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Ben & Jerry's Jamaican Me Crazy

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Brand: Ben & Jerry's / Type: Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      22.01.2010 08:38
      Very helpful



      An alternative fresh fruity frozen dessert from Ben & Jerry's

      I'm a huge Ben & Jerry's fan and love the ice cream and frozen yoghurt products, so I am always willing to try new flavours. However I was very surprised to a fruity sorbet within a range I usually associate with sweet sickly desserts therefore I decided to give Ben & Jerry's Jamaican Me Crazy a try.

      ***What is It?***

      Ben & Jerry's Jamaican Me Crazy is described as "Chunky Pineapple sorbet with a passion fruit swirl".

      The B & J's Jamaican Me Crazy Sorbet comes in a 500ml cardboard tub with lid, very similar to the other products from the brand. The tub is a bright orange colour.
      On the front of the carton is the Ben & Jerry's logo, and images of pineapple and passion fruit on the front of the carton.

      On the back of the tub there is a description about the Ben & Jerry's brand and company values.


      A 500ml tub costs £3.98 in Asda and Tesco. This is very expensive. The supermarkets often have special offers on Ben & Jerry's products offering BOGOF offers or half price offers which still makes the ice creams relatively expensive but much better value for money and worth stocking up on.

      ***Ben & Jerry's Jamaican Me Crazy***

      The scent when opening the pot is very fruity and the aroma is very much of pineapple.

      I was quite surprised to see that the sorbet is a very light off white/ yellowy colour. I was expecting it to be a very bright yellow colour based upon the bright packaging. Within the icy sorbet I could see darker veins of orange which was the passion fruit sauce.

      The sorbet came out of the tub very easily. The texture was just right, not too hard and icy but not too watery and mushy.

      The sorbet has a very fresh and fruity pineapple flavour. The pineapple flavour is strong but not overpowering or bitter like natural pineapple can be. The sorbet tastes sweeter like how tinned pineapple does yet is not overly sugary tasting and after swallowing leaves a fruity but clean and fresh taste in your mouth. There is a slight after taste of pineapple but this is only a very light taste. The passion fruit sauce within the sorbet is quite light, this has a sharper more tangy flavour than the pineapple so adds a little extra kick when you get a mouthful of sorbet and sauce in.

      **Nutritional Information**
      Per 100g serving

      110 calories
      27g carbohydrate
      25g sugar
      0g fat

      Suitable for vegetarians

      This is a lower fat and calorie dessert from the Ben & Jerry's range so for those watching their waistlines it may seem a more attractive choice. However although low fat and low calorie the sugar content is VERY high, therefore do not be fooled into thinking this is a completely "healthy" choice.


      Although this is not one of my favourite products from the Ben & Jerry's range I did quite like the sorbet and the flavour. This pineapple is very fresh and fruity and although sweet is not over powering; leaving a fresh clean feel to your mouth. This is great for those that like a dessert or something sweet but don't want a heavy rich dessert.

      The main downfalls of the Jamaican Me Crazy Dessert is the high sugar content and the price tag. At £3.98 this is an expensive dessert and not worth paying full price for; it is tasty but not particularly "special".

      If you are looking for something fresh and fruity give this a try, if it's rich sickly and indulgent then opt for a different Ben & Jerry's product; otherwise you will be VERY disappointed.


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        27.10.2009 10:15
        Very helpful



        Rather lacking in the rich and creamy department

        I've never actually tried anything in the Ben and Jerry's range before. I'm not sure why, possibly because of the price in the supermarkets compared to other brands or possibly down to the odd names of the flavours. Anyway, Boyfriend spotted that Morrison's had an offer on and that I discovered that the local shop were selling some flavours for 99p so we decided to take the plunge and sample some of them. The first one I'm trying is this sorbet.


