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Danone Actimel Orange

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Brand: Danone / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      18.01.2010 13:57
      Very helpful



      I recommend you if you like the taste of orange peel.

      My second favourite Danone Actimel is the Orange flavoured right after the Coconut flavoured one. I started to drink Actimel when I was pregnant with my first son as I had some problems with my digestion. This occurs quite often during pregnancies.

      About Danone Actimel
      On the wrapper of the product you can read that it is a scientifically proven product that helps support your body's defences. Actually it is a kind of yogurt that has no fruit pieces in it just flavoured. It contains L.casei Imunitass which is a unique bacteria that helps to top up the good bacteria. For more information visit www.actimel.co.uk
      It is available in 13 different flavours:
      - Blueberry
      - Cherry
      - Coconut
      - Forest Fruit
      - Multifruit
      - Orange
      - Original
      - Strawberry
      - Vanilla
      - Original Fat free
      - Peach and Mango Fat free
      - Raspberry fat free
      - Strawberry fat free

      Price and package
      Usually I do the shopping in Sainsbury's but they store only Strawberry, Original and Multifruit Actimels plus 2-3 fat free versions so I buy them in Tesco. I buy two packs of 8 for 4 pounds. One single pack of 8 yogurts costs 2.47 pounds. My husband drinks it only occasionally but I drink it every day. The Danone Actimel is packed in little white plastic bottles. The bottles are not transparent at all. All the bottles contain 100 g probiotic yogurt. They are sealed with a silver foil (I think it is made of aluminium). There are packs of 4 or 8 but when they are on offer you can se packs of 12 as well.

      The Actimel Orange
      Actually it is very similar to the other ones the only difference to the original is its orange and orange peel taste. It is odd white coloured and thin as a drinking yogurt. There are some small bits of orange peel in it and this gives the yogurt a special taste you may like or dislike. It is my second favourite as I rarely find Coconut flavoured Actimel nowadays.

      Yogurt, Skimmed Milk, Liquid Sugar (Sucrose: 8.4%), Orange (3%), Dextrose, Stabiliser (Modified Tapioca Starch), Acidity Regulators (Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid), Flavouring, L.Casei Imunitass® Cultures, Acidity regulators (citric acid, calcium citrate), L.casei cultures.

      Contains milk. Suitable for the family, from the age of 3 upwards. Suitable for vegetarians.

      My opinion
      I am lactose intolerant but I can drink the Danone Actimel without any trouble. I wouldn't recommend trying it if you are lactose intolerant too I just say that for me and my husband doesn't cause any trouble. Actually I found that it helps my digestion. Since I drink it I don't have to take any laxative pills. It is affordable and tastes really good. As it is available in fat free version too and 10 other flavours you can surely find your favourite one.


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        31.08.2009 22:01
        Very helpful




        In the last few years, probiotic drinks and yoghurts have been advertised a lot on TV, often accompanied by claims that they can in some way improve your health. I've always been pretty sceptical, but figured no harm could come from giving it a bash.

        The Claim :

        "Actimel is a delicious probiotic drinking yogurt. It contains Danone's exclusive probiotic culture, L.casei Imunitass®, and is scientifically proven to help support your body's defences (When 1-2 bottles are consumed everyday as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.), and is available in 13 delicious flavours. It also comes in a fat free range that has less than 30 calories per bottle.

        The name Actimel comes from the Flemish "actieve melk", meaning active milk. Actimel contains two traditional yogurt cultures: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. On top of these it contains a third culture, L. casei Imunitass®, an exclusive probiotic culture that has been specially selected by Danone and studied for more than 15 years."

        There were a lot of flavours to choose from on my supermarket shelf, with 8 bottles costing £2.58 . My supermarket had them on offer at 2 packs for £4.00 - and I figured I'd buy two packs to allow me to give these a weeks trial on two bottles a day . With each bottle being only a tiny little thing, only 100g, this seemed quite expensive - but, if it actually did work for me in some way, then it might be worth it .

        I selected two packs of the Orange flavour . The eight bottles are attached with a cardboard casing,and it's easy to remove each bottle from the cardboard as you need it . The card casing contains all the relevant info - ingredients, nutritional info, a bit of information on the ways this product is beneficial, and the manufacturers information .

        The bottles have bright orange colouring on them and a picture of an orange, it's easy to see what flavour these are . Each bottle has an easly removable foil lid that simply peels off with no fuss.

        Upon taking a sniff, these do smell pleasantly citrusy - lively orange balanced by a creamy yoghurt flavour . They taste lovely too - very creamly,with sweet orange flavour, not bitter or sharp at all . The bottle only takes two gulps to be finished - which is something of a shame, as it really did taste like a lovely orange yoghurt, and I think i'd have liked something bigger - but I guess with each bottle containing a set amount of the healthy bacteria, I wouldn't want to over indulge .

        I took one bottle at breakfast, and one bottle as I went to sleep each night, and I did this for eight days ?

        So, after a week, did I notice any significant difference ? Well, the product is meant to work by balancing out bacteria levels in your gut, keeping the bad bacteria out and making sure you have loads of the good stuff . Apparently the gut is where most of your immune system is centred .

        I do tend to suffer with diarhhea and a griping stomach occasionally - but it's hard to say whether this product made any difference or not. Theres no way to tell if I would have suffered had I not used the product, but I certainly didn't have any problems with either while using this . It was really too soon to judge after just one week, so I purchased another weeks supply.

        After a further week, I still hadn't had any problems - even taking into account I had a couple of rather spicy kebabs, which usually would result in me sitting hunched over clutching my stomach and moaning . I didn't have any problems at all, and two straight weeks without any stomach ache for me is pretty unusual. I also noticed I was farting a little less!

        So, after a two week trial of this, I can say that for me, it has worked . And, on the offer I bought them on, (which seems to be a regular offer in asda) they cost 25 pence a bottle, so I was only spending 50 pence a day . I have used them again, and they continue to keep my stomach relatively calm .

        I forgot to buy some a week ago, and a few days into the week, I had an interview for college. My bodies normal nervous reaction is to give me an incredibly upset stomach - which it did . So tomorrow, when I do my weekly shop, I'll be making sure to pop another pack or two of these into my basket .

        Each bottle contains 74 calories, 1.5 g of fat, and 11.5 grams of sugar .

        Overall, highly recommended- they taste yummy, aren't too expensive and don't contain too many calories . However, I dislike the high sugar figure - thats 13 % of my RDA per bottle, and I drink 2 a day . So, for that, I'll be deducting one star.


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