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Green's Dora The Explorer Vanilla Flavour Cake Kit

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11 Reviews

Type: Other Desserts

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    11 Reviews
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      09.05.2010 19:23
      Very helpful



      A reasonable cake mix

      My daughter accompanied my husband to Sainsburys recently and, not unexpectedly, she persuaded him to buy a number of items that were not on our shopping list! One such item was a Greens Dora the Explorer vanilla cake kit. Personally I wouldn't bother with these mixes as it is actually very easy to make cakes from scratch, but the girls seemed pretty excited by the kit.

      Everything comes in a box and the method to follow is printed on the back. The instructions are quite attractively set out with pictures of Dora following all the different steps. This recipe card can be pressed out of the box so that the children can keep it visible while they are making the cakes. Inside the box there are two packets - one containing the cake mix and the other has the icing mix. There are also little waferettes with different Dora images on them, star sprinkles, a decorating tube with blackcurrant decorating gel and twelve cake cases. The only ingredients that you need to supply are an egg and a small amount of water. It also states on the packet that the cakes will be suitable for vegetarians.

      The instructions were very easy to follow. All you have to do with the cake mix is to add the egg and the right amount of water, whisk it all together for a couple of minutes, distribute evenly in the cake cases and then put them in the oven to cook for just twelve minutes. One of the things I did like with this kit was that because it was so easy my six and five year old daughters could just get on and do this without needing much help at all! Also, there are some activity sheets supplied to keep them occupied while the cakes are cooking. I thought this was a good idea and a nice little extra.

      After the cakes come out, making the icing is just as simple as once again you just need to add water and mix it all together. Then, with what has been provided, the girls got on and decorated six cakes each however they chose and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the process - and very tempting they made them look too!

      Finally, the bit they were looking forward to most of all came and they were able to try them. Both girls declared that they were absolutely delicious but I'm not sure whether that was because they had amde them or whether they really thought they were! I was also allowed to have one and I have to admit that I was not as impressed as my girls. I actually thought that they were rather bland and tasteless. This is quite a good thing as far as I am concerned though as I am trying to cut out any unnecessary eating and somehow I don't think I'm going to be tempted by any more of these!

      This 205 gram kit costs £1.69 from Sainsburys. It is not too expensive but you would definitely spend less if you made your own and they would probably taste a lot nicer. Also, you would be passing on some good old fashioned baking skills if you did make your own. However, as my daughters really did enjoy making the cakes and loved the Dora the Explorer theme, I might just consider buying the kit again!


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        30.04.2010 20:17
        Very helpful



        Cheap and cheerful fun for litte bakers

        I've used this kit several times with my daughter from when she was about 2. It's a great afternoon's entertainment.
        The box contains several packets - a cake mix, an icing pack and a decoration pack. The instructions are simple, so even the most inexperienced baker would have no problems. The only extras you need in addition to the packet mix are an egg and some water.
        We always make a big event of the whole thing and spend half an hour prepping, so have a big hand washing session and make a big fuss of getting on the aprons and getting all the bowls and spoons ready.
        The kit contains the bun cases, but it is assumed that you will have a baking tray to put them on.
        The kit is so simple. You basically empty the mix into a bowl, add an egg and whisk it up, either by hand or with an electric whisk. Then you just spoon the mix into the bun cases.
        The cakes need to be baked in the oven for around 10 minutes, so even older children will need some adult help with putting things in and taking out of the oven. Once the cakes have cooled, the topping can be added. The kit contains a pack of icing which just needs a small amount of water mixing in. It can then be spread on top of the cakes - a very messy but satisfying job for all 2 and 3 year olds! There are then little edible sugar paper pictures to be stuck on top of the icing. The pictures are all of Dora characters.
        The cakes themselves are not the best tasting, but your child will just be thrilled to have made their own cakes!
        I'm lucky as my local bargain shop stocks these on a regular basis, so I rarely pay more than £1, at that price it's an absolute steal for an afternoon's entertainment. Highly recommended


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        04.10.2009 23:55
        Very helpful



        A Fun Cake For My Sister To Make To Amuse My Other Sister!

