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Carte D'or Light Vanilla Ice Cream

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Brand: Carte D'or / Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2009 01:13
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      Lovely for a low-fat icecream but otherwise...average

      Although I have a very sweet tooth especially when it comes to chocolate, I'm not a huge icecream fan, apart from Haagen Daas, especially Praline and Cream which I think is absolutely to die for and one of the most delicious-tasting things in the whole world.

      So when I was having friends round this week and made some mega-chocolatey home-made brownies which must have had about 2000 calories in each, I thought I would just go for a light ice cream (as if it could undo any of the wickedness of the brownies!!).

      I browsed the icecream isle a bit, as someone who is never really down this isle so didn't really know what I was looking for. What I did realise is that icecream is actually fairly expensive, averaging at about £2 a pot, even for the more basic stuff.

      I finally settle on Carte D'or Vanilla Ice Cream, Light. I was still a bit disappointed about the fact that it was £2.99 for the tub even though this was just for a side order to go with some brownies - I'm probably just not with it when it comes to ice cream, but that seems like quite a lot to me for icecream!

      In terms of the health-factor, it's 4.5% fat and 70 calories and 2g fat for 2 scoops - not much at all really. On top of this there are 10g sugars, but I'm not too up on my sugars, especially hidden sugars which people talk about often existing in low-fat varieties of food, so I don't know how bad this icecream is for these hidden sugars.

      The tub was 500g and the icecream to look at was a light vanilla colour with little flecks throughout it - it looked quite appealing.

      For me, the taste for a low-fat icecream was lovely. It tastes quite light and fluffy. Quite a soft vanilla flavour, and I thought it was especially nice as a side to go with a dessert as it's not overpowering or too sickly. What I would say is that, by itself, you may find it a bit boring. It definitely doesn't have the wow-delicious factor that Haagen Daas, or sometimes Ben and Jerry's has in my opinion, where you take a mouthful and it's like heaven. I wouldn't be particularly bothered about having a whole bowl of this by itself as, although it's nice and I wouldn't dislike it or anything and could happily munch away at it, it's nothing special or memorable.

      Overall I would say that this is a lovely soft, light icecream, especially for a low-fat icecream. If I was having this as a little fairly low-fat treat I would be happy, or if I was having it to accompany a dessert I would be happy. However if I wanted to go all out with the treat-factor and wasn't worried about calories, I would probably be disappointed and find this very average.


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        09.07.2009 18:37
        Very helpful



        A fairly creamy ice-cream with a subtle vanilla flavour.

        I am a faithful and true "Ben N Jerrys" ice-cream fan, Love it especially the Cherry Garcia frozen yoghurt Yummmmmmmm.......
        So its often quite difficult to get me to try a different make, as they have to meet a certain criteria for me to even consider them.
        First and foremost it needs to be solid, firm not a mushy mess, I like to bite ice-cream, not drink it!
        Also a good variety of flavours, too many ice-creams are chocolatey or with caramel for my fussy tastes.
        All this said I am a sucker for a good vanilla, one you can see the trusty black flecks of vanilla in so you know its not some horrible artifical vanilla flavour. But the real "macoy".

        I actually tried Carte D'or for the first time in Mallorca we all had an ice-cream as part of the evening routine, whilst strolling down the Pine Walk.
        Alot of the bars and cafes seem to sell it and have masses of delicious flavours, its only just passable on firmness though, definately border line for melting quick.

        So when I came home I decided to start buying Carte D'or and thought I would try the "Light" version.

        It comes in a clear plastic tub which I like because you can check for the trusty black flecks of vanilla.
        There is a label on the top showing the ice-cream and a spoon scooping it out and a few vanilla pods feature.
        Carte Do'r Light Vanilla is written in white while the rest of the label is creamy/yellow in colour and the edge of the lid is a dull gold shade.

        It states-"50% less fat and 30% fewer calories than normal vanilla ice-cream".
        There is also an intriguing little spoon symbol that states
        2x spoon=100ml=50g=70kcals.
        So ice-cream goes scientific, only problem unless Im being gormless is you can't tell what size spoon it is teaspoon, dessert or table? Chances are its dessert I would think.
        There is also a little blue label saying-Light 4.5% Fat, on top.
        No artificial colours or flavours is written on top aswell.
        I cant see anywhere that it states wether its suitable for vegetarians.

        I bought a 1 Litre/500g tub, which is their standard tub.
        Price approx £2.94 but often on offer as 2 for £4.00 which is the offer I got.
        It seems to be available in most supermarkets especially Sainsburys(where I got mine from) and Tesco.

        How does it measure up-
        Per 100g-
        610kg 140kcal
        Protein 3g
        Carbs 21g
        Fat 4.5g
        Saturates 3g
        Fibre 4g
        Sodium 0.05g
        Salt 0.1g
        Its classed as a Vanilla frozen dessert.

        Skimmed milk, water,sugar,dextrose,oligofructose, vegetable fat, whey solids, stabilisers,natural flavour, vanilla bean pieces and colour(carotenes)
        Carotenes before we all panic is-orange coloured plant pigments found in carrots, tomatoes etc. and are a good scource of vitamin A.

        How does it taste?
        As I said before, its not the firmest texture but its passable, quite alot of black vanilla flecks are visible and its very creamy looking.
        Taste- its actually alot creamier than I thought it would be, infact its lovely,
        quite creamy and you can definitely taste vanilla, but its not a strong vanilla flavour, I expected to make up for the lack of fat and so creaminess, it would be a strong vanilla flavour.
        So thats a disappointment not enough vanilla and the smell is only a subtle
        wiff of vanilla, Im going to have to subtract 2 stars for lack of vanilla.

        I suppose the price fits in with general ice-cream prices and its a good offer that I got £2.00 for a litre.
        Would I buy it again? Ooooooooh, probably not, creamy -yes -vanilla flavour and smell -no- not strong enough for me.
        If you fancy a lower fat ice-cream thats fairly creamy with a subtle taste of vanilla give it a try.
        If you like heavy duty vanilla like me, I like to peel back the lid and get hit instantly with a massive punch of vanilla, then I wouldn't bother.
        I would rather have a small scoop of full fat full vanilla ice-cream than two scoops of this light one.

        Hope this is of help to someone out there.
        Thankyou for reading my review.


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