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Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunks Dessert

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2009 00:42
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      This product almost put me off Cadbury's

      I don't usually eat this type of dessert but I saw one in my local Tesco reduced to 20p from 67p, I was hungry so I thought I would try something different.
      I wish I hadn't.

      The packaging on Cadbury's products always catch my eye with the pleasing purple wrapper or pot with white writing. And when I see the flowing Cadbur's writing I know I am getting a decently quality product.
      This pot is no different. A typically sized yoghurt-style pot in purple with white writing.
      All the typical information is on the lid for ease to read. Best Before date, which on my product was the day after but usually stay fresh for a few days after that and some nutritional information. On the side of the pot is the detailed ingredients.

      Nutritional Information
      This is all per 100g and the pot is a 90g pot
      250 calories (eeek)
      13.5g fat
      It doesn't tell me how much saturated fat is in the product though and this is the thing I usually look out for the most as, personally, calories don't bother me. It is, however, a very fattening product so it wouldn't be something I would ever let a child eat, even as a treat.

      The product itself is like a Muller Corner where you have the two sections. The larger section in this being like a chocolate yoghurt and the smaller sections full of chunks like a cut up flake bar. You tip the contents of the smaller tub into the larger one and mix.
      The chocolate yoghurt looks and smells just likecold, melted chocolate but tastes foul. The consistancy is gloopy and almost feels like it is going to stick in your mouth.
      The chocolate chunks are pleasant to eat on their own but when mixed with the chocolate yoghurt part it is not a nice experience.
      The chocolate yoghurt disappears down your throat very quickly and your left with gloopy covered very chocolaty chunks and it becomes very sickly very quickly.

      I would never pay even a reduced price for this dessert again, I would rather stick with a different product.
      Not to be eaten if your dieting as you would regret it later and it would take you a while to burn off the sheer amount of calories.
      Stick to the Muller Yoghurts as they are far tastier, healthier and better priced.


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        03.11.2009 10:48
        Very helpful



        A delicious treat

        Never go shopping when you're hungry, isn't that what they say? Well the other night I was starving after a day at work, but I needed a few things from the supermarket. I made a list, thinking this might keep me on track, but alas, when I came to 'yoghurts', instead of getting Muller Lights or even a nice low-calorie (still dieting) chocolate mousse - I spied the Cadbury's Twin Pot range - on offer. Into the basket they went, one of each variety - Buttons, Dairy Milk, Flake and Wispa. It was only when I got them home and looked a little more closely that I realised just how much more calorific they are than other yoghurts. Oh well, I'd bought them so I can't waste them!

        This morning I'm sampling the Dairy Milk Chunks dessert. The Dairy Milk Chunks Twin Pot comes, like all varieties, in a round Cadbury Purple pot with two sections - a large section containing the chocolate yoghurt dessert and a smaller one containing a helping of small Dairy Milk Chunks. The lid is very much like the classic packaging of the Dairy Milk bar - all Cadbury Purple, with a white Dairy Milk banner, and an image of some of the dessert and a few Dairy Milk Chunks on a spoon.

        Again, as with the other varieties, I didn't find this dessert smells particularly strongly, but I was again impressed by the strong chocolate taste of the yoghurt. It is really thick, smooth and creamy - much better quality than other chocolate yoghurts and mousses on the market. It tastes really chocolatey but without the bitterness of cocoa, an absolute pleasure. In fact so rich was the yoghurt, that the chocolate pieces actually seemed quite bland in comparison, though the different texture was welcome.

        The Dairy Milk 'Chunks' were disappointingly small, the word chunk to me suggests something quite substantial but these were only about half a centimetre square. I was also dismayed to find that they were not shaped like pieces of Dairy Milk, with a Cadbury imprint on the top of each one - these looked very much like the mis-shapes or offcuts from the Dairy Milk production line. There was a good ratio of chocolate chunks to yoghurt though so I found there was at least one or two on each spoonful. I found the yoghurt overall rather small and not particularly satisfying or filling as a snack - there are a fair few 'empty calories' in this! - so this is definitely one to have as a dessert rather than a snack. That said though, I think if this were any bigger it would start to get too sickly and overpowering.

        Each 90g pot contains around 225 calories - pretty hefty for a mid-morning snack and more than a tenth of the recommended daily intake for a woman - and, interestingly, only 20 or so calories less than in a Dairy Milk bar itself; and 12g of fat which is again pretty high for a yoghurt-type snack. Contains gelatine so not suitable for vegetarians, and may contain traces of nuts.

        Cadbury's Twin Pots normally retail for around 65p each, which I think is pretty high for this type of snack, but I got 4 for £2.50. Doing my maths in the cold light of day though, I've only saved 10p overall ... see, never go shopping on an empty stomach!!

        Overall then, although this really is a delicious and very high quality dessert, due to the calorie and fat content and the relatively high price, definitely one to save for treats.


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