        I got a box of this Dora cake mix from the pound shop for my little sister to make because my little-r sister loves Dora and I thought the kit would keep both of them happy, one would enjoy making them and the other one would eanjoy eating them!

        They're dead easy to make and all you have to do is whisk the packet of cake mix with an egg and 5 teaspoons of water. When the cake mix is creamy and smooth put it into the cake cases and cook them for about 12 minutes. When they're cool make the icing up and spread it on the cakes and push one of the Dora decorations onto it.

        I love it that this is a full kit because whenever I've made cakes with my sister before I hate all the mucking around of weighing and measuring but this is all in one places and that's much easier with kids around! My sister is 10 and she did it all herself apart from measureing the water into the cake mix and the icing because she was worried about getting it wrong.

        It all comes measured out in bags and the cake mix is easy to whisk into the egg and water. I had to give them an extra 2 minutes in the oven because even though they had risen they didn't gone golden brown enough for me.

        They cooled down quick and that's good because by the time they were cooked my sister was frantic in excitment to put the icing on! The icing took loads more water than it says on the packet and on its own isn't that tasty but when it's on the cake it's yummy. Ours all got ate before the icing had time to set and when it's still a bit wet it's lovely and sugary.

        There are 3 lots of decorations and they are Dora sugar paper, crunchy little sugar stars and a tube of writing icing. The sugar paper hexagons have got pictures on of Dora and all the other characters like the little monkey and the backpack. They look nice but are printed very pale and it looked a bit washed out and would have been better if the pictures were brighter. The stars don't taste of much except for sweet taste but they are nice and crunchy on the top of the cake.

        I didn't like the writing icing because it was like an artifical runny jam and I didn't like the taste of it at all so told my sister not to put it on. I think it was supposed to be strawberry tasting but it wasn't very nice, even my sister when she tried it said she was glad she didn't use it and she hardly ever admits when she's wrong!

        We all liked these delish little cakes when they were finished because the sponge is light with a nice sweet flavour. The icing and decorations finished them off nice and they looked great and tasted very very yummy.


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        26.09.2009 13:59
        Very helpful



        Good product for kids to bake with

        I bought these for my son the other day to do some baking with him. I can not bake myself so need this simple packs to get my through the task. He chose Dora as he is a big fan. You get cake mix, icing sugar, bun cases and decorations which have the characters from the show Dora, boots and sniper were all there.

        Theses are so simple to make all you need is a egg and some water. Simple throw the cake mix in a bowl add a medium eggs (bits of shell add an extra crunch if your child insists on doing this part by themselves) and 30mls of water and stir stir stir.

        Once stir pop the mixture into the bun cases and pop them in the oven for roughly 10- 12 min. Once finished leave to cool.

        Once cooled the fun starts with decorating. I suggest going careful when adding the water to the icing sugar as you don't want to make it too runny. once covered in icing sugar decorate the buns. Ours always look dreadful as my son isn't neat.

        The taste test, will the raw mixture tastes like cake mixture but a bit fizzy which is odd. When the buns are cooked the taste ok. I think these packs are a bit over priced at £1.68 in morrisons but they often have a 20p off your next box coupon inside.

        Over all fun for your kids and a good solution if you can't bake.


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          11.08.2009 20:30
          Very helpful




          Well, the summer holidays are here again, bringing with them all the stress, challenge and expense of keeping small children occupied and preventing them from repeating 'I'm bored' every few seconds in an annoying whining tone .

          I love baking with my daughter - its relatively cheap, it gives us something nice to munch on, and it can be done together even on the most miserable of rainy days . Of course, baking from scratch is a little time consuming, often messy, and often recipes require bizarre ingredients you'll never use in anything else .

