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Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Cone

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2009 18:02
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      Fab for a treat

      I've seen these Ice Cream cones quite a few times while shopping, but at £2.49 for 4 cones, I thought they were a bit pricey. After a bad day last week I succumbed and bought a box and I'm glad I did!

      When I took the first cone out of the box it was like a little piece of heaven! The cone itself was really thick and textured, with an almost biscuity flavour. The inside of the cone is coated in a thick layer of chocolate and is extremely tasty. Normally I leave the cone as I find it too dry, but I ate this all.

      The Ice Cream, rather than being all mint flavour, is mint and chocolate. I really like this as sometimes I find mint to be a bit overpowering having an almost bitter, metallic taste. This had none of that. It was light and creamy and the mint/chocolate combo complemented each other perfectly. Another thing I liked was that ice cream was packed inside the cone. To me this showed good quality that you just don't get from cheaper brands. The top of the cone is decorated with chocolate sprinkles.

      For those of you that don't want to know exactly how many calories you will be consuming, look away now! Each 115ml cone contains 190kcal and 8.8g of fat, which actually isn't TOO bad and a lot less than I thought it would be! I must admit I didn't check the calorie content before eating in case it spoiled it for me!

      These are ideal for a treat, but due to the high price I wouldn't buy them regularly. Having said that if it was a choice between these and four cones from an Ice Cream Van I would say these are a complete bargain!


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        13.08.2007 10:34
        Very helpful



        Great as a private indulgence! Maybe a bit too pricey to share!

        Ice cream is not a constant on my shopping list but now and then I like to treat myself and when I saw these on a “ buy one, get one free” offer at Tesco Online, somehow my wayward and uncontrollable mouse finger clicked two packs into to my basket. When I consumed number one cone, a few minutes after I had cleared away my online delivery, I decided my index finger had made a good decision!

        ***Fredericks Dairies***

        I was surprised to learn that these are manufactured not by Cadbury but by Frederick Dairies under a Cadbury’s licence. Founded in 1896 by Antonio Federici when he arrived in England from Italy and began selling ice cream from pony and handcarts, this is still a family run concern under the directorship of two of Antonio’s grandsons, Frank and Philip. They acquired the Cadbury licence in 1999 followed by a similar arrangement with Del Monte in 2003 and, most recently, in 2007, with Chicago Town.

        It is a surprisingly small concern with only some 300 employees working from its factories in Skelmersdale and Simonswood, Liverpool, but, apparently, it is the largest UK independent manufacturer. It is also the only British member of the International Ice Cream Consortium, an organization of independent ice cream manufacturers worldwide, which aims to pool research and development, marketing and technology resources in order to rival the large corporations in this field, Unilever, Mars and Nestle. This has to be a recommendation in my book even if Cadbury Schweppes are not exactly small fry and have an interest here!

        ***Nutrition and Allergy Information***

        I think the product falls down in this area as most of us want to know what we are eating these days. This information is given on the box but much of it in very small print in an ingredients list. There are only two clearly signposted nutritional information boxes. The first is “Nutrition Facts” which states that each 115g cone contains 185 calories (less than I would have thought), 2.8g Protein, 24.6g carbohydrate and 8.5g fat (presumably those bad saturated fats!). Salt is noted on the ingredients list but no amount is given to help us ensure we are sticking to our 6g per day. The second unlabelled box gives allergy information merely informing that the product “may contain traces of peanuts and nut”. However the ingredient list contains wheat flour and milk both of which should, surely, be included as potential allergens.

        The ingredient minutiae also includes a fair crop of E numbers. I am not a nutritionist and realise that not all E number products are bad for you but they do alarm some people and rightly so especially when considering the nutrition of our children. I therefore checked them out and found that most seem reasonably innocuous but one, namely E153, a colourant named as carbon black, is banned as a food additive in the USA because it is a suspected carcinogenic agent although it is thought that this finding might have been due to the presence of impurities. For those with a better understanding of Es, the others used are emulsifiers, E442, E471 and E476, stabilisers E410, E 412 and E407 and one other colourant, E141.

        This product has a tick as suitable for vegetarians. Coincidentally my researches on the E numbers yielded a warning to non carnivores that E442 and E476 “can be obtained as a by product of making soap from animal and vegetable fats”. Hopefully Fredericks Dairies source them from vegetarian friendly suppliers.

