'm assuming it's the bit in the middle which is never anybodies favourite - Ben & Jerry had to be different and show off didn't they! Whatever part of the cheesecake it is it's very tasty and the cheesecake brownie chunks combine extremely well to compliment it's texture and flavour.

          The tub the ice cream comes in is the usual 500ml tub which costs roughly £3.99 in most supermarkets. The nutritional info given though is per 100ml. So here we go the dreaded nutritional info, well 100ml of this delicious ice cream contains;

          230 calories
          4g protein
          24g carbohydrate
          14g fat

          I have been extremely impressed with every flavour of Ben & Jerry's I've tried and this one has been no exception!


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