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Carte D'or Strawberry & Yoghurt Delice

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4 Reviews

Brand: Carte D'or / Type: Yoghurt

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    4 Reviews
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      29.08.2009 20:49
      Very helpful



      Fine if you have a very sweet tooth!

      My daughter sometimes buys Carte D'or ice cream, but I have never got round to trying it, as I am too much in love with Ben & Jerry's!

      However, the Carte D'or range of ice cream and frozen yoghurt was recently on offer at my local Morrison's and after scanning the different varieties in the freezer, I thought this Strawberry & Yoghurt Delice sounded and looked lovely.
      " Yoghurt ice cream and strawberry sorbet with strawberry sauce" - Yum!

      On offer at £1.99 for a 500g tub I decided to buy some.

      Because Carte D'or comes in a clear plastic tub, you can see the swirls of strawberry underneath the lid and it does look very tempting!

      The ingredients include skimmed milk, whole milk yoghurt, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, strawberry puree and juice, as well as more glucose syrup and dextrose!.
      It also contains beetroot juice, elderberry juice, and a variety of gums ( locust bean, guar and xanthan)

      100g of this yoghurt ice cream which is one fifth of the tub, will give you 170 calories and 4g of fat.

      On opening the yoghurt ice cream, the smell of strawberries was quite strong and most of the contents of the plastic tub appeared to be strawberry sorbet. There was definitely less of the yoghurt ice cream.

      I spooned some out into a bowl and found it quite easy to remove from the tub even straight from the freezer.

      On tasting this I was immediately reminded of a Strawberry Mivvi Ice lolly!
      The strawberry flavour of the icy sorbet and sauce was quite strong and very sweet, and the yoghurt ice cream tasted quite nice, although there didn't seem to be much of it.
      It would be much better if there was more ice cream and less sorbet in my opinion. Also, does there really need to be so many sugary ingredients?

      I thought overall it was pretty average, and more like a mushy ice lolly with a bit of ice cream thrown in.
      It was also very very sweet, and the strawberry flavour maybe a little too strong tasting for my liking, and I couldn't eat a lot of this ( which is maybe a good thing!) due to it being so sweet.

      I can't say this dessert is anything special, and don't think I would buy it again as it was too sweet for me. I certainly would not pay the full price for it.
      If you have a sweet tooth, and don't mind the strong strawberry taste, however, you will probably love it!

      Meanwhile it's back to Ben & Jerry's for me!


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        20.04.2009 11:22
        Very helpful



        definitely worth a try for a treat?

        I've just been sorting out my freezer & was surprised to find a tub of Carte D'or Strawberry & Yoghurt Delice tucked away at the back - apparently hubby bought it from Tesco the other night & it cost £2.88 for a 500g tub.

        This sort of dessert is quite a treat for our family & the sort of purchase I would only make for a special occasion or if it's on offer so I thought I'd better tuck in & try it for Dooyoo purposes!

        The tub's made from a durable plastic & have a gold-effect rim around the tight-fitting lid which means I'll probably use it for storage after it's all been eaten.

        There's a tempting picture f the top & side of the tub which shows what you'll be eating & it's pretty accurate with its swirls of bright red strawberry mixed with the creamy frozen white yoghurt.

        On the reverse of the tub the label is full of information including ingredients, storage & nutritional values plus GDAs & Unilever contact numbers, addresses etc.

        I won't list all the values but just to let you know, if you are health conscious, that each 100g contains the following -
        - 170 calories
        -1.5g protein
        -33g carbohydrate
        - 4g fat

        my opinion is that as long as you don't eat too much then this is relatively OK compared to other desserts & can always be served with fresh strawberries which contain few calories & only a trace of fat but with vitamin C.

        When you open the lid & remove the cellophane seal the smell of strawberries really 'hits the spot'.

        The texture is slightly softer than a soft scoop ice cream so you don't have to do a Uri Geller when getting out your portion.

        The taste is very much of strong-flavoured strawberries but I see from the label it's strawberry concentrate rather than fresh.