        The sorbet comes in a paper pot which is predominantly orange in colour. The pot has pictures of some chunks of pineapple and passion fruit on the front. The pot tells us that it weighs 386g and contains 500ml of sorbet. The pot also lists the ingredients, nutritional information, contact details for "Ben & Jerry's UK pad" and the address of the website: www.benjerry.co.uk

        The ingredients for this flavour are: Water, Reconstituted Pineapple Juice (27%), Sugar, Pineapple Pieces, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Inulin, Tapioca Starch, Passionfruit Juice Concentrate, Stabilisers (pectin, locust bean gum), Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavouring, Colour: annatto.

        Nutritional Information per 100g {per 100ml in brackets}

        Energy kJ: 550kJ {470kJ}
        kcal: 130kcal {110kcal}
        Protein: 0.2g {0.1g}
        Carbohydrate: 32g {27g)
        of which total sugars: 30g {25g}
        Fat: 0g {0g}
        (of which saturates): 0g {0g}
        Fibre: 0.4g {0.4g}
        Sodium: 0g {0g}

        The sorbet:

        The pot describes the product as:- "Pineapple sorbet with pineapple pieces (6%) and a passion fruit sauce (9%).

        On opening the pot I can see that the sorbet just looks like an off-white mass of frozen mush. There's a small "puddle" of orange towards one edge of the pot which I'm presuming is some of the passion fruit sauce. It all looks a little bland and colourless and I'm hoping that it tastes better than it looks.


        At time of writing my local shop are selling various Ben and Jerry's flavours for 99p

        Taste and opinion:

        Sometimes when I'm reviewing food I'll have a look at some of the other reviews on here to say what they say. This is especially true if maybe one or two other people have tried the food I'm able to test. So, before opening my sorbet I read the only other review on here to see what collingwood21 had to say. What she'd written didn't fill me with confidence, but then I noticed that the nutritional values of some of the things in her review didn't match what was on the pot in front of me. I started to wonder whether Ben & Jerry have perhaps tinkered with this particular flavour in the past year or so.

        I found that my spoon slid into the sorbet with no particular issues at all. This was after it had been out of the freezer was around a minute so I'm wondering now whether this is down to the possibility that the recipe has been tinkered with or perhaps I have my freezer at a lower setting than collingwood21 has. Whatever the case, I had no problems whatsoever in spooning bits of the sorbet out. It was just me in the house so I ate directly from the pot using a teaspoon which presented no particular issues.

        As I said above, the sorbet does look a little bland and due to the fact that it's a very pale colour. Digging down further into it with my spoon I come across a few orange swirls which are no doubt the passion fruit sauce as well as a couple of chunks of pineapple. To be completely honest I can't say that I can taste the passion fruit sauce at all, not that I would know what it tasted like anyway because I've never tried passion fruit. I'm not sure whether this is due to the fact that there's too little of it in the sorbet, just 9% according to the description on the pot, or because the pineapple has a stronger flavour and the passion fruit is just overwhelmed by it.

        Without a doubt, the pineapple flavour is the most noticeable thing about this sorbet. That's not to say that it's an exceptionally strong flavour that really hits you in the face because it doesn't, but then it's not something so subtle that you're in danger of losing the taste altogether. To me the taste is a little reminiscent of tinned pineapples and the juice that they come in. It's quite sweet without being sickly but is unmistakably pineapple.

        Would I say that this sorbet was an indulgent experience? No, I wouldn't. It lacks a rich, creamy, more-ish taste so couldn't really be regarded as indulgent. What it does do fairly well is refresh and cleanse the palate so it would be an ideal thing to have as part of a dinner party rather than a sort of everyday dessert treat.

        In nutritional terms this scores exceptionally well on the fat front. It contains Inulin which increases calcium absorption and promotes the growth of intestinal bacteria. It is however fairly high in sugar.

        Overall I was quite happy with this product for 99p. As I said, I found that it cleansed my palate and that it was fairly refreshing. Paying £2 or £3 for it I would probably have felt fairly disappointed, especially if I'd have selected it to be some sort of treat, something to be eaten when watching a film etc. If you're looking for something more-ish and indulgent then this isn't the product for you.


