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Genesis Big Pancakes

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2 Reviews

Brand: Genesis / Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      02.08.2011 15:56
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic 'scotch' pancake from Genesis.

      === The product ===

      These are large 'scotch' pancakes.

      === The packaging ===

      These pancakes come provided on a small cardboard tray wrapped in cellophane.

      === Ingredients ===

      Buttermilk, Wheatflour, Sugar, Pasteurised Eggs, Water, Partially Inverted Refiners Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Whey Powder, Raising Agents: E450 & E500, Salt, Soya Flour, Dried Glucose Syrup, Preservative: E282.

      === Nutritional Information ===

      Per pancake:

      171 calories
      30g carbohydrates (of which 11.2g sugars)
      3.7g fat (of which 0.5g saturates)
      1.5g fibre
      1.1g salt

      === Where can I buy these and for how much? ===

      These are available from Sainsburys stores and www.sainsburys.co.uk for £1.29 with each packet containing 4 large pancakes.

      === My overall opinion ===

      Firstly, I think the packaging is quite decent, it keeps the pancakes protected and the little tray means I can just slide them on to the worktop while making very minimal mess. I have purchased these several times now and although on one occasion they had mould on their 'best before' date I haven't had any other problems at all and think that this was possibly because they were left in the bread bin and this tends to be in almost direct sunlight for a fair few hours a day, or at least it did until recently.

      Each pancake is a fairly uniform size, they aren't identical but they are roughly the same size which will help to prevent anyone feeling hard done by at breakfast time as is often the case in our household when the nieces & nephews come to stay! We usually serve these, lightly toasted, at breakfast time with some golden syrup drizzled over the top. This is a naughty but delicious breakfast that gets us psyched up for the hard day ahead sightseeing and generally just being on our feet!

      The pancakes themselves are a decent size, they are filling and they are quick thick as these pancakes tend to be. Plenty of air is whipped in to these so that they have little air holes also which give them a unique, almost fluffy kind of texture. This pancake is ideal for soaking up the golden syrup with all it's little holes. Eaten alone the pancakes have a sweet kind of kick to them and they are far better and tastier than any pancakes I've ever made before.

      Overall we adore these pancakes in our house. They are so much more substantial than the value ones I usually buy and we see these as a real breakfast treat. Two pancakes is enough for one of us adults to have a nice breakfast and sometimes we will just eat these on their own as a snack. These are the kind of thing that you can enjoy on their own or with almost anything you want. They work well with jam spread on them and generally they are just delicious pancakes.

      The only downside to these pancakes, as I said before, was that we had one packet which developed mould on one of the pancakes (the top one) on the day of the best before and because I am ridiculously worried about getting ill and being ill all the time I just had to throw the whole packet away which was a total disappointment really, particularly as we had been looking forward to them for about two days since we brought them!

      Also, random weird comment here but something about the packaging makes me think that these are a 'freefrom' style product but they definitely aren't!


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        15.04.2010 00:20
        Very helpful



        Wicked Pancakes!!!

        I got a pack of these Genesis Crafty Big Pancakes in Sainsburys today, they was reduced and when I saw them I remembered I'd read about them on here before so brought them. Even though they was reduced and had to be eaten that day they still cost 79p so these must be mega expensive usually.

        You get 4 in a pack and that shows how thick they are because I hadn't seen how many was in there and from the thickness of the pack I thought there was going to be 6. They smell wicked when you open the pack, they've got a bit of a sweet smell but it's not over powering and you could deffo use these for sweet OR savoury toppings.

        I had to share them because they had to be eaten today so we've just had 1 each.... well I got 2 because my dad didn't like his but he doesn't like pancakes all that much anyway so that's not the pancakes fault! lol

        I toasted them but I reckon they would have been nice cold straight out of the pack, I left these in until they was starting to go a bit crispy because they're so thick I knew the middles would still be nice and soft. We all had them different ways and like I said I got 2 so got to try one with just butter and my own that had lemon curd spread on it.

        The one with butter was delish, the butter had soaked through to the middle and it was perfect. It didn't go greasy or slimey thing or anything like that and the insides of the pancake tasted lovely and buttery. The one with lemon curd was to die for, I'm having a bit of a lemon curd weirdness at the minute and I can't get enough of it so having it on these pancakes was like heaven!!! The sweet and tangy taste of the lemon curd went proper nice with the soft sweet pancake and I just loved it!

        I LOVE these pancakes and am dreading finding out the proper price in a way because I reckon I'll deffo be buying these instead of the tiny Value ones I usually get to munch on! lol



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