        ***The Presentation and The Experience***

        These come in fours in an attractive box with the familiar purple Cadbury background and a much larger than life cone bursting from a peppermint green band positively shrieking, “eat me and enjoy!” Each cone is wrapped in tough, cone shaped foil topped (echoing the colour scheme on the box) with a plastic, see-through ‘dome’ which protects the ice cream arrangement protruding from the cone. Certainly the wrapping seems to keep the contents crisp and in tact.

        As I took my first bite I lounged back on my most comfy settee, tucked any lingering nutritional concerns into my ‘ignore box’ and realised this was going to be sensual experience! The cone is crisp and biscuit like bearing no similarity to the cardboard wafer monstrosities which used to play host to our ice cream and it is lined with a thin but satisfying layer of chocolate from the top right down to the pointed end. Cadbury’s has always been my favourite chocolate. I think I was hooked young when Cadbury used to run regular competitions in schools inviting pupils to submit projects about chocolate production. Seemingly all who entered received little packs of neopolitan size dairy milk chocolates and these were highly prized! I even prefer Cadbury’s to the best quality Belgian chocolates as I find it less sweet and of a creamier consistency. This certainly has the distinctive Cadbury milk flavour and consistency.

        The light brown chocolate and subtle green peppermint ice cream is packed tightly in whirls throughout the cone and emerges from the top in a final domed flourish topped with decorative chocolate swirls. The flavour of the chocolate and peppermint complement each perfectly for, after all, it is a tried and tested flavour combination. As it comes out of the freezer, the ice cream is quite firm. Gentler souls with more finesse might like to lick it slowly whilst the ice cream slowly melts. I just like to bite into it savouring the flavours as they disperse and mingle, with the mint predominating but not overpowering, leaving my mouth feeling fresh. The ice cream is top quality and very creamy but there is no hint of the cloying aftertaste which some cream products can leave behind. I just can’t fault this product on taste and texture throughout – a totally self indulgent treat!

        After I finished this small transport of delight I was in contemplative mood. Scientists tell us that chocolate works on the brain releasing serotonin which produces feelings of well-being akin to feelings of being loved whilst ice cream reportedly lights up the same pleasure centre in the brain as winning money or listening to your favourite music. Studies reveal that 50% of women say they prefer chocolate to sex so a chocolate lined ice cream filled cone should certainly rank high in many girls’ listings of their best friends! To avoid being sexist they might even work for boys too! Reassured that this had done me a power of good, I threw away the calorie counter and pigged out on a second. For the next couple of hours I felt distinctly bloated and slightly nauseous – so much for peppermint’s reputed qualities as an aid to digestion - this was a step too far resulting in me suffering my just deserts!

        ***Price & Availability***

        The bad news is that, at £2.49 for four 115g cones (460 g total) , these may well be the most expensive of their type on the market. Walls Cornettos are larger at 135g per cone and a pack of six (560g total) retails at between £1.79 (Asda) and £1.85 (Ocado). For just £1 you can purchase Asda’s own brand of four cones of exactly the same weight (460g) or Tesco’s own brand of six 100g cones. Availability may also be limited because, of the four major grocery sites I checked, only Tesco stock this variety although Sainsbury have some of the other flavours in the range. Therefore, if you want to sample these delights, take advantage of the Tesco BOGOF deal on these before it ends on 28th August.

        ***The Verdict***

        Although these seem a little overpriced, I consider you are paying for quality as they are tastier, creamier and better filled than other brands I have sampled. Whether they are worth the additional cost is difficult to say. Maybe the extra expenditure can be justified as an occasional personal indulgence but, when called on to feed “the masses”, the cheaper varieties would be perfectly acceptable! I shall definitely be stocking up from Tesco and on the look out for future special offers. After all we all deserve a treat once in a while and more often when the price is right but in future I must remember to enjoy such pleasures in moderation!

        The Range
        Other flavours available are Flake 99 Classic, Flake 99 Raspberry, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Orange and Fudge. The Fudge variety is also on the special BOGOF offer at Tesco.


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      • Product Details

        Feeling minty? Try this crisp wafer cone lined with real Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, filled with milk chocolate and mint ice cream, then topped with lots of Cadbury chocolate curls.

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