        The yoghurt is fresh-tasting & has a good smooth texture & the flavour of the two is excellent.

        Surprisingly though, I don't think I could eat more than 1 helping - not quite sure why as I'm a bit of a pig - maybe it's the sweetness or maybe it's just more filling than ice-cream?

        I definitely would recommend trying this Delice as a change from ice-cream but would look for offers.

        - a nice change from other frozen desserts.
        - doesn't leave you feeling bloated/'heavy' after eating.
        - great served with fresh strawberries.
        - expensive I think - will look out for offers before buying in the future.
        - nice blend of strawberry flavour & soft scoop yoghurt.


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          04.04.2009 15:36
          Very helpful



          Decent value for money, but only because it was half price

          We normally try to be good, but every now and then we'll succumb to our sweet tooth desires and put a tub of ice cream in the trolley. Uaually, this will be the cheapest one there, as it's an unnecessary extra so we don't want to spend a lot of money. Last week, our trip round Tesco brought us to the ice creams and we found that this was on a half price offer at under £2. A little prodding from my wife, and in it went.

          So, the test. How nice is this ice cream, then? It's certainly a good idea, with the yoghurt element looking smooth and creamy, and the vibrant red of the strawberry ice cream standing out in a nice swirl. It scoops quite easily, which is a small thing but it bugs me when you have to put a lot of effort into scooping the ice cream out.

          It actually tastes nice, too, as long as you don't have too much. The yoghurt is creamy and smooth and delicious, and I could probably eat that part until the cows come home, but the strawberry is quite sharp and only nice for a short while. A quick look at the ingredients doesn't surprise me, showing that the strawberry sorbet gets its strawberries from concentrate and puree as opposed to actual strawberries. Sadly, it does give it a rather fake and sharp taste.

          2 scoops of this ice cream will give you 95 calories, so don't have too much, although if we're all honest it's pretty much the same whatever ice cream you have, and people eating ice cream or sorbet can't really start looking at the calorific consequences. If you're worried about calories, just don't eat ice cream!

          But if you're not, then you could do a lot worse than this flavour. Sure, the strawberry is a little sharp and loses its appeal after a few mouthfuls, but the yophurt part is lovely and heavenly and smooth and creamy. It's an okay ice cream. Carte D'Or do have a reputation for producing quality products, and this one is of good quality. It's just nothing special.

          Usually, this ice cream will cost over £3, prices varying a bit around the £3.50 mark. Luckily, we nabbed this for half price, but if we paid the full price, I wouldn't have said it was good value for money.


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            19.02.2009 16:02
            Very helpful



            I won't be buying it again

            I love ice-cream, seriously who doesn't? It's one of my favourite desserts and today I tried the new yoghurt and strawberry delice flavour by Carte D'or.

            -The Packaging-

            The ice cream comes in a clear tub with the Carte D'or logos all over it and the nutritional value on the underside, not that ice cream has any good nutritional value, just to tell how much sugar and fat it contains!

            Each tub contains 900ml (480g) of ice cream and is nicely presented with the ice cream in two large swirls.

            -The Taste-

            The taste of this particular flavour of Carte D'or was well, to put it bluntly, sharp. You can -really- taste the strawberries but they taste a lot sweeter than they should, giving them almost a sour effect because you cant eat it with a straight face. The yoghurt part is very nice and simple, it's very smooth, creamy and delicious, it's just a shame the strawberry completely overpowers it.


            For the 900ml tub I paid £3.58 at my local Tesco and personally I won't be buying this flavour again any time soon. I think in all honestly I will struggle to get through the rest of the tub.

            My favourite Carte D'or flavour is the Crema di Mascarpone, which includes mascarpone flavoured ice cream, a red berry sauce and pistachio nuts. I prefer this greatly and will be switching back as soon as I can.


            To summarise, the yoghurt and strawberry delice is so sweet it's almost sour which ruins the taste; it's very expensive and very unhealthy, even for ice cream. It also contains FOUR E numbers. In my opinion, stay well clear!


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