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Haagen Dazs Rocky Road

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Type: Sorbets & Ice Cream

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2010 00:10
      Very helpful



      I Wont Be Buying This Again.

      Just be warned over the next few days all of reviews will on ice-cream, god Im going to look like a right heifer at the end of these reviews lol.
      Anyway I have a massive sweet tooth which most people will have realised by now and ice cream is one of my main weaknesses when it comes to satisfying that tooth which is unfortunate as me eating ice cream is like sticking a needle full of fat straight into my bum but I usually ignore that and eat it anyway lol. Aside from Ben & Jerrys Haagen Daz is one of my favourite ice cream brands and I always have to make sure that I have my own private stash of this in the freezer because sweet things dont last very long in my house but the other day whilst shopping with my mom I noticed this Rocky Road flavour that I had never tried before so it quickly went into the trolley for me to try later that night!

      I have had Rocky Road ice cream by other brand in the past and Ive always been really impressed by it and thought it was really yummy so I thought this one because it was made by one of the "best" ice cream makers would be even nicer. Unfortunately it wasnt.

      Nutritional Information:
      [Based On A Serving Size Of 1/2 A Cup]
      Calories: 300
      Fat: 18g
      Sodium: 75mg
      Protein: 5g
      Carbohydrates: 29g
      Sugar: 24g

      So this ice cream is pretty high in both fat and sugar but its no worse than most ice creams which is why you are only meant to eat them as a once in a while treat and not as an every day snack!

      The Taste:
      When I first opened the tub of this ice cream I was struck that the appearance of the ice cream looked quite like "Phish Food" it being very dark chocolate brown in colour with big white swirls running through it but it did look really yummy and usually when something looks and smells this nice it is bound to taste it too! But in this case that theory was quite wrong. So I took a big scoop of ice cream making sure I got a good few almonds on the spoon as well in order to get all the flavours. Now I was expecting this to tastes like really rich chocolate ice cream and in a way it did but it tasted much more strongly of coffee, which I think is pretty odd considering that isnt one of the ingredients. I was hoping these "velvety swirls of marshmallow" would not be a flavour but proper marshmallow, chewy and tasty but to be honest when I tasted some of this white cream it didnt really have any taste to it at all and what flavours I could pick up were a lot like vanilla more than anything else.

      The only good thing about this ice cream was that it had a really nice texture to it. I think the difference in texture between the ice cream and the nuts worked really well and that was one thing I did actually like about this product.

      This didnt taste to me anything like the Rocky Road fingers I have eaten in the past it tasted more like cappuccino flavour rather than anything else. It is also really sweet (so my mom says) because I gave it to her and she couldnt have more than about 4 spoonfuls at a time.

      Price: This tub cost me around £4 which I dont think is good value at all because I simply didnt like it that much.

      Overall Opinion:
      I wont be buying this again because it tasted nothing like it was supposed to and I didnt like the taste of the ice cream very much at all. I dont recommend this particular flavour to anyone except if you really like coffee flavoured ice cream because that is what this on should be sold as. I dont suggest that people buy this, its simply not worth the money.

      Thanks For Reading

      x-0 Salz 0-x


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    • Product Details

      Ice cream. Velvety swirls of marshmallow, roasted almonds and our legendary chocolate ice cream come together in this playful Häagen-Dazs ice cream delight

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