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Ben & Jerry's Fossil Fuel

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Brand: Ben & Jerrys / Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2008 15:59
      Very helpful



      Naughty but nice - another great flavour from B&J!

      Have you guessed yet you're not likely to find many reviews on healthy food from me?!

      Can I just say thank you to Asda who have just had an amazing offer on Ben and Jerrys, with all the flavours they stocked at £2 a tub. No not a mini tub, a proper full monty sized tub.

      Obviously I couldn't believe my eyes as they're usually closer to the £5 mark, so justified myself in buying three tubs - how can you choose between the delicious flavours?

      I bought my favourite Phish Food, Cookie Dough, always a winner, and not having tried Fossil Fuel, it looked my kind of icecream (and it has little dinosaurs - aww!).

      It's easy to spot in the freezer, as it's in the usual B&J tub, but it's bright yellow with pictures of chocolate dinosaurs on the front.

      I'm making a considered decision not to include nutritional information, because if you're going to eat it, you're better off not knowing the amount of calories concerned (trust me!)! However with 29% cream, safe to say it's not virtuous!

      Getting home from the shops Fossil Fuel was the first to be sampled (we managed to eat less than half a tub between us! quite a feat!).

      Looking at the open tub, the icecream is cream and light brown, with dark chocolate chunks and marbling.

      It is delicious, and may be my new favourite. It was sweet (as can be expected!), which can only be a good thing because with my more inclined to savoury tastes, there is only so much I can scoff! This means I don't end up finishing the whole tub and ingesting probably a weeks worth of calories!

      However it wasn't too sickly, and the chocolate had quite an unusual flavour.

      The taste is lovely and smooth, with crunchy rich chocolate dinosaurs and chocolate brownie pieces.My partner and I felt there was a delicate slightly nutty flavour every now and again which is strange as it doesn't seem to have any nuts in it (although it does say it may contain traces of nuts or peanuts - they all say that though don't they)!.

      All in all a really lovely B&J flavour, one of the best I've tried.


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        09.06.2006 23:14
        Very helpful



        A new variation from Ben & Jerry!

        I have always been an avid fan of Ben and Jerry's ice creams. How can anyone not be? Phish Food, Gerry Garcia, Caramel Chew Chew… the list goes on! I'm even more a fan when there are 2 tubs for £5 offers on in Tesco. So while Phil and I were shopping a few days ago, we noticed another such offer. Now, usually I'm fine with my favourite, Phish Food, but this time I thought I'd widen out my taste buds and see what else those two ice cream men had to offer me.

        ______ What's the Story…? ______

        Now who of you said 'Morning Glory' after reading that title? Hehe! Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are childhood friends that took an idea, about £8000 and a renovated petrol station in Burlington, Vermont and changed in into a multimillion dollar company. Now, this may put some people off their products by giving the impression that their ice creams are full of mass produced preservatives and other such junk.

        HOWEVER, Ben and Jerry's stress the importance of using natural ingredients in all their products. The cream used as a base for all their flavours is free from Bovine Growth Hormones which is used by some farmers to make the cow produce and lactate more milk, sometimes up to 40% more than is natural. Obviously I don't need to explain what's wrong with that.

        The containers and all other packaging are made from recycled, bleach-free paper and is from sustainable sources. Its strong enought wo withstand even the most enthusiastic of eaters! The company is exceptionally eco-friendly and as a brand it supports its customers to be the same.

        ______ What Does It Taste Like? ______

        Fossil Fuel is described as 'Sweet cream ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces, chocolatey dinosaurs & a fudge swirl'. Mmm, delicious! Now as with all Ben and Jerry's ice creams they're best eaten once the containers been left out for a while, that way the ice cream gets soft enough to dig your spoon in!

        Now, we're on an expedition, searching for dinosaurs. The ice cream is soft enough and we begin to dig. Sure enough after a few attempts we come across a brown, gooey fudgey river. Watch out! You don't wanna fall into that! After several attempts we overcome that obstacle and my, it was delicious! It leaves us with a sweet and creamy taste in our mouths, but enough of that, we won't have enough room in us to finish our expedition. We continue digging. The layers of this strange surface are cream with chocolatey brown fudge layers running through. The ice cream has a very creamy almost milky taste to it, it's very pleasant, maybe not as nice as some other 'expeditions' I've been on but not too bad to say the least.

        As we dig further we find our first dinosaur. Quick! Eat it before it eats us! Wow, that was a close one! The 'dinosaur' tastes just like the Phish from our Phish food trip. It's lovely chocolate but not as nice as Galaxy. I have a sneaky suspicion it may be dark chocolate but I can't quite tell whether that's because the ice cream is so sweet or because it is actually dark chocolate! All in all it was very nice, nice and crunchy and brittle! Oh look, there's another one! I ate that one this time and it is delicious, very nice!

        As we near the finish of our expedition we come across some gooey, soft lumps of something. Could it be dino poo? Or maybe a result of the brown layers we've been digging through? No, it's actually a cookie! As we take a bite we finish digging. The cookie is lovely, a compliment to all the other ingredients. It's very sweet and soft and squashy. The chocolate in this is very rich and I don't think I can have any more!

        As we come to the end of our expedition, I clear away my spoon and throw the carton in the recycling bin. I feel thoroughly chock-full and stuffed to the brim! A well planned and well executed mission, well done team!

        ______ My Thoughts ______

        The ice cream is lovely as always! It tasted a little sweeter than other ice creams I've tried but the chocolate does it justice. The dino pieces were perfectly proportioned, any less and I'd have felt cheated, any more and I'd have been sick! The cookie too was a lovely addition and complimented all the other ingredients. I felt it could have had a little more fudge sauce in there as that was my favourite bit, but apart from that… delicious!

        These ice creams can be bought from Tescos at about £3.75 per 500ml. As I said earlier, I only tend to buy them when they're on offer.

        All Ben and Jerry's products are suitable for vegetarians and the majority, if not all, are Kosher. They do contain eggs but as they are pasteurised so you can't contract salmonella from them.

        Per 100g it provides you with:

        280 calories
        17g fat
        11g saturated fat
        30g carbohydrates

        I can't wait for my next adventure!


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