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EasiYo EY-513104

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Brand: EasiYo / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      03.03.2012 19:56
      Very helpful




      EasiYo is a fantastic system that enables you to make your own natural live yogurt in the comfort of your own home. I have recently written a review of the EasiYo system called YO! This is easy. The reason I mention this is because you WILL need that system to make this Yogurt.

      There are lots of flavours to choose from but one of my absolute favourites has to be this toffee yogurt. It comes in a soft sweet smelling powder form almost like baby formula and is perfectly wrapped within it's cheerfully packaged summery looking, 240g, blue foil bag. 

      Each sachet will make a wonderfully thick, wickedly tasty 1 liter of yogurt.

      There are unsweetened EasiYo yogurts that are great if you want to cut down on sugar and there are also low fat versions available, but this is the total opposite to them. It's wonderfully sweet but not to the extent of being sickly. It is toffee flavour after all so that's what it tastes like, it's a wonderfully mild toffee flavour like Werther's Original but much more indulgent and creamy. The creaminess is also luscious for a reason, it's not that low in fat. A 100g serving will be 3.3G of fat, that's not too bad compared to something less decadent that would be higher in fat. And that same 100g portion is only 107 kcal so when you look at it, it's not that bad at all and that's the full fat version.

      Along with the bad stuff such as fat this and calories that, there is lots of goodness to be found in this sachet. Absolutely all ingredients are all natural, that means this contains NO Preservatives, NO stabilisers, NO emulsifiers. Now take a look at the yogurt you can buy in the supermarket and see what they contain. Prepare yourself for a shock as their ingredients list resemble washing powder more so that an all natural health food. EasiYo Toffee yogurt is also wheat and gluten free and is low in lactose which is great news for people with food intolerance's. A 100g serving will also give you 35% of your recommended daily intake of calcium. 

      In order to make this yogurt you simply just half fill the yogurt jug (part of the EasiYo system) with cold tap water, pour the contents of the sachet into the jug. Stir with a spoon. Then top up the jug with more cold water. Pop it in to the EasiYo thermos style yogurt maker and leave overnight (full instructions on how to use the EasiYo system are included in my review of appliance itself). The Yogurt can also be made in the morning and left for the required 10 to 12 hours to set. Each spoon full of this all natural LIVE Yogurt includes billions of live cultures. These are natures way of helping you nourish yourself from within helping to boost your body's immune system. 

      The resulting Yogurt is wonderfully thick, smooth and naughty. I love how there is absolutely no powdery taste to this yogurt unlike a lot of store bought products this is soft and silky smooth and way too scrumptious to describe. It's great to have on it's own as a fresh summer breakfast but for an even healthier breakfast why not try it with some tart berries and granola. There are very few things in the world that taste this good and are actually good for you, but EasiYo is one of those things.

      Thanks for reading :0) 2night

      This can be bought online at :
      For £2.49 each or £12.49 for five + shipping


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      EasiYo EY-513104 Toffee Yoghurt Base is a whole milk yogurt. It is ideal for growing children active energetic people and the elderly who all require good sources of calcium protein and all the trace elements found in milk fat.Each sachet makes 1L of full cream flavoured fresh yoghurtEASIYO 240g pack of 5No preservatives or artificial ingredientsWheat & gluten freeIdeal for growing children energetic people and the elderly who all require good sources of absorbable calciumProbiotic