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Birds Chocolate Trifle Mix

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  • So easy to make
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    1 Review
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      25.10.2009 16:41
      Very helpful



      wouldn't buy again, was useless

      I attempted to make this trifle last week after my friend had purchased several of them from approved foods.

      After reading the instructions i decided to wait for a day when i didn't really have to do much cos it tkes a few hours to fully make.

      The bottom layer is made frm chocolate moose (as apposed to jelly like in a normal trifle). The moose was easy enough to make and after licking the spoon clean i learned that it tasted very yummy too. So i put it in the fridge to set for a while as instructed but i was waiting forever. After checking on it every so often i soon realised that this trifle wasn't going to be as easy as i first thought. Well eventually it came to bed and it still han't set so i thought i'd wait til the next day and without actually checking the moose had set (i just assumed it would have by then) i set to making the chocolate custard that makes up the second layer.

      Although the instructions for this needed to be read a couple of times, it wasn't actually as hard as it first looked. All as needed to be ade was some milk. Firstly you had to mix the powder with a bit of the milk allowance then heat the rest of the milk in a pan. After the milk was heated it was then to be added to the powder that was now a bit of gloop. The milk mixed quite well with the powder gloop so then i just had to return it to the heat til it was ready then leave to cool down. The custard kind looked a bit of a dull brwon compared to the lovely brown colour of the moose.

      An hour later the custard was cool enough to put ontop of the moose and i was glad to say that by then the moose had set - or so i thought. i started to pour the custard onto the moose and then realised that what i thought was a set moose was actually just a skin on top and it was still liquid underneath the skin. The result was a big gloopy mixture of cutard and moose that then had to be thrown way.

      I couldn't comment on the dream topping for the final layer because i never actually got that far.

      This is not a product i'd ever buy and am glad that this one didn't actually cost me anything


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