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Cadbury's Flake Icecream

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Type: Sorbets & Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      22.07.2009 09:27
      Very helpful



      Get when on offer!

      I am a huge fan of cadburys confectionary products, in my opinion nothing else even comes close. They are the market leader in most brands that they try. Cadburys dairy milk has a fantastic taste and anything that incorperates that seems to taste great. Ihad recently tried Cadbury's dairy milk ice cream and loved it and so this was the next natural progression.

      I have to admit, very shamefully that I waited until these were on special offer. I'd like to think that this isnt because I am penny pinching, but these products are quite expensive for the amount you get. As soon as they came up promoted at Tescos, I jumped at the chance of getting them.

      The flake ice creams come in multipacks on cornetto style ice creams. In a cardboard box, which I am pleased to say is recyclable. They are also packaged individually within the box to keep them fresh. This is great as I often take things out of the box to pack in my freezer to save on space.

      The ice creams come in a cone with a peel off lid. The have creamy cadburys ice cream on thop with a generous helping of flake in. The vanilla style ice cream goes well with the chocolatey flake to give a great taste and texture combination.

      The only downside to these is they are small and get eaten far to quickly! Oh and watch out for the price and calories!


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      11.10.2005 12:12
      Very helpful



      Cool, refreshing and how would you eat yours?

      Firstly I have to mention that I assume the Dooyoo pic above is the original as they now make these in 'cornetto' form.

      In our house we are not HUGE lovers of lollies or ice-creams so a box of 12 whatever can sit in our freezer for months. However, it is nice to have something in there for the (hopefully) hot and lazy summer days that doesn’t require us to ‘have’ to eat them. On a recent shopping trip I came across:


      The box of these 4 ‘cornetto’ shape cones comes in the traditional Cadbury Flake colours of yellow and purple, with a picture of said cone on the outside of the box. The box states "Real Cadbury Pleasure" and describes these as " Vanilla flavour ice-cream with a milk chocolate flake". Now whilst there is a picture of the cone on the box this description does not actually state that these are a cone.

      Each of these 4 cones is 125ml and the best before date is June 2006 so a long shelf life in that respect.

      The back of the box is split between the origins of the Flake 99 ice-cream cones (which I shall not bother to copy but can be found at the address at the end of this review) and the usual list of ingredients/nutritional information and storage instructions.


      Well Cadburys tell us they ARE suitable for vegetarians. However, despite the obvious that these will contain some milk product there is NO advice about whether suitable for allergy sufferers. I do think that all products should state one way or another be it obvious or not.

      Some of the ingredients listed are Reconstituted Buttermilk, Milk Chocolate, Wheat Flour, and Dried Whey so if you do have an allergy PLEASE check the full list.

      Each cone contains 240 calories so quite good compared to a chocolate bar.


      Pretty standard cornetto type cone really, the tear off paper wrapping complete with with plastic cap to protect the very yummy flake log which has been delicately placed in the top.

      The cone is quite a dark brown with the standard waffle weave pattern. An inch or so of ice cream sits on top of the cone (as well as all the way through) with a few delicate chocolate curls nestling in the top around that flake.

      Now to me there are 2 types of vanilla ice cream. The ‘whiter’ coloured vanilla and the ‘yellowy’ coloured vanilla. I’m sure you all know what I mean! This has not been made with cream as its the whiter vanilla and has a more thinner consisitency.


      Ok, I may struggle to find the right descriptions and words here but on my first bite and my teeth glide through the ice cream. Its texture is very smooth and immediately melts in my mouth. No chance of it making the roof of my mouth that cold that I have to shift the ‘blob’ to another part of my mouth as its melted in a flash. Disappointingly its quite bland, no real vanilla taste. In fact there is no taste to it at all. Its just cold and wet!

      Another bite that includes a few chocolate curls. This is much better. The chocolate has a slight crunch to it and the smooth milk chocolate taste makes you forget about the blandness of the ice cream. Quite good really because your tongue doesn’t have to share that chocolate taste with anything else!

      A few more bites and I get to the biscuit cone. This turns out to be even more enjoyable. The biscuit is sweet, not overpoweringly so and does crunch, akin to eating a one of those biscuit ‘rolls’ you get with a coffee. (I was concerned that maybe half way through the biscuit may become a little softer due to the temperature of the ice cream inside rising, but this was not the case)

      The texture of the cone along with the smoothness of the ice cream compliment one another very well and along with a bite of the flake (I could never describe the taste well enough to do it justice but I’m pretty sure you know what it tastes like) give an overall delicious cooling, chocolately and refreshing sensation. As a Flake is quite ‘powdery’ and can get stuck to the roof and sides of your mouth, eating it with the ice cream prevents this happening, so you enjoy the chocolate taste before it all glides effortlessly down your throat.

