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Danone Shape Strawberry and Raspberry Yoghurts

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Brand: Danone / Type: Yoghurts

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    5 Reviews
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      20.01.2014 14:51
      Very helpful



      Not the worst yogurt out there but definitely not the best

      This pack of four Shape yogurts by Danone contains two strawberry and two raspberry tubs, each weighing in at 120g. They're normal sized pots of yogurt. Straight off I better say that they were just 75p for the pack of four from Asda (as at January 2014). This information may colour your view of my review.

      Danone make a big thing about these yogurts containing zero fat yet will 'make you feel fuller for longer'. And for me at least, it's true. Eating one of these little tubs at lunchtime does actually keep me feeling full enough that I can avoid raiding the biscuit barrel for the few hours until my evening meal. That has to be a good thing.

      As soon as you tear back the foil lid you can smell that these yoghurts are very fruity. They even have tiny chunks of real fruit in them, which is lovely. They're quite thick and creamy (though nowhere near the lusciousness of, say, a Muller fruit corner) and stick to the spoon well. They're not runny at all. Both varieties are a pleasant pinky-red colour although some consumers may be put off my the fact that this colouring is cochineal and is derived by crushing lots of beetles. It's also known as carmine or E120. I know that some people might be disgusted by this but this dye is incredibly common. Drinks, food, cosmetics, clothes... basically if you've ever eaten anything with a red tinge or used any red cosmetics, hair dye or lipstick, the chances are fairly good that there was some cochineal dye in it. So if you can get past that....

      I have to say that I found these yogurts to be quite chemical tasting. Yes, they're creamy as advertised. Yes, the bits of fruit make a nice addition to the texture so that it's definitely not slimy like some ultra-low calorie yogurts can be, but I really wanted to taste the sweet tang of the fruit and the acidity of the fresh yogurt. What I actually got was a chemical tartness that seemed to cling to the back of my tongue for quite a while afterwards. It's not unpleasant by a long way and I'll certainly eat them again, but only if they were on offer I think, and certainly not if something like an Activia yogurt was the same price.

      Overall then cheap enough, tasty enough, creamy enough and low enough in calories for most people.
      If you can get over the beetle thing.


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        15.06.2012 13:08
        Very helpful



        Nice on their own, but even better having fresh fruit with them!

        Having decided I need to eat a bit more healthily at least while I'm at work (unfortunately for my colleagues this means less of my baked goods), I found myself in Tesco in the yogurt (yogurt/yoghurt - I don't know, will stick with what it says on the pack!) section having already filled my basket with fruit. I wanted something low in fat and calories, and there seemed to be quite a selection.

        ---Why Danone Shape Delights (I think the delight bit is a new addition to the name)?---
        Being quite new to yogurts (long story) I don't have much to compare them too, and having never had full fat yogurts I won't ever feel that I'm missing out! However, I did enjoy the Weightwatchers ones last summer when they were on offer. Since they weren't on offer currently I thought I'd try the Danone Shape yogurts, as it was 2 packets of 4 yogurts for £2, so 25p per yogurt. I think these are bigger (than the Weightwatchers ones), weighing in at 120g a pot which I think is standard. They seem to have a fairly long shelf life (well, refrigerator life - obviously this is where they should be kept!), as I bought them on 11th, and they are best before 28th June. Mine won't last this long!

        Although they also had another flavour (there are also various others available), I decided to get two lots of strawberry and raspberry yogurts (2 strawberry and 2 raspberry in each pack). The card outer packaging is a purple/red colour with a picture of strawberries on.

        ---The eating experience---
        On Monday I had a strawberry yogurt in a bowl with fresh strawberries (put in bowl of course after the obligatory licking of the yogurt pot lid), Tuesday I had the same, but by Wednesday I'd finished my fruit and was just left with the yogurts to be eaten from the pot.

        The box describes them as "Deliciously thick fat-free yogurt with fruit, sugar and sweeteners, in a creamy texture." I would say that this is an accurate assessment. I don't have any preference between the raspberry and strawberry flavours - both taste like their respective fruits. The yogurts taste mostly sweet but with just a hint of bitterness from the fruit. There are very small lumps of fruit which stand out as darker in colour, but on the whole they have a fairly smooth texture.

        Although the yogurts are nice on their own, obviously when eaten with a serving of fresh fruit then they're even nicer, and more substantial making a good desert which is healthy but still seeming quite indulgent!

