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Danone Actimel Coconut

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Brand: Danone / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2011 18:13
      Very helpful
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      They are very addictive

      My sister brought home a pack of four as a friend gave it to her (who knows why!) but since it has been sitting in the fridge for a few days, I thought I'd try it out... ran out of cold drinks and needed one! I have tried the actimel strawberry flavour before and quite liked that but never really liked coconut, so was slightly unsure, but was utterly surprised how good it was!

      They come in small bottles, it doesn't say on them how much is in each, but on their website it helpfully states that each bottle contains 100g. I am also taken away at how many flavours they have and am tempted by the "blueberry" and "peach and mango" varieties.

      Since I'm looking on their website, here are the Ingredients:

      Ingredients - Yogurt (skimmed milk, skimmed milk concentrate/powder, cream, yogurt cultures), Skimmed milk, Sugar/Liquid sugar (sucrose 8.4%), Blueberry (1.1%), Blackberry (1.1%), Dextrose, Stabiliser (modified tapioca starch), Flavouring, L.casei Danone culture (Lactobacillus casei DN 114001), Vitamins (B6, D)...

      I really like the light coconut flavour as it isn't overpowering and there is still a strong yoghurt flavour which I really like. The hint of sweet, sour, milkiness works really well together as it is refreshing and light.

      I'm not bothered if it is low fat or fat free- personally I'd like it to be whole fat or fattier- I'm not on a diet or anything but just really like these! I have been having them during breaks to help rejuvenate and just for a quick lift.

      Yoghurt drinks wise, I have only tried Yakult which is nice, but quite sour in comparison and not cheap either, so might have to switch to these. Looking also online, a pack of four costs around £1-£1.50, with a pack of 12 costing £4. Even though I'm not usually a coconut fan, I am tempted to get these next time I go to the supermarket!


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        23.11.2009 18:37
        Very helpful



        I recommend you if you like the taste of coconut, otherwise try another flavour.

        My favourite Danone Actimel is the Coconut flavoured. I started to drink it when I was pregnant as I had some problems with my digestion.

        About Danone Actimel
        It is said that it is a scientifically proven product that helps support your body's defences. Actually it is a kind of yogurt that has no fruit pieces in it just flavoured. It contains L.casei Imunitass which is a unique bacteria that helps to top up the good bacteria. For more information visit www.actimel.co.uk
        It is available in 13 different flavours:
        - Blueberry
        - Cherry
        - Coconut
        - Forest Fruit
        - Multifruit
        - Orange
        - Original
        - Strawberry
        - Vanilla
        - Original Fat free
        - Peach and Mango Fat free
        - Raspberry fat free
        - Strawberry fat free

        Price and package
        Usually I do the shopping in Sainsbury's but my favourite Actimel is not available there so I buy them in Tesco. I buy two packs of 8 for 4 pounds. My husband drinks it only occasionally but I drink it every day. The Danone Actimel is packed in little white plastic bottles. The bottles are not transparent at all. There are 100 g of yogurt in a bottle. They are sealed with a silver foil (I think it is made of aluminium). There are packs of 4 or 8 but when they are on offer you can se packs of 12 as well.

        The coconut Actimel
        Actually it is very similar to the other ones the only difference to the original is its coconut taste. It is odd white coloured and thin as a drinking yogurt. The lovely taste of the coconut can be felt very well. I really love it.

        Yogurt, Skimmed milk, Sugar/liquid sugar (sucrose: 8.9%), Coconut (1.5%), Dextrose, Stabilisers (modified tapioca starch, pectin, guar gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan), flavouring, Acidity regulators (citric acid, calcium citrate), L.casei cultures.

        Contains milk. Suitable for the family, from the age of 3 upwards. Suitable for vegetarians.

        My opinion
        I am lactose intolerant but I can drink the Danone Actimel without any trouble. I wouldn't recommend trying it if you suffer from lactose intolerancy I just say that for me and my husband doesn't cause any trouble. Actually I found that it helps my digestion. Since I drink it I don't have to take any laxative pills. It is affordable and tastes really good. As it is available in fat free version too and 10 other flavours you can surely find your favourite one.


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