          Cake mixes solve the problem - especially ones like this . Greens do a whole range of character based cake mixes, I've seen Barbie, Thomas the Tank Engine, Shrek and a whole load more . With my daughter currently in the middle of a Dora the Explorer phase, Dora was what we ended up buying, costing us £1.48 in Asda .

          The packaging is pretty much as displayed in the photo - green and black chequered pattern across the top, a picture of a cake, and a nice smiley Dora. The back of the box gives all the instructions you need, and the box also informs you of what is included in the package which is : Vanilla sponge cake mix, cake cases, star shaped sprinkles, wafer circles with character designs on, and some vanilla icing sugar . The only ingredients you need to add yourself are an egg, and a couple of tablespoons of cold water .

          Before making these with a kid, I'd definitely recommend getting set up in advance . Clear a space on your kitchen worktop, and get out all the tools you need - a cake tray, mixing bowls, spoons, whisk, aprons, and of course, the cake mix, the egg, and the water .

          These are really easy to make, with the instructions being simply and clearly laid out on the back of the box .

          1. Pre-heat the oven to 190 C or gas mark 5, depending on how your oven works . Bear in mind that if you have a fan assisted oven, you may need to adjust the heat or cooking time .

          2. Mix the cake mix, egg and water in a bowl - my daughter had fun doing this bit, and sure, she made a little mess, but that's only to be expected . I had to assist a little, as she mixed it quite lumpily.

          3. Stir two-thirds of the star sprinkles in to the mixture - here we encountered a slight problem, in that my daughter, charmed by their shape, had eaten about a third of the sprinkles already. So, we plonked in half of what was left, and added a few chocolate chips for good measure .

          4. Divide the mix between the cake cases and bake for 10-12 minutes. My daughter took pride in doing this alone, with the result that some cakes were definitely larger than others

          5. Cool the cakes, meanwhile mix the icing sugar with 2 teaspoons of water until it's smooth - Easy Peasy - no mess and no fuss here, and my daughter happily ate a bit of the icing too while we waited for the cakes to cool - apparently she was 'checking it hasn't gone bad mummy'.

          6. Spread the icing over the cakes, add the wafers, and throw on the remaining sprinkles . This was easy enough, and then my daughter went through the cupboards finding other things to sprinkle on top, including chocolate chips, edible glitter, and (strangely) cheese - that only made it onto one cake though . By the time she's finished, the cakes looked like an explosion in Lily Savages knicker drawer - glitter and sparkle everywhere, including the walls, the floor, and her hair . Oh well!

          The cakes were actually quite tasty - due to my daughters rather random filling of cake cases, some cooked sooner than others, and I did have to keep an eye on them . The sponge was moist, with just the right subtle balance of vanilla flavouring coupled with the candy crunch of the stars on top of the cake . The stars inside the cakes melted to produce an almost marbled effect , with just a little bit remaining crunchy . There was plenty of icing to cover all the cakes too, which is great - sometimes I find there just isn't enough.

          We used the cooling time of the cakes to make a start tidying the kitchen, which was a pretty foolish idea of mine since my daughter was soon going to be slinging glitter and sprinkles all over the place, she did have a great time helping mix and decorate the cakes though - she does like to be involved in the kitchen as much as possible, so it was nice for us to be able to do something together .

          Overall, I'm very please with the experience we had making these - it was fun, a little messy, and we got a sweet treat at the end . If you have young children, I would definitely recommend getting a couple of packs of this to keep them (and you) busy for a couple of days this holiday .


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            29.07.2009 17:58
            Very helpful



            Good value for money

            My three-year-old niece, Toni, has just been to stay with me for a couple of nights and as I know she loves Dora and making cakes, I thought this was the perfect thing to buy her to keep her entertained for a bit. I told my sister that I'd bought it and she told my niece so all last week she kept saying she wanted to go and see Auntie Julie to make Dora cakes! So I think I made the right choice!

            We made the cakes on Monday morning, along with some In the Night Garden cookies. She asked if we could make the Dora cakes first so that's what we did.

