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Great Food Lockshen Pudding

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Brand: Great Food / Type: Puddings

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2009 11:26
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      A different pudding to try.

      I love to try new things and I saw a dessert on the Ocado website when I was doing my weekly shop which I thought sounded Scottish. Some of you who read my reviews regularly may know that I love Scotland, and as the pudding had a name which sounded like it could be from the Lochs I thought I would try it.

      Now I have to admit I was being rather silly here because the pudding in question is called Lockshen, and of course Scottish lochs are spelt with an h, but even so I thought "why not?- I haven't seen or heard of it before, it will make a change!"

      I paid £2.69 for the dessert which comes in a loaf shaped foil tray, and on receipt of the pudding I immediately noted that it was made with egg noodles and sultanas. Sold by a company called Great Food and further research told me this company together with Gilbert's Kosher Foods provide recipes made to Jewish standards. It is a fresh item to be stored in the fridge but you can also freeze it.

      So this is in effect a pasta pudding and is made from natural ingredients which are
      Egg Noodles, Sultanas, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Egg, Water, Vanilla Essence, and Cinnamon.
      In many ways it is an unusual dish as I normally associate egg noodles with stir fry's.

      So one Sunday recently I decided to serve this as a treat for myself, son and hubby after our lunch, and there were some surprised faces as they looked on in trepidation at the dessert as it prepared to enter the oven. It was indeed made from strings of noodles which sat in the foil tray like knots of worms and the few currants which lay next to them reminded my son of flies. It was set to be quite an ending to a meal!

      To cook you simply peel back the top and cook for 15 minutes or so in the oven at 180c or you can microwave. The company suggests that you serve with crème fresh or ice cream.

      I served it with the delicious sheep milk ice cream I have just discovered and reviewed recently called SlimEwe.

      The taste I have to tell you was lovely. It shattered my preconceptions that this was going to be disappointing. It was a moist dish with lots of layers of flavour provided by the cinnamon and vanilla, which married together to create a lovely spicy taste. If you like rice pudding then this is no different, just a little more unusual and certainly not the most appetising when you look at it before you bake it. There was ample for 3 good portions so value for money it was excellent. There are actually plenty of sultanas mixed in to add more texture and interest. It is certainly sweet, no doubt this is a pudding.

      Being vegetarian, nut free and Kosher this is a dessert which may appeal to many, and as it does not contain milk it is a good option if you love rice pudding but are intolerant to dairy.

      On receipt it will keep for 14 days and it certainly kept that long in our house until we plucked up the courage to try it!

      Ok it might not have been the product of a small producer in a Scottish glen as I had first imagined, but I think I have stumbled on a dessert which I would certainly buy again in the future.

      Reading an article in The Times Online I noted that sometimes Jewish people make this dessert and it turns out to be very heavy and rich, so much so that some say "He's making a lockshen pudding of it," which means a person is making heavy weather of whatever job they are doing.

      I have to say although I have since discovered many recipes online for the pudding which do seem to be crammed full of richer ingredients, that this one is light and fragrant, and not a spotted dick texture, nor has it the stodge of the apple dumplings my gran used to make which lay heavy for hours after you ate them.

      I am so pleased that there is another use for noodles other than in stir fries, and this interesting way of using them certainly provided a different and unique end to the meal.

      I will buy again from time to time, I am not really a rice pudding lover, preferring more to obtain calories from cheesecake and pies, but this is not to be overlooked as a different and light alternative.

      Just one point I think this needs a spoon and a fork to eat it because you have to cut the noodles which can be a tricky job with just a spoon.


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