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Cadbury's Creme Egg Cone

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Type: Sorbets & Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      10.03.2013 13:22
      Very helpful



      Think of it as a creme egg...with half the chocolate shell.

      After a meal I often like to finish it off with a nice ice-cream to 'cleanse' the palette as very often do the rest of my family. I usually opt for supermarkets own brand ice-creams instead of branded as they are so expensive these days, and we go through about two boxes a week! However, one of my favourite chocolate treats is Cadbury's crème egg and as I was just about to reach the checkout I noticed Cadbury's crème egg ice cream cones on offer and with it being Easter soon as well I thought I'd get into the spirit of things and treat myself and my family to a different ice-cream.

      ~ Price & Availability ~
      Cadbury's crème egg ice cream cones are currently available to buy in a box of 4 at Asda for £1.50 (on offer) and Tesco's for £2.00, according to mysupermarket.com Sainsbury's or Waitrose do not currently stock them. I bought mine from Asda which worked out at just over 37p a cone! However, they are more expensive even on offer than my usual choice of Asda's or Tesco's own brand 4 pack of ice creams for £1.00, but you can't expect a bargain like that from Cadbury's!

      Cadbury's crème egg ice cream cones come in a red cardboard box with a purple 'whirl' on the front as the base design. On top of this is a picture of one of the ice cream cones, which is completely different to the one dooyoo is showing, so I can only imagine Cadbury's have since re-vamped their crème egg ice cream although I think I'd prefer the older ones as you'll see later . The ice cream shown on the front of the box doesn't have a chocolate shell like the cream egg, it has chocolate buttons dotted over the top and is then swirled with the crème egg filling. Above this is the traditional crème egg 'splat' logo with the purple Cadbury's logo inside. Towards the bottom of the front of the box the words 'whirled the goo' are written in large, bold yellow lettering. The back and one long side and one short side of the box follow the same design.

      One short side of the box gives you a full nutritional information table, product description of 'crisp wafer cone filled with vanilla flavour ice cream and fondant sauce topped with milk chocolate pieces', and tells you how much is in the box; 4 x 100ml. The longer side gives you a repeat of this with added storage instructions and Cadbury's customer services contact details.

      ~ Appearance, taste & Texture ~
      Opening the box I was surprised to find 4 colourfully wrapped cones with a design similar to the box, which makes a change from the plain silver wrappers. The cones themselves look very majestic, they are the average ice cream cone size with a nice golden waffle cone, creamy looking ice-cream, golden fondant swirls and dotted with little Cadbury's chocolate buttons for the final crème egg touch. The vanilla ice cream is of good quality and has just the right amount of vanilla flavour as to not overpower the crème egg experience. It also goes all the way down the cone which makes a change from having to finish a dry cone by its self. The crème egg filling or fondant as Cadbury describes it is plentiful and is swirled throughout the whole ice cream with a big blob as you come to the top of the cone which gives you a very sweet, sugary hit - just as the crème egg does. The chocolate pieces or buttons are unmistakably cadbury's, because although they're quite sparse they are rich, sweet, and milky just like a bar of Cadburys dairy milk. The waffle cone is actually rather nice too, with a nice bite to it to compliment the richness of the ice-cream and its toppings. One thing was majorly missing for me though and my family commented on it too. As far as I'm aware a cadbury's crème egg has a crisp, thick shell of chocolate surrounding it, right? Well, the only chocolate I could find were a few buttons a sparse strip around the top of the cone and the tiniest chunk in the bottom of the cone. Couldn't cadbury's have atleast filled the bottom of the cone with more chocolate or lined it with a thin layer, it would have seriously made a huge difference and given this ice cream the edge it needed!

      ~ Other information ~
      Each cone contains; 155 calories, 15.7g of sugar, 5.6g of fat, 4.7g of saturates and 0.07g of salt. Not surprisingly these aren't good for you, the calorie front isn't too bad but the sugar content is high and the saturates are ludicrous, 23.6 % of your GDA from an ice cream?!

      Contains: Milk, wheat, soya and may contain nuts.

      ~ Overall opinion ~
      I really wish I had been able to try the older version of these Cadbury crème egg cones as they look just the ticket with their chocolate shell surrounding the ice cream and gooey goodness! However, I can't say that these are a bad product because they're not in my opinion, I think they are delicious but you do need a very big sweet tooth to handle them, just as you do the crème egg. Other people in my family gave mixed reviews on these, my husband thought the texture of the frozen goo was a little weird and my children were disappointed at the lack of chocolate in the bottom of the cone.

