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Devilishh Creme Brulee

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Brand: Devilishh / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2010 11:51
      Very helpful



      Perfect puddings to keep in your cupboard

      Crème Brûlée is a sensuous dessert, translated from French it means "Burned Cream", which doesn't sound very tempting, the Spanish make Crème Catalana which is similar, but no matter who invented it to make the dessert you need patience, as made from scratch you have to heat the cream, egg yolks and sugar and then cook slowly in a Bain Marie for an hour and then after cooling, chill for a couple of hours and then make the crunchy sugar topping.

      DeviliShh have created something that is made in half the time and no chance of disaster with the pudding over heating in the oven. OK, you may think it's the cheat's way but it is so simple anybody can make it and impress your family and friends.

      The carton measures 9 x 9 x 6.5cm, a glossy brown colour with the name in gold and a photo of the dessert. The 500mls makes 4 lovely desserts and all you need is a pan to bring the contents to boiling and four ramekin dishes. Once cool place in the fridge to chill for 1-2 hours. To make the topping sprinkle with sugar, I used Demerara and then the fun starts, that is if you want to be an arsonist! I use my little blow torch bought years ago just to do this but admit it was rarely used as it is such a slitter making crème brulee properly! You can place under a very hot grill too, but be careful as the dishes will get very hot. The sugar melts, can create a few flames and then will set to form a crisp caramel topping. Chill again for a little while before serving.

      The instructions are set out clearly on the box and it only takes a few minutes to bring to the boil and pour into the ramekins.

      Eating, an especially pudding is something I do well! I love to tap the topping and hear it crack and then I'm ready to dive in and enjoy the creamy dessert with the sugary caramel topping. The cream mixture is deliciously smooth and really creamy, my idea of pudding heaven!

      The ingredients include rehydrated skimmed milk, sugar, vegetable oil, butter, modified starch, egg yolk, some stabilisers, and natural colour plus a little salt, it is suitable for vegetarians but not for people with a milk or egg allergy.

      Each serving has 195 calories, I think that is the cream, caramel topping would be more depending on how much sugar you use, which I think isn't too bad.

      The product is made by Macphie in Glenbervie near Stonehaven, here in Scotland and although I hope soon we'll see it in shops, at least I can keep it a secret from my friends by buying online and not letting on I cheated! The website is worth a visit as they have gorgeous coulis and sauces as well as 3 Devilishh good desserts and is found at www.devilishh.com

      There are even hints on what to say to impress your friends like "I always buy Madagascan Vanilla - it's depth of flavour is second to none, wouldn't you agree!"

      I poured the mixture into two ramekins and then added some Cointreau to the remainder to give the other two desserts a little different flavour. I can't wait for my order to be delivered and will be trying different ideas, perhaps pouring it over some blueberries or raspberries that way I feel I'm getting some fruit and being healthy!
      Would I recommend these desserts? Definitely at £2.99 for 4 desserts I think they are worth trying if you like creamy desserts and like to impress! Something to have in the store cupboard and make quickly if you need cheering up or want to impress your loved ones, my carton lasts until May 2011 - that's 9 months, where as not everyone has a large carton of cream sitting in the fridge, so this makes a good store cupboard dessert. One thing I won't be able to tell you is if it is just as good in 9 months time because mine will be long eaten before then! Even 9 days is a tall order!

      Go on, be a DEVIL and give them a try, you know you want to!


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