            ~ What's inside the box? ~

            My niece loved the box as there's a picture of Dora on the front and she was really excited about opening it. Once inside the box, we discovered there was a packet of cake mix, a packet of white icing sugar, a tube of red icing gel, 12 cake cases, some edible Dora stickers and some sugar stars. Toni's face lit up when she saw the Dora stickers but knew she had to wait until the cakes were cooked before we could use them. There was also an activity mat, with activities and jokes and a game. Toni had a little look at this but was more interested in making the cakes, and eating them once they were cooked. I looked at the activity booklet and thought it was quite good so I've kept it for her for another day when she comes to my house. It tells me there are 6 different ones to collect.

            ~ Making the vanilla cakes ~

            Toni really enjoyed making the cakes and I found it pretty straight forward. I did most of the baking myself but Toni enjoyed helping me.

            In addition to the ingredients in the box you need a medium sized egg and some cold water.

            Pre-heat the oven to 190c (gas mark 5) and lay the cake cases out on a baking tray - Toni enjoyed putting the cake cases out on the tray.

            - Put the cake mix, egg and water into a bowl and whisk until creamy (about 2 minutes) - we used an electric whisk and it all mixed together quite nicely.

            - Spoon equal amounts of mix into each cake case and place in the oven for 10 minutes - we started putting quite a large spoonful of mixture in the cases but I could see it wouldn't get us all 12 so the last few were a bit smaller but in the oven they all rose to make a nice size cake, but some were bigger than others.

            - After 10 minutes take the cakes out (they should have risen) and put them on a wire tray to cool down

            - Once the cakes are cool (about 10 minutes) mix the icing sugar and 10-20ml of water together - we put a little bit too much water into the icing so it was a bit runny but we still managed to use it fine and put the cakes in the fridge to set and they tasted fine.

            - Decorate your cakes with icing, stars, Dora stickers and icing gel

            Toni loved making these cakes, and she had great fun decorating them. We wrote her name on one of the cakes with the gel and she enjoyed sticking all the little stars on.

            The cakes tasted quite nice although they were slightly heavy (I think that's my fault for not whisking it for long enough) but Toni loved them. The icing was nice as well despite making it a little too runny. The stars looked really pretty but were rather hard to crunch. Toni enjoyed eating a couple of these after we'd finished decorating the cakes though.

            The inside of the box has a free entry voucher for a child at Legoland if accompanied by a paying adult.

            I would recommend this set to anyone with little ones who like Dora and/ or baking. They are easy to make and the finished results are great. I also think they are good value for money!

            I bought the cake mix from Asda for £1 and Green's have lots of other cake mixes available. I have used a number of different ones and have always had good results. I would buy this product again and will look out for other Green's baking products.

            Thanks for reading!


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              10.03.2009 00:26
              Very helpful



              a bit of cakey fun.

              Over the weekend I brought a 205g box of Greens Dora the Explorer vanilla cake mix. I brought it for my daughter and I to make together (I used to love doing things like this with my mum), we made it today so here's my review...

              I brought it from Tesco for £1.73. You can buy it from most other supermarkets for around the same price. I decided on Dora because it's one of my daughters favourites but Greens also do Tom and Jerry, Thomas the Tank engine, In the Night Garden, Barbie, Dennis the Menace and Scooby Doo. It's packaged in a recycable cardboard box.

              Greens is a company that was originally created by Horrace Green in Brighton in 1907.

              The box contains:
              - 1 packet of vanilla cake mix
              - 1 packet of white icing sugar
              - 1 packet of multi coloured star shaped sprinkles
              - 1 tube of blackcurrent decorating gel
              - 1 sheet of Dora the explorer themed waferettes (Swiper, backpack, map, Dora, Boots and Tico)
              - 12 cake cases
              - 1 activity mat

              The only ingredients that you need to supply is 1 egg and 25ml of water.