      The Flake is exactly the same as the ‘normal’ version just shorter in size at only approx 3" long.

      As you get to the tapered end of the cone you discover the last inch or so is just filled with solid Cadburys chocolate. I could have ate this as a whole but I chose to bite it in half which was very dificult to do as it was still very cold and solid. It was a little too cold I think as I didn’t get the full taste of the chocolate unless I left it to melt in my mouth, unlike the curls which were small and thin enough to taste straight away. It was quite a thick texture which left it clinging to the sides of my mouth and left me wanting a bite of ice cream to ‘rinse’ it all away….something I didn’t have as it was all gone!

      Although I have eaten biscuit, ice cream and chcolate together, the ice cream has melted that quick it almost seems as if I haven’t had any. So the main taste is that of the chocolate and biscuit.

      With no bitter or unpleasant aftertaste, this cone left me with a full tum, a satisfied chocolate craving and cooler and refreshed. Exactly what I wanted!


      Firstly I have to say, there is no real difference between this and a Walls cornetto. The shape and taste are nearly the same. The only difference I noticed is that Cornettos have nuts on where as these don’t. I did enjoy eating this however, and will buy them again.

      One thing I do like is that because the ice cream is contained within the cone they are easier and not as messy to eat. No chance of it melting or dripping on your hand or clean T shirt so this makes them ideal for little ones too who maybe take a little longer to eat their ice creams.

      My own personal choice when eating a 99 from the ice cream man (big kid that I am!) is to push the flake down through the ice cream into the cone itself. You cannot do this with these. The ice cream is too compact and frozen to allow you any movement at all. So next time I will have to wait for it to thaw a bit. The ideal temperature to eat ice cream at is, apparently, 8C.

      Also despite their size I found it quite filling. I had one in the afternoon and found that even with a late teatime I wasn’t that hungry. Maybe thats just me though.

      Some ice creams leave me feeling thirsty afterwards but these cones did not do that thanks to the thiness of the ice cream and how quick it melted. Maybe its not that bad after all!

      With there being just 4 in a pack these make a nice change to have in the freezer rather than 12 of something that you end up not enjoying.

      Cadburys do one other version which is the strawberry. This has strawberry sauce on top of the strawberry ice cream instead of chocolate curls.

      I would give these an overall rating of 3/5, simply because they are so much like cornettos and the lack of vanilla taste.


      These are available in most large supermarkets. I paid £ at Tesco’s.

      Made by Fredericks Dairies Ltd, Prospect Place, East Pimbo, Skelmersdale , Lancs under licence for Cadburys.

      More info at www.cad

      Oh and do you know why 99’s are so called? Well, in the days when Italy had a monarchy the King had 99 soldiers who formed an elite guard. Therefore anything ‘elite’ or ‘special’ was known as 99!

      Thanks for making it this far.x x


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        29.08.2003 19:34
        Very helpful



        Whilst shopping in Iceland Freezer shop the other day, I came to the ice cream freezers when I noticed these tubs of ice creams on special offer one of which was Cadburys Flake at 1.50p a tub, I remember the last time my daughter was shopping with me and she pointed these ice creams out so to keep myself and everybody else happy I put it into the trolly, paid the checkout assistant and then headed for home. At home I thought I may as well test this ice cream before the rest get home, upon reading the contained, I noticed it advises you that the ice cream is best left out of the freezer for 5-10 minutes to allow it to soften up, so seeing as I bought it 10 minutes or so earlier, I decided it would be soft enough. As I peeled off the lid, I looked to see, and as I thought it just looked like a simple tub of ice cream, pale yellow in colour with chopped up bits of flake, just as I expected. So now comes the taste test, with my spoon in my hand, I scooped a spoonfull and placed it into my mouth. What did it taste like? I definately wouldn't say it was anything special, the vanilla ice cream was a bit too sweet for me, it's not a creamy as other leading brands of ice cream, the flakes were delicious but then again that's cadbury's for you, but I still felt it wasn't enough, If you like Mcdonald Mcflurry's then you'll like the taste of this ice cream as I found it to taste quite similiar, so my son and daughter will definately like this. The ice cream packaging comes in a simple round 500ml cardboard carton and it presents itself with very noticeable yellow and purple colours that represent a flake chocolate bar. The lid is purple plastic and well that's all there is to tell about this carton. The ice cream isn't as fattening as most ice creams for every 100g you get: Energy 130 calories Protein 2.3g Carbohydrate 16.7g Fat 6.7g Conclusion This was
        definately not my favourite ice cream, I found it sicky after a few spoonfuls, but I will probably by it again as my son and daughter love it.


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