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Heinz Taste of Home sticky Treacle Sponge Puddings

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Brand: Heinz / Type: Puddings

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2009 09:02
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      I have bought these little puddings once or twice mainly because of their convenience. I find that whilst they are not my favourite microwaveable pudding, they are certainly a handy stand-by to keep in my fridge to offer as a dessert to an unexpected dinner guest.

      The duo of puddings is available from most supermarkets, although I usually buy mine from "Farmfoods", the frozen food store. The pudding duo costs me £1, which is really quite good value when you consider that a duo of Tesco's-own brand similar microwave puddings costs in the region of £1.30, or at least that's what they cost me a couple of weeks ago when I bought their alternative.

      The bright purple packaging on this product is rather eye-catching, and the cleverly named "Heinz Taste of home" gives the impression (to me, at least) of home-baking and good, wholesome, old fashioned home cooking. A clever marketing ploy by Heinz, no doubt!

      The puddings are each supplied in its own little individual plastic pot, in the same way that similar puddings are. Each one has a sort of plastic lid, which should be peeled back or loosened (but not totally removed) prior to cooking in the microwave. The puddings then can just be whapped into the microwave for the recommended time of around 30 - 35 seconds. There are no instructions for an alternative method of cooking or heating the puddings.

      I personally find that the puddings are not quite hot enough for my tastes after this time, so I tend to heat them for slightly longer - probably an extra 10 seconds or so.

      Once heated, and the plastic film removed, I usually just turn the little pot over and empty the whole contents out onto a plate, as instructed to do so on the reverse of the packaging. The little pudding always comes out in one piece granted, but I find the size is always a bit of a disappointment. I know, I'm so greedy!

      The pudding is nowhere near the size of the little plastic pot it has been nestling in and is probably only about an inch to an inch and a half in thickness... sniff! :- ( This fact is made somewhat worse for me because the packaging has a picture of a nice kind of triangular-shaped pudding which is very generous in size! I feel a bit cheated by this image that is portrayed if I'm honest.

      That said though, the amount of Treacle sauce (which has a runny, syrup-like consistency) is just the right amount to compliment the size of the pudding, which is a huge bonus for me. (I hate when similar puddings provide a measly splodge of sauce which is easily used up around half way through eating the pudding - who wants to be left with a dry lump of cakey mixture?)

      The sauce is lovely and rich, and is very sweet without being sickly. This makes it a very enjoyable accompaniment to the pudding. The pudding itself is quite light, but I don't find that the texture really hits the spot with me. It is not quite as satisfying as other puddings and sponges. I always end up feeling a little disappointed once I have eaten one of these, and it most certainly doesn't satisfy my appetite for any significant period of time. I can in fact usually be found raking through the biscuit tin a mere forty minutes after scoffing one of these little puds. I told you - I'm greedy!

      The nutritional information on the reverse of the pack informs me that the pudding contains a whopping 318 calories per 110g pot. Hmm. Not ideal for those of you who are watching your figures, I wouldn't have thought. In addition, there are 12.2g of fat per pot.

      There doesn't seem to be any specific allergy advice, but the packaging does inform me that the product contains Gluten, Wheat, Egg, Milk and Soya. The puddings are suitable for vegetarians.

      In summary, I buy these from time to time for convenience. Their low price makes them very appealing to me, and I would give them a couple of stars. One of the stars is most definitely for the low cost, so the product itself is only really getting one star, I guess.

      There are better alternatives out there! ;-)


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