              The cakes are really quick and easy to make:
              - Pre-heat the oven to 190c (gas mark 5) and lay the cake cases out on a baking tray
              - Put the cake mix, egg and water into a bowl and whisk until creamy (about 2 minutes)
              - Spoon equal amounts of mix into each cake case and place in the oven for 10 minutes
              - After 10 minutes take the cakes out (they should have risen) and put them on a wire tray to cool down
              - Once the cakes are cool (about 10 minutes) mix the icing sugar and 10-20ml of water together
              - Decorate your cakes with icing, sprinkles, waferettes
              - Lastly personalise your cakes with the decorating gel.

              I did most of this myself but my daughter enjoyed helping with whisking and decorating. It was quality bonding time. I thought the activity mat was a good idea (which I haven't seen in a cake mix before) because my daughter had a play around with it whilst the cakes were cooking, so she didn't lose interest in what we were doing. The activity mat consists of cakey facts, jokes, spot the difference, word search, crossword, colouring and a cook report.

              We didn't have enough mix to fill up all 12 cake cases, we managed to get 9 out of it. After they had risen they were quite large so I could have probably cut back on some mix and got another 1 out of it but never mind. The decorating gel was a stroke of genius, I've never seen a cake mix that contains it - they certainly never had any when I was younger! It meant we could personalise the cakes - 'nan', 'dad' etc. You could just make patterns if you wanted.

              The cakes turned out really well and really pretty. As for the taste they were nice, light and fluffy - just how fairy cakes should be. The blackcurrant gel was pleasent and not too over powering at all. Infact the only thing I can fault is the star sprinkles - they looked pretty but they were really hard to chew! Each cake contains only 78 calories and 1.4g of fat which isn't bad.

              The mix does not contain nuts but is processed in a factory that handles nuts. It is also gelatine free which means it's suitable for vegetarians. It also only uses natural colours and flavourings.

              I would recommend this product for so many reasons and here are a few:
              - Quality bonding time with your children
              - Children will enjoy making and decorating
              - Children will be thrilled to be eating Dora cakes
              - Quick and easy to make
              - Fun to personalise
              - Great value for money (9 ready made cakes would have cost more).

              An added bonus was that on the inside of the box there was a 20p off your next purchase of any Green's product, which I'm sure I will be using at some point in the near future.

              Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Cornflour, Raising Agents: Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate; Dextrose, Natural Flavouring, Skimmed Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Emulsifiers: E471, E472b, E477; Stabilisers: E450i, E450iii; Turmeric, Icing Mix: Sugar, Cornflour, Blackcurrant Decorating Gel:, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Blackcurrant Puree (25%), Gelling Agent: Pectin; Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator: TriSodium Citrate, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate; Flavouring, Sugar Sprinkles:, Sugar, Rice Flour, Cocoa Butter, Thickener: Gum Tragacanth, Colous: Beta Carotene, Anthocyanins, Beetroot Red, Waferettes:, Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Emulsifiers: E322 (from Soya), E435; Humectants: E420, E422, Colours: Vegetable Carbon, Anthocyanins, Riboflavin, Beetroot Red.

              Nutrional information (per cake):
              Energy 330kJ/78kcal
              Protein 0.9g
              Carbohydrate 15.4g (of which sugars 9.5g)
              Fat 1.4g (of which saturates 0.7g)
              Fibre 0.2g
              Sodium 0.03g


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                04.01.2009 02:43
                Very helpful



                great cakes easy to make and even better to eat

                Well these little cake packs are a god send to me im not an expert baker by any means, i had never seen these before it was my daughter who spotted them while we was shopping in morissons she absolutly adored Dora so i thought i would buy one and give it a go it only cost around £1.60 although i didnt think they would turn out alright!
                Well we got home and you only have to add extra ingredients like 2 eggs and some water and thats it all the rest is in the box its so straight forward and it was fun making them with my little girl you literally have to empty the packets into a bowl add a whisked egg and some water and stir... put them in the bun cases and put them in the oven. once there done take them out let them cool mix the icing with water spread it on the top and then you get little dora sugar paper chracters to put on top of the buns and they didnt taste bad at all!
                since then we have had loads of these little greens boxes of goodies!