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          27.08.2008 14:55
          Very helpful



          A sorbet so sweet it will make your teeth ache

          During the few days of hot weather we managed to get this year, I faced my usual summer dilemma. I was hot and wanted to cool down with a frozen dessert. I love ice cream. But ice cream is expensive, full of fat and generally not that good for you. So I look for a healthier alternative, and find that frozen yogurt (a good alternative, which I do enjoy) still hasn't taken off in this country, and sorbet is usually only available in flavours I am not all that keen on. This year, however, I discovered that the lovely people at Ben & Jerry's have produced some new sorbets in a range of interesting flavours; I have heard that there are three in all (although I think only two are currently available in the UK - naturally the nicest sounding flavour of strawberry kiwi has yet to make it to these shores), but my local Tesco had only one available - "Jamaican Me Crazy" (it is also available in Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Morrisons and Blockbusters). Over the years I have grown to really like Ben & Jerry's ice creams, and despite the expense of this product (£3.99 for a standard 391g/500ml tub) I thought it was worth a shot. "Jamaican Me Crazy" is described as pineapple sorbet with pineapple pieces and a passionfruit sauce - doesn't that sound like just the perfect thing for a summer's day? I certainly thought so, and as pineapples are one of my favourite fruits I simply had to try it and eagerly bought a tub.

          The following evening, I looked forward to trying out my new sorbet. Unfortunately, one of the big disadvantages of low fat frozen things is that they are very hard to serve; on removing my tub of sorbet from the freezer, it took ten agonizing minutes before the edges of the tub got soft enough to dig into with my spoon, and a further five before I could hack enough out into a bowl to be able to try it. As it defrosted, a faint pineappley scent began to rise from the sorbet and began to get my taste buds working as I looked forward to my juicy, summery dessert. The sorbet was surprisingly pale in colour; I would have expected something bright yellow, but the main body of it is actually white, with a pale yellow swirl of sauce running through it - the pineapple chunks are not visible (or at least not yet, I'll dig a little deeper to try and find some though!) The pineapple sorbet doesn't have the fresh, juicy taste of pineapples, which disappointed me - the nearest I can describe the flavour is the old pineapple chunk sweets I used to have as a kid, a quite sugary and synthetic tasting pineapple flavour. It is very sweet, quite sickly in fact, and leaves a quite strong sugary aftertaste in my mouth. Having located a pineapple chunk (more of a fleck, really), it is disappointingly stringy and chewy, and does nothing to alleviate the sweetness of the sorbet. The passionfruit sauce is much nicer, though. It is far less sweet than the pineapple bits of the sorbet and the taste is recognisably of real passionfruit, and actually quite moreish. When you eat the sorbet with the sauce swirl the taste becomes much more pleasant, a pleasingly tropical flavour and less noticeably sickly, but still a bit too sweet, and I couldn't eat all that much of it. Unfortunately, the sauce only makes up 9% of the sorbet as a whole, so it is very hard to get sauce in every spoonful.

          I'm sorry Ben & Jerry, but this sorbet wasn't a huge hit with me; it is OK, but I am not willing to pay £3.99 for something that is merely OK. I dismembered my tub very gradually, only eating the bits of sorbet that had passionfruit sauce running through them, and quite a large portion of my tub ended up in the bin. It is not like me to throw away food - much less dessert! - but I just couldn't manage to finish this stuff. If it was made with less sugar (and judging by the ingredient list and nutrition info, there is quite a lot of sugar in it) and more passionfruit sauce I think it would be a lot nicer, but as it stands I will not be buying another tub of "Jamaican Me Crazy" I'm afraid.

          A noble experiment in sorbet, but not recommended.

          Ingredients: Water, reconstituted pineapple juice, sugar solution, pineapple pieces, dry glucose-fructose syrup, passionfruit juice, inulin, tapioca starch, stabilisers, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavouring, colour.

          Nutrition (per 100g): 105kcal, 0g protein, 27.5g carbohydrate (of which 24g sugars), 0g fat, 0g sodium, 19 fibre, vitamin A (2% RDA), vitamin C (6% RDA).

          Website: www.benjerry.co.uk


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          Chunky pineapple sorbet with passion fruit swirls.

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