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Danone Shape Greek Style Yoghurts

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Brand: Danone / Type: Yoghurts

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    3 Reviews
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      05.06.2011 19:32
      Very helpful



      Delicious - I love them!

      Hmmm, I have just finished eating a delicious, creamy, greek-style yoghurt from Danone Shape. It was so tasty I thought I would have to come on here to write a review all about it!

      I have never really been that big a fan of yoghurts, that was until I just tried this one. I've never had one of these before today. My family were just eating chocolate cake and I wanted to avoid having anything too unhealthy so I opened the fridge to see what else we had available for dessert and this pack of yoghurts happened to catch my eye. I love lemon flavour and in this pack you get 2 orange flavour and 2 lemon flavour ones. So I picked out a lemon one and settled down to eat it.

      The pack says on it 'with fruit' and this made me expect there to be little bits of fruit in the yoghurt but there wasn't, it was completely smooth. The yoghurts are greek style and are lovely and thick and creamy. You would think because of this they would be really fattening but they don't contain that much fat compared to some yogurts.

      The pots each contain 125g which I think is the perfect amount for a dessert. They are quite healthy, the nutritional values are as follows:
      Calories - 141/140
      Sugars - 19.6g/19.1g
      Fat - 3.4g/3.4g
      Saturates - 2.1g/2.1g
      Salt - 0.3g/0.3g

      They also contain a good source of calcium - 200mg which is 25% of your recommended daily amount.
      The yogurts are suitable for vegetarians, and coeliacs. They contain milk and are produced on a line handling wheat.

      Overall these contain quite a lot of sugars for my liking so I would probably only have these as a desert and I would not have one as a snack as they do have some fat in them. However they are healthier than a lot of yoghurts. They are also free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colours. And they are also incredibly delicious so I may have to give in to them sometimes! Overall I think I will be incorporating these yoghurts into my diet a bit more in future as after trying one just now I've got the taste for another!


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      06.03.2010 18:12
      Very helpful



      See review.

      After doing my weekly shop and beig astounded by the sheer amount of quality food products currently on offer at Asda, I decided now was the time to try something new, with one of those items being subject of this review!

      The product I will now review is - "Danone shape - low fat Greek style yoghurt with fruit".

      As mentioned earlier, this was brought due to the fact it is currently on offer, this being "2 for £2.00" and this includes Shape and Ski varieties of yoghurts too, saving around the 80p mark!

      These yoghurts, like so many others, come in a pack of four, sealed together with a cardboard sleeve enveloping them, with all the relevant information to be had found on said sleeve.

      I had never tried Greek yoghurt before, so was really not sure whether I would actually like them or not!

      Each pot holds 125g of yoghurt, and is a slightly more modern shape than most bog standard pots, being slightly more squat and rounded, a pretty inane thing to mention you might think, but due to the slightly different shape it is much easier to get every dreg from the pot instead of having to leave dregs as the spoon won't get into the corners!

      In the pack there are four pots, 2 x of each flavour, these being lemon and orange, although I don't avoid the more traditional flavours I am one of those people who doesn't particularly like "bits" in there yoghurt, preferring a smoother alternative, so lemon and orange would be fine, as even with the added fruit it still won't set my teeth on edge like seeded fruit yoghurts do!

      When you have peeled back the lid you are faced with a mousse type dessert rather than a yoghurt, then once you have dunked your spoon you notice just how thick and smooth this really is.
      The smell is nice and noticeable, but only the orange one has distinctive pieces of fruit visible, with the lemon one being barely yellow in colour!

      The taste is incredible! The yoghurt is smooth, thick and actually much more fruity than I was expecting, after eating the pot I really felt I had had a treat rather than it being diet food!

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per pot,
      141 calories,
      19.6g sugars,
      3.4g fat,
      2.1g of which saturates.

      Allergy advice states that this contains milk and is produced on a line that handles wheat, but then states that is suitable for coeliacs, not really, due to the wheat comment!

      This product also states that it is free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colours.

      For more information visit - www.danoneshape.com

      Thanks for reading x


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        24.11.2009 10:30
        Very helpful



        Try and SEE


        As I am famous for being on 'diets' when I saw these in Tesco, I thought they sounded lovely. There is 4 yoghurt's in the pack, 2 lemon and 2 orange. I really enjoyed eating these and I will tell you why...

        What are they?

        These are Danone shape yoghurt's which are low in fat and Greek style with fruit. They are free from sweeteners, preservatives and colours. In Sainsbury's these are the only flavours you can get but I am not sure about the other supermarkets. They come in 125g plastic pots and the whole thing weighs in at 500g.


        The four yoghurt's are in white plastic pots with a blue themed foil lid. The outer packaging which secures the yoghurt's is made of cardboard and one half is blue themed with the Danone and Shape logos and the other half is made up of pictures of oranges and lemons which makes you want to eat them straight away.

        The Taste

        These don't taste more like Greek yoghurt than normal yoghurt, they are white in colour and there is a slight hint of Greek yoghurt. There are no small bits of fruit, the flavour is blended into the yoghurt. They smell very citrus like when you open the lid and when you take a spoonful, the texture is quite soft but not too runny and the flavours infuse in your mouth making this taste great!

        Health Wise

        In each pot there is 141 calories, 19.9g of sugar, 3.4g of fat, 2.1g of saturates and 0.3g of salt. The thing that I was most worried about is the sugar in these yoghurt's, this is because it takes up 22% of your daily allowance and to be honest that is nearly a quarter and is a little too much! I like the fact that there are not many calories in these yoghurt's though, so they do come in very handy.


        The orange yoghurt is made up of creek style yoghurt (skimmed milk, milk proteins, cream yoghurt cultures), 9% of sugar, 6% of orange, stabilisers, acidity regulators, flavouring and colour (paprika extract). I like the fact that this is made from skimmed milk, this can be a lot healthier than whole milk!

        Price and Place

        These yoghurt's are on sale in places like the Co-Op, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrison's. They can be purchased from supermarkets and some convenience stores for around £2.00, this is not too bad considering they are branded and taste great!

        Good Points

        *Not too watery (I find this with most yoghurt's)
        *Not too expensive
        *Look good (packaging and yoghurt wise)
        *Smooth texture

        Bad Points

        *Smell can be a little too strong
        *Taste can also be a little too strong as well.

        I like these yoghurt's because they are easy to put in lunch boxes and take to work/school, the do not contain too many calories. I like the texture of these yoghurt's compared with the normal Danone activia yoghurt's. Overall, I think these were a great buy in Tesco and I would rate these 4/5.


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