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                01.01.2009 20:51
                Very helpful



                A great way to spend quality time with your kids with the added pleasure of eating buns

                I don't do a lot of baking so rarely have the necessary ingredients when I take a mad notion to bake so will quite often stock up on those everythings included type of home baking kits. Last time we were in tesco I tried to get a little Tesco sponge bun kit into my trolley but my daughter wouldn't allow it to go in and requested the Dora cake kit at almost twice the price. I probably should have explained about the credit crunch and she should be glad to get a cake mix at all, but I was tired, the shop was bunged and it didn't seem to be worth arguing the toss. I also had to admit that the Dora kit looked a lot more exciting than the plain fairy buns on the outside of the other box.

                As it was new years day today and we were all at home, the house was shining (always do a spring clean for new years eve) and the TV was not at all appealing it seemed like a good idea to fill in half an hour helping my four year old to make her Dora buns this afternoon.

                One mention of baking and the new nintendo ds was put down before the word was fully out of my mouth so it's nice to know that some old fashioned mother\daughter baking activity still beats electronics.

                - - The Kit - -

                The box has Dora the Explorer emblazoned across the front (obviously to tempt the little ones) and a picture of a perfectly made sponge bun with thick icing topped by a waferette picture of Dora etc. with some sweetie stars positioned perfectly around it.

                The cake mix, icing mix, Dora waferettes, bun cases and sweetie stars were all included, safely packaged in separate bags.

                The box tells us that there are no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and no hydrogenated oils.

                - - The extras - -

                To complete the recipe you need to have a medium egg and 2 tablespoons of cold water.

                - - The making - -

                After I got the baking bowl out my daughter added the bun mix and the egg which I had already beaten a little I measured in the water and although it recommends you whisk the mix for 2 minutes I don't have a whisk so my daughter made do with a spoon. It did seem to mix together reasonably quickly but after
                about 30 seconds she was complaining that her arm was sore so
                I got to take over. At this stage I did think about getting out the electric mixer but the thought of searching through the cupboards, manoeuvring it out and then cleaning it up and squeezing it back into the cupboard again it seemed easier just to add a little bit of welly to my hand mixing.

                Eventually a creamy mixture did evolve but admittedly there were some small lumps. Having had enough stirring I decided it was close enough to perfection. My daughter then asked to lick the spoon and I thought fondly back to when I used to lick the beaters at home when my mum was cooking and said yes. Luckily my son was there and shouted "no, she can't lick the spoon the mix has raw egg in it". Ooops things have changed since I was young.

                Between us we managed to spoon the mix between the 12 supplied bun cases leaving lots of messy dribbles over the bun tin. There didn't seem to be much in each case so I was a little worried if they would rise high enough to be able to decorate properly.

                Into the preheated fan oven at 165 degrees for 10 - 12 minutes. My daughter pretty much stood in front of the oven for the whole time really excited about her cooking skills and we both watched as in the last few minutes all the buns rose well above the sides of the cases.

                Out they came, well cooked and spongy after 11 minutes and once cooled it was onto the icing. I accidently added a little too much water and although my daughter found it easy to mix the resulting icing was very watery.

                I placed the icing on the buns while she came along behind adding the waferette and little stars. The icing pretty much ran down the sides and over the edges of the paper cases but there was still enough on top to attach the waferettes and stars.

                - - The taste test - -

                Considering the mistakes I had made and the lumps in the original mix they actually tasted quite nice, possibly a little dry and I didn't like the hard sweetie stars crunching when I was sinking my teeth into a soft sponge bun. But all the kids seemed to relish them and after all our hard work they were all gone in a few minutes.

                All in all a great success, my daughter and I had great fun, I'm hopefully instilling a love of home cooking\baking in her and I hope she looks back on our little not always perfect baking sessions in the same happy manner as I look back on the ones I used to share with my mum albeit without the ability to lick the spoon or beaters.