        ---What's in them?---
        Each strawberry yogurt contains 79 calories (4% of rda), 11.2g sugars (12% of rda), 0.1g fat and 0.3g salt. The raspberry yogurt is very similar!

        Ingredients - yogurt (skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder, milk proteins, yogurt cultures), either strawberry or raspberry (6% of ingredients) and various stabilisers, flavourings, acidity regulators and sweeteners.

        Interestingly the strawberry yogurts are NOT suitable for vegetarians but the raspberry ones are - I have looked into this, and it is due to cochineal (some sort of insect) being used to colour the strawberry yogurts - how bizarre and slightly unpleasant to think about!

        I enjoyed the Danone Shape Delights yogurts, and will definitely buy them again when on offer, and will possibly try other flavours, although red fruit yogurts do tend to be my favourites so might not.

        All proceeds from this review will go towards buying more yogurts!


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          30.06.2010 11:01
          Very helpful



          low in cals, zero fat & sugar while still being thick & creamy


          SHAPE ZERO%

          As an avid yogurt eater I was getting into bad habits with all sorts of high fat creamy yogurt & raiding the fridge for it at least four times daily. I kidded myself that because I was eating it instead of cream with blueberries or bananas that it was slimming!!

          I really love thick & creamy yogurts. I don't like the yogurts with less fat that turn out to be so runny you might as well be drinking them instead of using a spoon.

          I spotted this Danone Shape Zero% in the supermarket. I was attracted by the packaging which looked appetising. (My son always says, 'when you say something looks nice, what you mean is the packaging & the picture on it looks nice' I suppose he is right & the proof is in the eating, but it does show that by the manufacturer getting the packaging right it persuades us to try the product. So having been attracted by the cardboard sleeve with a background of various shades of mauve & a picture of luscious looking strawberries & raspberries, my mouth was watering. I read on & it said there is no added sugar; it is fat free & each pot only 71 calories. It claimed to be deliciously thick fat free yogurt with fruit & sweeteners, containing naturally occurring sugars in a creamy texture. The pack contains 2 x strawberry & 2 x raspberry - my favourites, each pot 120g. This seemed just what I should be eating. The best before date was at least 4 weeks hence - it's always good when the date is a long one, as I tend to stock up the fridge then forget what is at the back until it is out of date.
          At the top left hand corner of the pack is the traffic light system which showed sugars 8.9g, fat 0.1g, saturates 0g, salt 0.2g & as already said, total calories 71g.
          On the back of the pack it shows various figures for each flavour.
          Not quite the absolute zero everything that I had I initially thought but I decided to give it a go as I had been recommended to it as it was zero fat & wonder of wonders, was also thick & creamy!

          I did my usual trick of forgetting it for a couple of weeks in favour of other things until I spied it hiding in the fridge. I took out the pack, slid out the pots & separated them - they are joined at the seam & just need to be snapped apart.
          On the pot is a yellow square suggesting wee can find out more about
          How to eat healthily
          Practical fitness advice
          Tips to look & feel great
          Log onto

          We are also told that the pot has zero added sugar & zero added fat & has 100% taste.
          Warning: It says contains milk & is produced on a line handling almond, hazelnut, walnut & what.
          Contains a source of phenylalanine & contains naturally occurring sugars.
          Suitable for vegetarians.

          It's a nice little pot & I just needed to lift the foil top
          & pull back. I chose the raspberry flavour indicated on the top of the pot. The smell which met my nostrils was delicate, lovely, really made you want to go on & enjoy the yogurt. In went the spoon & mmmm!!! It really is thick & creamy! There are actual bits of fruit to be found & the taste is also very nice, just like raspberry should be. The colour is Pale to medium & the nutritional information tells us that the colouring for the raspberry yogurt is actually concentrated elderberry juice.

          I tried to be good & only eat one. Danone Shape is well known to claim it makes you 'feel fuller for longer' & although there is no mention of that on this particular product packaging, when looking it up on their website it does say 'Danone Shape has a unique hunger control formula with fibre, protein and a delicious, creamy texture to help beat those feelings of hunger'. I eventually succumbed, not because I felt hungry, but I just fancied trying the strawberry flavour as well. It was a bit lighter in colour than the raspberry which was surprising as the colouring for the strawberry one is cochineal.

