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Del Monte 100% Juice - Pineapple Fruit Ice Lollies

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Brand: Del Monte / Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      11.06.2009 11:50
      Very helpful



      A nutritious, delicious ice lolly

      PRICE (per pack of 3) = £1.99

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 75ml lolly):

      Calories: 65
      KJ: 275
      Protein: 0.6g
      Carbohydrate (all of which sugars): 15.5g
      Fat (all of which saturates): Trace
      Fibre: Trace
      Sodium: 0.02g


      Concentrated Del Monte Gold Pineapple Juice (100%)


      May contain nuts
      Suitable for vegetarians
      1 lolly counts as one portion of fruit towards your 5 a day


      Though I love ice cream and am capable of consuming almost gallons of the stuff at one sitting, when the weather is really hot, I personally find ice lollies ultimately to be more cooling and refreshing. I spotted Del Monte's Pineapple Lollies in Sainsbury's, and thought I'd try them out. Not having had an ice lolly for quite a few years, I was looking forward to the experience of having one made of solid fruit juice, rather than flavoured water, hoping I wouldn't be disappointed.

      Del Monte's Pineapple Lollies come in a rather smart box coloured different shades of green, with an image of one of the lollies next to a few pieces of fresh pineapple on the front. The rear of the box is identical, and the sides show nutritional information, ingredients, dietary/allergy advice, and Del Monte's quality claim with their contact details. There are 3 lollies inside each box, individually wrapped, with the design of the wrappers matching that on the box.

      During the recent spell of lovely warm weather we were treated to (which, incidentally, rapidly turned to almost wintry conditions in the area where I live), I got very hot on the evening that I bought the lollies, and thought the time was perfect to try one.

      The lolly inside the wrapper is of standard size as regards length, but I'd say it's slightly thicker than a few other brands (maybe about ¾"). The wrapper is sealed at the bottom, enclosing the stick, but is easy to prise apart.

      Once the wrapper is removed, the lolly is a nice pineapple yellow colour, and I first had a little lick, then a little suck - getting a faint fruity taste on my tongue, which was rather nice - cooling, too. I could also smell a strong pineapple aroma emanating from the lolly.

      I then took a small bite of the lolly, noticing that I needed to put a fair bit of pressure on with my teeth, but this is characteristic of frozen liquid. On entering my mouth, the outer surface of my bite of lolly began to melt just slightly, and I was treated to a lovely, cool sensation - not to mention a delicious pineapple flavour, which was both sweet and sharp simultaneously.

      Whilst I continued to eat (fairly slowly), the lolly didn't melt too quickly, and it retained its shape and firmness perfectly, right to the end.

      After I'd finished, I concluded that the whole experience of eating this lolly was wonderful, and I felt lovely and cooled. A lot of the overall cooling sensation came from the sharpness combined with the ice, and I really felt a lot more comfortable - much more than if I'd had a large portion of ice cream.

      Another good thing was, as much as I enjoyed the experience, I didn't immediately want another lolly as I usually do with ice cream, so this was very good for me as regards my calorie and fat intake. Each lolly is very much lower in fat and calories than a standard portion of ice cream, and isn't as moreish.

      I will definitely be buying these ice lollies again, as they are delicious.....beautifully sweet and beautifully sharp at the same time, and another great advantage is that they take up far less room in the freezer than ice cream does, regardless of how the ice cream is packaged.

      Full marks to Del Monte for creating this delicious, solid fruit juice, cooling treat, which I heartily recommend up above ice cream.

      Thanks for reading!


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        08.06.2009 19:01
        Very helpful



        Frozen fruit to cool you on those hot (??) summer days!

        I put in a suggestion to Dooyoo last week, while the sun was shining and all was well with the world, for these rather scrummy pineapple lollies. Low and behold a week later, the weather has turned artic and even Pingu wouldn't want an ice lolly! Never the less my product suggestion is waiting for me and Dooyoo have kindly thanked me for helping them improve their site! It would seem churlish of me to turn my back on these ice cold treats and for me to become a fair weather writer... so despite wind and rain and near freezing temperatures I shall write my review for Del Monte 100% Juice - Pineapple Fruit Ice Lollies.

        ~Why Pineapple?~

        If I can't have a large glass of Pinot Griggio because I'm driving, my soft drink of choice is a pineapple and lemonade with ice. In fact I love all things pineapple (my other half hates it - he says pineapples make him burp?!!). Pineapple is juicy and sweet, it's my favourite fruit. So when I saw Del Monte 100% Juice - Pineapple Fruit Ice Lollies, on offer, I couldn't resist.


        As I have already said - the weather was hot, hot, hot and as I am a struggling member of slimming world I needed an icy treat that wouldn't scupper my diet (oops food optomising!). The lollies come in a box of 3 x 75ml fruit ices. They cost around £1.99 per box, but I bought them on buy one get one free. At around 33p each for fresh fruit, I don't think that's too bad.


        The design on the box is very simple and eye catching. Large 'friendly' type declares 100% juice! Whilst the picture shows a delicious portion of fresh pineapple, and mouth-wateringly good looking lolly. Each lolly is individually wrapped with the wrapping containing exactly the same information as the box.
        A great marketing ploy from Del Monte is the fact that clearly placed over the juicy pineapple is the symbol for '5 A DAY' 1 lolly = 1 portion of fruit.


        I pulled apart the wrapper and took out the ice lolly. It is a lovely pineapple yellow - so no surprises there! This is where it gets tricky..... it's an ice lolly...... it's made from 100% pineapple juice.... so guess what it tastes like.... yep, you guessed it banana!

        Only kidding! This pineapple ice tastes of frozen pineapple juice. It's sweet, in a natural way, and is incredibly refreshing. Each lolly contains 65 cal ( 3 ½ syns if you are doing slimming world!). It's no surprise that the ingredients are 100% concentrated pineapple juice. This is not just ordinary pineapple juice... it's Del Monte Gold extra sweet pineapple juice!

        If you're interested ...

        The only advert I remember for Del Monte products is the one for orange juice, when the man says in a Spanish accent - ' the man from Del Monte he say YES!' This probably dates me!

        Del Monte are a large, international company who in their own words are .... " committed to enriching the lives of today's family -- everyone in the family, including pets -- by providing nourishing, great tasting and easy-to-use products that meet the needs of everyone in the home". They manufacture a huge range of products and they claim that 90% of their Del Monte® branded products are all natural and preservative free. The products I am most familiar with are tinned fruit and fruit juices.


        When the weather is warm, and you're looking for a refreshing way to cool down, I highly recommend this product. It really tastes like fresh pineapple on a stick. As it counts as one of your 5 a day it's a great way of getting kids to eat their portions of fruit too - only trouble is, my daughter doesn't like pineapple... ah well all the more for me!


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