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Heinz Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

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Type: Puddings

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2004 14:36
      Very helpful



      On the spur of the moment I invited my brother and my niece up for dinner at the weekend. I?d got enough food to feed an army, and as my children were away for the week I wanted someone to come and help us wade our way through, not to mention help with the washing up! When I woke on Sunday morning it was late. I?d overslept and I was only just going to be able to prepare the main course and have everything ready for lunch time, there was no chance of doing a dessert as well. Ho hum, well off to the local shop for me and a quick nosey through their freezers to see what delights I could tempts my brother with. There wasn?t a lot of choice really so I grabbed two boxes of palatable looking desserts and trundled back home to let them defrost while I got on with the main course and the housework. Heinz have veered away from the popular beans and spaghetti hoops market to dip a tow in the cutthroat dessert phenomenon. I?ve seen quite a few of their desserts in the shops now but have only tried the Lemon Meringue pie before now, which I wasn?t overly impressed with as it was far too sweet. Amongst our purchases was a Heinz Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake which looked absolutely gorgeous if the picture on front of the small square shaped box was anything to go by. The cheesecake weighs 435g and can be purchased from most major supermarkets. Tesco are selling them for £1.99 at the moment and I have seen them on BOGOF offer too. I paid a little over £2 for mine as it was from the village shop and it kind of grates that such a piddly little cheesecake costs so much when I can make them much cheaper myself. Heinz like so many other manufacturers have no idea of portion size and this is demonstrated in the size of the cheesecake in the box. It?s ummmm small and realistically is only enough for three people
      , two if they?re hearty eaters yet Heinz claim that it could feed up to six people. Six? Only if they?ve had their stomachs stapled. However we had plenty of ice creams in the freezer so I wasn?t unduly worried about the size as this was an emergency! Full marks to Heinz for the packaging though. I?ve bought so many of these silly things which have the ridiculous deep plastic containers inside which render it impossible to remove the dessert without splodging it everywhere, but although this is packaged in a plastic dish type thing, there is a circular cardboard layer at the base which can be pushed through a hole to ensure that the cheesecakes emerges perfectly from its trappings. Heinz market the cheesecake as a deep and delicious one but y?know these manufacturers fib. I wouldn?t class the cheesecake as deep, it?s sort of average and certainly wouldn?t win any prizes for the deepest dessert. It does look nice though as it has generous swirls of a ravishing red raspberry pureed sauces meandering through the creamy white cheesecake and it smells pretty scrummy too. There?s no horrible artificial jam smell about the cheesecake which I was expecting, instead there is a really pleasant sharp smell of raspberries. As the dessert is frozen you will need to remove the packaging and leave it to defrost at room temperature for a while and ours took just under 2 hours to become edible. I admit that when it was time to serve the desserts I sighed again at the size of the cheesecake particularly because my brother and my husband both eat heartily. The cheesecake still looked as appealing after defrosting though, and the smell of raspberries was stronger than when I had unpackaged the cheesecake in the first instance. The digestive biscuit base is surprisingly firm which is a big surprise as other cheesecakes I?ve had in the past (McVities of al
      l people perrrrrrlease take note, for goodness sake you MAKE digestive biccies) and has a satisfying buttery taste as the ground biscuit crumbs are sucked and form a buttery clump in my mouth. The cheesecake topping is thick but not so thick that it sticks in disappointing balls on the roof of my mouth. No sireeee, this topping glides across my tongue like manna from Heaven. The raspberry sauce which I?d actually class as more of a puree gives a tart taste to the otherwise sweet dessert and complements it beautifully giving just enough of a taste difference to make the dessert really quite palatable. Heinz haven?t stinted on the puree in any way ? there?s enough raspberry taste in the cheesecake to keep me satisfied and the other good thing for those who don?t like pips or seeds, because this is a puree you?re not going to find any rogue bitty pieces while eating. The thing that has surprised me more than any other though is the fact that Heinz haven?t gone overboard with the sweetness as their lemon meringue pie was so full of sugar it made me wince. So the good points. The cheesecake is really tasty, the sauce gives a tart taste and complements the buttery firm biscuit base, and oh yes, remember I commented on the puree and said that it looked really natural? Well, there?s a not on the packaging to say that no artificial colours are used in the cheesecake, so another set of Brownie points to Heinz as they?ve only used proper raspberries which has to be good. The bad points??????..honestly all I can really find wrong with the cheesecake is the ridiculously small size, apart from that I?ve been really surprised at the taste, flavour and texture of a shop bought cheesecake. We all really enjoyed it and yes I?d definitely buy one again to stick in the freezer for emergencies. Unfortunately there is a warning that the cheesecake may contain nut tra
      ces and it is pretty high in calories. A quarter of the cheesecake will provide you with nearly 300kcal and 15.1g of fat and considering that I could easily eat a half of the dessert if I had no ice cream or cream to accompany it, those figures are pretty scary. If only they?d bring out a bigger version this would be ideal for when we have visitors for dinner or for a buffet in the Summer. Heinz do state on their packaging that if consumers aren?t happy they should write to them at the address below and a part of me is really tempted to criticise their interpretation of portion sizes just to see if I get any freebies! www.heinz.co.uk H.J. Heinz Frozen and Chilled Foods Limited Hayes Middlesex UB4 8AL Capital letters courtesy of: http://www.chuckleweb.co.uk/fixit.php


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