                Making these little kits are a great way to spend some quality time with your child although the Tom and Jerry strawberry buns we made previously were nicer.

                This kit is £1.78 at the moment but if your child is more into Thomas the tank or Tom and Jerry they are equally easy and fun cake kits to bake.


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                  26.08.2008 06:00
                  Very helpful



                  Great fun to make and taste lovely

                  I often do some baking with some of my friends kids and because they are very young I find that it is very difficult to try and get them to weigh out ingredients and they often get it very wrong so it is easier to just use a pre-weighed kit with everything you need in it. My favourite brand of cake making kits is Green's because they are very cheap and great quality, also I often buy their Lemon Meringue Pie Kit which is always good quality. They basically make, quick simple and easy baking aids for many different levels of cooking skills. I really trust the brand and have never had a problem with them so far.

                  This time we decided to try Green's Dora The Explorer Vanilla Flavour Cake which sounded quite nice and the idea of Dora The Explorer went down pretty well. The box makes 12 little cakes which is enough and is quite good value considering that it only costs about £1.50 for each box depending on where you buy them, most good supermarkets will stock them and they are often on some kind of special offer which is great news! At the moment one box from Tesco will cost you £1.79 which is quite good.

                  The box is green at the top where the Green's logo is, it also has the little picture of a baker another part of the logo and the name of the company. Beneath this the box is white and red with a picture of Dora and her umm, I think it's a pet monkey or whatever animal she carries with her, I don't know as I'm not a fan but the kids seemed to really like it. There is also a picture of a finished cake and on the back of the box are the ingredients, nutritional information and the all important cooking instructions!

                  Inside the box there is almost everything you need;
                  1 bag of vanilla cake mix
                  1 bag of vanilla icing sugar
                  1 bag of star sugar sprinkles
                  12 Dora cake toppings
                  12 cake cases

                  You will need to add the fresh ingredients which are 1 medium egg and some water which is okay because they are not expensive and if they had been included in the packet then they would not have a long shelf life, I like being able to store them for a while before I use them so that I know there's always some in the cupboard if necessary. Anyway remember to buy an egg with this kit.

                  These are really simple to make and that's what makes them so great, no messy weighing out of ingredients. To make them all you need to do is:

                  Preheat the oven to 190C
                  Tip the cake mix into a bowl
                  Add the egg to the cake mix (remember to remove it from the shell first)
                  Add 2 tablespoons of cold water to the cake mix and egg
                  Stir until the mixture is smooth and creamy without any lumps
                  Tip 2/3rds of the star sprinkles into the cake mixture (that's why you have such a big bag of them)
                  Mix them in thoroughly
                  Divide the mixture evenly between the cake cases
                  Place the cakes in the centre of a preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes depending on how good your oven is.
                  Take them out when they have turned a golden brown colour
                  Tip: The way to tell if your cakes are done is to gently press the top of one with the back of a teaspoon and if it bounces back then it's done, if not pop them back in for a couple of minutes.
                  Once they are done place them on a wire rack to cool down this will take about 15-20 minutes but you really must wait this long because otherwise the icing will melt when you put it on the cakes.
                  Empty the bag of icing mixture into a clean bowl and add 2 teaspoons of water
                  Mix until it is smooth and lump free
                  If it is too thick or not mixed properly then add a little bit more water but be careful not to make it too runny
                  Spread the icing evenly over the cakes
                  Quickly place one Dora cake topper onto each cake and add the rest of the star sprinkles before the icing sets.

                  As you can see they really are quite simple to make and are a lot of fun. Now for the second most important bit after making them, what they taste like. As you will already know from the name of these cakes they are a vanilla flavour, it's a nice vanilla, not too strong it just gives the cakes a mild bit of taste to ensure they are not too plain. The sponge of the cake is nice and spongy and has a soft texture which is contrasted well by the crunchy stars which are inside the cakes. The cakes are quite sweet and have a lovely vanilla taste. The icing isn't too strong either, just right so that it tastes like vanilla rather than just sweetness.

