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Brooklea Low Fat Bio Yogurt Strawberry

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Brand: Brooklea / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2009 19:37
      Very helpful



      It wasn't awful but I won't bother again

      I recently visited our local branch of Aldi intending to buy some of the much advertised fruit at 49p. Sadly despite all the adverts they didn't actually have any stock of the fruit but I decided to take a look round anyway.

      In the chiller I saw some Brooklea Low Fat Bio Yoghurt with Wholegrains at a cost of 49p for a pot containing 250g of yoghurt. Now I love the Onken Wholegrain yoghurt so I decided to try this. I didn't expect it to be as good as Onken for 49p but I thought it was worth a try so I chose the strawberry one.

      For comparison a pot of Muller Light Yoghurt containing 200g currently costs 59p and The Onken Wholegrain Strawberry one costs £1.21 for 500g. So gram for gram the Brooklea one isn't that much cheaper - 50g would be about 10p whereas 50g of Muller would be about 15p and 50g of Onken would be about 12p.

      The yoghurt comes in the large wide plastic pots that I now associate with Muller Light, although this one doesn't have the annoying ridge in the bottom making it so difficult to get the last bit of yoghurt out!

      The foil lid has the name of the yoghurt and a picture of strawberries and ears of some kind of grain together with the standard nutritional information expressed as a percentage of the guideline daily amount needed by an average adult.

      The front of the plastic pot has the same picture and name of the yoghurt and the back has a full list of ingredients plus full nutritional and allergy information.

      I peeled back the lid and the smell of strawberries wafted up. The yoghurt is a creamy pink sort of colour with very small pieces of strawberries and some grains evident in it.

      The consistency of the yoghurt wasn't as creamy as I like but then at 49p for 250g I wasn't really expecting it to be. The taste wasn't as nice as I would have hoped but it wasn't unpleasant and it was certainly edible. The grains were nice and chewy and the strawberry taste was there, if a little subdued!

      If you take a look at the list of ingredients on the back of the pot it will be quite obvious why the taste isn't pure strawberry and grain. The list of additives is quite extensive although I they appear to be natural in origin.

      The nutritional values per 250g pot are as follows and I have put the corresponding values for Onken in brackets for comparison purposes:

      Calories 171 (284)
      Protein 12.8g (10.4g)
      Carbohydrates 21.5g (43.6g)
      Of which sugars 17.3g (38g)
      Fat 3.8g (7.2g)
      Of which saturates 2g (4.8g)
      Fibre 4.3g (1.2g)
      Salt 0.6g (0.6g)

      Incidentally each pot contains 19% of the adult recommended daily allowance of sugar!

      So now we have a direct comparison I would still have to say that I would rather go for the Onken one as a very occasional treat rather than buy the Brooklea one. As I said it wasn't horrible or anything I just don't think the lower price justifies the reduction in taste even though the calorie, sugar and fat value are healthier in Brooklea than Onken.

      Since the pot is plastic and the lid is foil the whole container can be recycled so that is certainly a fact in its favour.

      Having said all that I shall stick to Muller Light as my everyday choice with Onken as a special treat!


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