      Overall, I would recommend this product and I will be buying these again for a treat as they do satisfy that need for something sweet and cold but they offer that something different from your average ice cream cone.


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      27.07.2009 12:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Suprisingly nice!

      I am a huge fan of Cadburys confectionary products. I love almost everything I try, and anything that has Cadbury's dairy milk in seems to be a winning product for me! Out of all the Cadbury's products cream egg is my least favorite. Thats not to say I dont like it, just that I like all the other products so much that this one is not quite as good. The reason I am not a huge fan of Cadbury's cream eggs is because I find them too sickly. I was hoping that combined with the wafer and ice cream this effect would be neutralised out a bit.

      The ice creams come in a multipack, four of them in a cardboard box. This is great because it is then recyclable. Within the box are individually light wrapped (by which I mean I wouldn't store them out of the box inside the freezer as they are not completely sealed). The ice creams are based in a wafer cone (which makes it easier to hold that some of the stick cadburys ice creams I have tried). The cone is filled with creamy dairy ice cream. The top is a round bit covered in chocolate and when you bite into it appears to be like an egg, with a creamy cream egg yolk in the middle. I have to say it does look a bit bizarre when you bite into it.

      The cream egg ice cream is a pretty wierd taste combination. You have the wafer on the cone, the ice cream and the cream egg centre. They actually go together quite well, surprisingly. This will never be my favorite ice cream as it cannot compete with caramel in my eyes, but it is much less sickly than the cream egg itself. One other thing that is worth mentioning, is that the chocolate covering is very generous. This is typical of Cadburys but you rarely see it with other brands.


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        15.05.2007 16:07
        Very helpful



        They were right to dump the cone for a stick.

        On a sunny morning what better excuse is there to consume a chocolate covered ice cream on a stick than for a Dooyoo review, and with Easter closing in on us the adverts for Creme Egg are starting to cover our television sets, it's not unusual to find myself eating a Creme Egg ice cream. What will be my way of eating it?

        Well a pretty simple way, as it comes in an easy to open plastic wrapper like any ice cream you buy either singular or in a bulk pack. My mum actually bought the pack of 3 that you can get them in, with an easy to open box although somehow it has been opened at the end opposide to the one saying 'OPEN HERE' as per usual. When opening the wrapper if you get your nose in you will notice that there is quite a strong smell of chocolate being contained in there, always a good sign but you wouldn't expect anything less from the quality chocolate of Cadbury's.

        It's the worst if you open the packet at the wrong end on ice creams, that's why I always check for what side the stick is on before I open the packet. Still though, I receive chocolate fingers even after my troubles because some how on a lot of occassions they seem to have got chocolate down the stick! Clumsey machines or just storing somewhere not cool enough so it's started to melt? Well everything else in my freezer is fine so it must be Cadbury's fault. The stick is a very typical ice cream stick, wooden with Cadbury written on it and if you bite it in your mouth you are likely to get splinters.

        The ice cream itself I wouldn't say is as big as you may expect. I mean products always exaggarate their size by putting them in massive packaging that only gets 50% filled, but the Creme Egg ice cream isn't even as big as the Dairy Milk ice cream. The shape also comes in very rounded up the top, giving it a sort of ace of spades type shape. You will notice as well for the most part the chocolate is smoothed out around the sides, although there is the odd excess and also the chocolate covering seems to come out in the middle - that's where the 'yolk' part of the ice cream is.

        I didn't follow Cadbury's ice cream at all, but when I experienced their Dairy Milk ice cream I was surprised. The ice cream included genuinely tasted as though you'd just got it from a professional parlour, although I'm not sure if it's just the way ASDA keep their ice creams compared to Tesco, or if I'd just started to get bored of it, but when my mum brought a box back from ASDA the ice cream felt less personal and more just the typical stuff you could eat out of a tub. Luckily for me so far I've only had Creme Egg ice creams from Tesco and the ice cream is just as creamy as you would hope it to be. The chocolate hasn't been spared either and it tastes like Cadbury's have covered it with their grade A stuff, and I'm not a big chocolate eater. One of my favourite chocolates is Nestle's Double Cream, now if they made an ice cream - MMMM!