                  Overall I think that this is a really great product, Green's have lived up to their standard and produced another high quality product here which I will happily use again. The cakes have a fabulous taste and are really easy and fun to make, highly recommended.


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                  12.04.2008 09:50
                  Very helpful



                  One of the better pre-packed cake mixes from Green's.

                  This is yet another one of the cake mixes that I use with my niece. Not put off by Green's Barbie Mini Muffin Mix Pack, I opted for another one of their packs as vanilla sponge isn't a bad option.Green's make a wide range of cake mixes to suit most palettes or children's fads!!

                  Tom and Jerry strawberry cake mix
                  Thomas the Tank Engine Vanicake mix
                  Looney Tunes
                  Butterfly tops
                  Cartoons Scooby Cookie cake mix
                  Shrek swamp muffins
                  Rainbow surprise
                  Barbie mini muffin cake mix

                  And many more!

                  ~ Price ~

                  This pack cost me £1.48 in Asda but it's worth looking out for 3 for 2 deals in a lot of supermarkets.
                  I've recently spotted them in Morrisons for £1.32

                  ~ Packaging ~

                  A checked green outer box with a picture of Dora on the front and the finished cake which looks too perfect to have been made and decorated by a young child!

                  The back of the box has a step by step written and pictorial guide on how to make the cakes.Inside the following items are included:

                  cake cases
                  vanilla flavour cake mix
                  a bag of star shaped sugar sprinkles
                  a packet of waferettes, 12 edible pictures of Dora and the characters from Dora the Explorer
                  a bag of vanilla flavour icing sugar

                  ~ What you need ~

                  All of the ingredients listed above, including:
                  one medium egg
                  2 tablespoons of cold water
                  a bowl and spoon or whisk to mix
                  And of course an oven!

                  ~ How easy are these to make? ~

                  So easy to make thanks to the fool-proof step by step guide.

                  1. Pre-heat the oven to 190 C or gas mark 5.
                  2. Mix the cake mix, egg and water in a bowl.
                  3. Stir two-thirds of the star sprinkles in to the mixture.
                  4. Put equal amounts of the mix in to the cake cases and bake for 10-12 minutes.
                  5. Cool the cakes, meanwhile mix the icing sugar with 2 teaspoons of water until it's smooth.
                  6. Spread the icing sugar over the cakes, add the waferettes and finish off by decorating the cakes with the remaining star sprinkles.

                  ~ What are they like? ~

                  I have to say that these are quite tasty. The vanilla flavour isn't too over-powering and the sponge is moist, which so often isn't the case with ready mix children's cake packs. They are sometimes quite dry and quite frankly unappealing but these are tasty.
                  The stars within the cake are a good idea too as they give a nice crunch when biting in to them and add to the sweetness of the cakes.

                  The cakes are a good size, a generous 2 adult mouthfuls to devour them.

                  Green's allocation of preparation and baking time is spot on. They suggest 10 minutes prep time and 10-12 baking, I went for the 10 minute baking time for fear of drying them out too much. What I wish they would put on though can't, is the amount of time needed to clear up the mess after making them!

                  I have little patience and like things to be done straightaway so the cooling down period of the cakes was a little frustrating, but that isn't the manufacturer's fault.
                  I was very sensible this time and waited until they were totally cool, approx 30 minutes as the last batch we made, I didn't wait long enough and the icing sugar just melted all over the warm cakes and didn't set properly so we ended up with a very unpleasant batch of cakes.

                  The icing sugar isn't a sickly vanilla flavour, just a hint of vanilla which is good.

                  The decorating part is her favourite and there was great decision making to be done, as in, who would have which cake with which picture on. We added the stars plus some hundreds and thousands which I had in the cupboard.

                  I use a lot of cake mixes due to the easiness of them and these cakes are certainly good quality and tasty. There's a pleasant smell of baking wafting through the kitchen and they aren't bad at all.
                  Definitely worth giving them a try, if only to let children see how much fun can be had in the kitchen!


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