          Again it was very enjoyable, thick and creamy fruit yogurt with a slight tang to the taste & bits of yummy fruit.

          I have to say my personal favourite would always be raspberry whether it be fresh fruit or a product /recipe containing it. Both were delicious however & to be recommended.

          I'm looking forward to trying the others in the range, Blackberry & Cherry - Mango & Peach. They will definitely all be on my shopping list for next time.

          They come in neat little pots which are securely sealed & so would be suitable for a picnic or packed lunch. Some supermarkets will supply you with plastic cutlery to take your purchases on a picnic, otherwise just go to the fresh salad/fruit salad bar in Sainsbury's & pick up some there - usually spoon one end/fork the other. They are ideal for picnics as they are not thin & sloppy & won't spill.

          Price is
          £1.39 Sainsbury's
          £1.28 Asda

          I have just checked my Tesco receipt for 17/6/10 & it was 75p!

          If Tesco had a half price offer when I was shopping there it may have swayed me to try it - I'm jolly glad I did as I am now hooked on it!


          These yogurts are well within an adult's daily guideline as shown on the traffic light system & also on the more in depth nutritional information & will help as part of a calorie controlled diet.

          I really enjoyed these yogurts. They truly are thick & creamy texture & full of the taste as well as actual little pieces of fresh fruit.
          They are a wonderful find if you are slimming, but I would recommend them even if you are not


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            10.02.2010 09:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Good for you yoghurt that actually tastes nice!

            I'm a naughty yoghurt fan - I like them creamy, and tasty and well, anything that is bad for you in a yoghurt really. IN my attempt to diet, obviously I have looked at the lower fat versions but most of them, like Muller Lights, don't really do anything for me. They don't taste right to me. Shape yoghurts looked promising as not only do they promise to be creamy and low fat, but that they are meant to make you feel fuller for longer.

            I can honestly say that these are the nicest yoghurts I have had for a long time - even compared to non low fat versions. They are available in packs of two flavours - these ones are Strawberry and Raspberry, and the other pack is Mango and Peach. All four flavaours are fruity and tasty. They even have bits of fruit in them. In a normal pot there is 73 calories. As for feeling fuller, I tend to have one for an afternoon snack and I have found it does stop the hunger pains.

            Most of the Shape yoghurts are on special offer at the moment in the supermarkets - buy two packs for a reduced price.


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              07.11.2009 22:57
              Very helpful



              Delicious, creamy yogurts

              I had seen these yogurts advertised on television several times over the last year or so, but had not tried them until very recently, when I saw a pack of four on offer in Sainsbury's for £1.00. I believe that they usually cost nearer to £1.50 for four, which seems quite expensive, but £1.00 is much more reasonable, making them 25p each. Each pot contains 120g of yogurt, two each of strawberry and raspberry.

              The adverts and the information on the packaging, claim that eating Danone Shape yogurts can help you to 'feel fuller for longer'. They are fat free, and contain fruit pieces and added sweeteners. The 'Hunger Control Formula' contains fibre (2.6g per pot for strawberry and 3.0g per pot for raspberry) and protein (7.9g per pot for strawberry and 8.0g per pot for raspberry) which should help to stop you wanting to snack between meals. It also says that Shape is scientifically proven to keep you fuller for longer, if at least one pot is eaten as part of a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. I am not sure if these yougurts did keep me feeling full between meals, as I still felt hungry a couple of hours later, and if I did not feel hungry, it may have been due to the fact that the meal that I ate was filling anyway.

              The yogurts have a very thick and creamy texture, which is good for a fat free product, as they can be quite thin and runny. The taste was lovely, too, with the fruit flavours obvious, and a very creamy consistency.

              Each pot contains -
              73kcal (strawberry)
              74kcal (raspberry)
              0.2g fat (strawberry and raspberry)
              9.8g carbohydrate (strawberry)
              10.1g carbohydrate (raspberry)

              The low amount of calories and fat, and the delicious creamy texture, makes these yogurts a healthy and satisfying choice. I am just not sure if they really helped to keep me feeling fuller for longer. I will be buying them again if I see them at a good price, as they are really tasty. They keep for a while (the date on mine is 18/11/09) so it may be a good idea to get a few packs if they are to be eaten on a regular basis.

              Contains milk, and produced on a line handling almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and wheat. They are also not suitable for vegetarians - this must be due to the fact that one of the ingredients is Cochineal, which is used as a colouring.



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