        The first bite is easy to get into, and unlike other ice creams like Magnum, it won't send shockwaves through the product causing all the rest of the chocolate to fall apart and crumble off the stick. When you get your first glimpse of the 'yolk' (well it's orange) you don't really know what to expect. You know it's nice in normal Creme Egg's, but it's never been easy to put your finger on what it actually tastes like - so what is a frozen version going to taste like? Well the yolk has always been the best part of an egg for me, lets hope Cadbury's doesn't let the side down here.

        Honestly, I couldn't tell you what it tastes like, but an attempt to recreate the taste of a non-frozen Creme Egg doesn't work here on me. You have to use your imagination to think you're eating one, other than that it's just a chocolate covered ice cream with something that's orange and then slightly more orange in places in the middle. The middle yolky part is also more icey on occassions, so it can be harder to sink your teeth into than the rest of the products. I suppose this depends on how your freezers set, and you would expect the middle of something frozen to be colder than the rest, but whatever the yolk is made of seems to be thicker and harder to defrost.

        The slogan for Creme Egg has always been to the subject of how will you eat it, and the lolly is no different. Will you take bites with all three layers of chocolate, ice cream and yolk? That's how I tend to do it, but I'm sure there's people that will eat away the chocolate around the sides and then have the centre parts, maybe eating layer by layer. The actual packaging of the ice cream doesn't carry any of these slogans, although on the box it does say 'Real Cadbury Pleasure'. Like anyones going to forget who makes Creme Egg.

        It won't take long for you to hit the stick and you will know your experience is nearly over. The product isn't at all messy although it's yet to be judged on a boiling hot Summers day by the seaside, where perhaps all three layers of that dripping down could be a bit much. It's not really intended for Summer though, more Easter, although who knows what the Easter holidays weather is going to be like. It's been almost beautiful this week, although next week there's rumours of snow?? Oh dear. Everything in the product does go down smoothly, and I haven't experienced or heard any horror stories of people chomping on pieces of metal.

        As I said that there was a nice smell of chocolate upon opening the product, that seems to have faded away by this point in the consumption and it doesn't really smell of anything. It's all a bit plain. But I'm not a big chocolate smelling judge. Cadbury's have been quite generous with the amount of 'yolk', although I'm not entirely sure that it's not just ice cream with colour dye on it. The centre will see you right until the end, because as you eat the colour seems to be coming down with the rest of the ice cream making for a grand finale of most of the layers.

        The chocolate that folds round at the bottom of the ice cream was always going to be difficult to eat, and this can perhaps be the messiest part of eating it. You can either try and bite away at each side, hoping you'll get it all and none will fall on the white carpet, or you could do a 'swab' technique and put the stick down your throat to try and get all the remaining chocolate off. I think it's pretty much mission impossible to get all the chocolate off though, as some will remain, if only faintly.

        Overall Cadbury's have created a product that looks as Creme Egg-esque as they could, and there is a chocolate after taste but it's no Creme Egg on after taste or as an overall product. I know which I'd rather receive as a chocolately Easter present. There was no drippage in my situation, although I'm a 17 year old so I would hope there wouldn't be, children may find it more difficult to eat it over a bowl. The product is for anyone who likes Creme Egg's or chocolate of any age however.

        How much damage is it going to do to you nutritionally wise? Well per stick...

        Energy 840 kJ/200 kcal
        Protein 28g
        Carbohydrate 20.5g
        (of which sugars) 19.1g
        Fat 11.9g
        (of which saturates) 6.8g
        Fibre Trace
        Sodium 0.1g

        And the ingrediants are; Partially reconstituted dried skimmed milk, Milk chocolate (31%) (Milk, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Vegetable fat, Emulsifiers (E442, E476, Flavourings), Sugar, Fondant sauce (5%) (Sugar, Glucose syrup, Invert sugar, Dextrose, Flavouring, Colour (E160a), Stabilisers (Pectin, E410, E412)), Vegetable oil, Dextrose, Dried milk protein, Emulsifier (E471), Flavouring, Colours (Curcumin, E160b), Stabilisers (E410, E412, E407), Dried buttermilk.

        The best before date reads January 2010, so that's what, nearly 3 years? Although under the storage header it says you should consume within 3 months, and there it also says the obvious about keeping it frozen at -18C. It would be harder to miss this product if you were looking for it, because it's so in your face with the colours and the 'Creme Egg' title splattered on and there is a picture of a half eaten ice cream that seems to have some sort of glow behind it. I'm not quite sure what that's about! Although whilst this product would be easy to notice in the shops, I would only recommend it as something different, not a way of life.


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