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Brand: Gu / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      16.06.2009 16:23
      Very helpful



      Absolutely to die for!

      I'm a bit annoyed at DooYoo. It took them over a week to approve my suggestion for the latest Gu yummy desert. When I first bought these in last week's shopping and popped one in my mouth, I immediately jumped on DooYoo and made the suggestion. But that was a week ago and alas, all 16 chunky chocolate covered lovelies have been munched! I've had to buy a second batch so I can write this review - my diet has officially jumped out of the window and is laughing at my chocolate covered face!

      Where to find them:

      I found these in Tesco when I was buying bread, which in Tesco is located right next to the cake aisle(!) As I reached over for my usual loaf, the black very posh looking oversized ice-cream looking tub caught my eye - quite obviously targeting at us girls who have an inept ability to look away from ice-cream tubs! Very cheeky marketing!

      Gu Naughties, the new bite sized deserts from those wicked pudding makers, come in three varieties - rocky roads, millionaire's flapjacks and go-ey choc sponge rolls.

      Tesco were pricing each individual tub of 16 bites at £2.99 - pricey, but Gu price pricey so nothing unusual. However, my latest tub cost me only £1.99 as Tesco are currently doing a special deal, apparently until the 7 July 2009.


      The tub has a plastic lid and is air tight. The lid is resealable which, to be honest, is a joke because the will power to stop gorging on the entire tub in one go is very strong, thus making the resealable lid redundant. Nevertheless, you have the option.

      Upon opening the tub, a huge waft of chocolate comes blasting out of the tub and hits me in the face - aah, the sweet smell of heaven! It is so delicious smelling that I can't help but dive straight in and grab the nearest bite.

      The bites:

      Upon opening the tub, I was a tad disappointed that it looked half empty. But to be fair, the front of the tub does say that each tub has 16 bites.
      In terms of the size of each bite, each bite is about a third of a Mars bar. In fact, they remind me of a super long chocolate bar which has been cut up into more manageable chunks. Each bite will, in fact, take you two big bites to chomp.

      I have tried the rocky road and millionaire's flapjacks and have yet to buy some of the choc sponge rolls.


      1. Rocky Road

      This rocky road is not your usual milarky that you find in the supermarkets. It contains caramel, raisins, cherries, chewy marshmallows, biscuit and a huge amount of Gu special chocolate, which, according to their website, contains 36% cocoa.

      I can't stress how good these taste! I usually stick to just chocolate and am not a huge chocolate bar fan but this is something quite extraordinarily. The caramel keeps the bite soft and gooey, the raisins and cherries gives this lovely tang that dances on the tongue, the chewy marshmallow partnered with the biscuit is perfectly soft and crunchy but best of all is the chocolate, creamy and not overly sweet! It doesn't taste artificial, is not sickly sweet and feels 100% unhealthy but utterly delicious!

      One bite is not enough, two bites consecutively in a sitting is socially acceptable but anything more than three bites, you're binging! I literally had to stop myself and snap the lid back on to stop myself from having more than 2 a day. I found myself walking home every day just that bit faster to burn extra calories so I can justify my treat. Absolutely delicious!

      2. Millionaire's Flapjacks

      I don't like these as much as the rocky roads but that's not saying these are bad.

      The millionaire's flapjack consists of a delicious golden chewy flapjack, lovingly wrapped in a gooey layer of caramel and if that wasn't bling enough for you it is then coated in luxurious Gu chocolate.

      Its the equivalent of dressing your typical Monaco tanned millionaire (the flapjack) in a Saville Row suit (the caramel) and then wrapping them up in an over coat and top hat (the chocolate) for a night on the town, totally over the top and utterly scrummy!

      The flapjack is so chewy its so naughty, the caramel rich and velvety and the chocolate not overly sweet and with enough cocoa to be real chocolate, this really is the best flapjack in the world, of course, until they have any intentions of releasing the billionaire's flapjack!

      Calorie and Fat Content:

      OK, the bad news, really bad news...

      1. Rocky Roads

      Per 100g, the rocky roads contain 448 calories and 19.5g fat (11.6g of saturated fat!). Each bite is 16g so that makes each bite approximately 72 calories and 3g fat (2g of saturated fat). Not bad, but considering it's hard to just have the one, we have a huge problem!

      2. Millionaire's Flapjacks

      Per 100g, the millionaire's flapjacks contain 465 calories and 25.4g fat (15.4g of saturated fat!). Each bite again is 16g so that makes each bite approximately 74 calories and 4g fat (2.5g of saturated fat). Wow!


      This is a divine desert. Everyone and anyone should head down to Tesco and grab as many as you can. I never tasted any desert in a tub this good but it comes at a huge price on the hips, belly, bums and bingo wings!


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