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Heinz Treacle Sponge Pudding

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Type: Puddings

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2010 14:54
      Very helpful



      Not for everyone but I love them!

      As many of my reviews over time have pointed out I am a big fan of Heinz products and I have also reviewed Lyles treacle and given away the fact that I am a treacle lover too, so here I am putting the two together and reviewing what is a surprisingly good treacle pudding in a tin from Heinz.

      The tin contains 300g of treacle pudding which in turn contains a whopping 840 calories, 20g of fat and nearly 100g of sugar, so if you are looking after your waist line or on a calorie or fat controlled diet, might as well stop reading now.

      Opening the tin and getting the pudding out can be tricky but the best way is to open both ends and push the pudding through, you can cook the pudding in the microwave which gives the best outcome or you can boil it in the tin in a pot of water for around 40 minutes. 40 minutes in the tin or 2 to 3 minutes out of the tin and in the micro??? Its a no brainer really.

      The pudding will serve two people but I have to admit to regularly eating it to myself and have even ate it alone with a whole tin of custard over it, it is a wonder I made it to this ripe old age with a diet like that eh?

      Ok so how does it taste well it tastes lovely if you like treacle and not so if you do not, treacle is the overall taste of the pudding although it is sweeter than a normal treacle product would be, it is a pudding I expected to find a bit sickly but I don't at all, it is heavy eating though as it is a proper stodgy dense pudding.

      These puddings come in other flavours too such as chocolate and strawberry but I have never been tempted to try any of the others it is just my love of treacle that draws me to this!


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        16.03.2009 00:35
        Very helpful



        A good, sweet and tasty syrup sponge

        All of the old fashioned puddings are the best ones. Spotted dick, Bread and Butter Pudding, Steamed Jam sponge and one of my all time favourites the treacle sponge pudding.
        Of course all of these puddings just have to be served with hot freshly made custard to be fully appreciated.
        I can remember when all of the sponge puddings were made from scratch, the mixture was put into a china pudding bowl which then had a piece of cloth tied around the top of the bowl to secure the pudding, then the bowl was placed into a saucepan full of hot water on top of the hob and steamed for two or three hours!
        So Heinz have worked wonders by canning a steamed pudding that can go from tin to pudding bowl in under four minutes.

        A 320 g tin of Heinz Treacle pudding costs £1.09, Call it gluttony but I split the can between the two of us, in my opinion the can gives two ample servings.
        To microwave the pudding take a can opener and open the end of the can which is clearly marked `Open this end first`. Take a knife and run it around the inside of the can, this loosens the pudding so that you can turn it out onto a microwaveable plate easily. You will more than likely need to use a spoon to scrape the syrup sauce out of the can.
        Cover the pudding with a microwaveable bowl and then heat on full power for 1 1/2 minutes, take it out and stand the pudding for a further two minutes before serving.
        If you are feeling traditional and want to cook the pud the old fashioned way then fill a large saucepan with enough boiling water to allow the sponge tin to float. Keep the water on the boil for about 35 minutes, remember to keep checking the water level in the saucepan, dont allow it to boil dry!
        When you take the can out from the boiling water take care, as you open the can place a cloth over the top of the can to stop any hot sauce squirting out at you.

        The sponge pudding is made using wheat flour and well over a half of the pudding consists of syrup sauce and treacle, so this gives a clear insight into just how rich the pudding is.
        Heinz have made sure that the sponge is featherlight, so far from being a heap of stodgy pudding we have an air filled light sponge that is coated in treacle which has sunk into the crust of the dessert and creates a golden layer. The syrup sauce is a little bit thicker and darker in colour and sits on top of the soft sweet treacle coating.
        Yes, you could serve the Treacle sponge pudding with ice cream for a change but my first choice would be custard. A good fresh Birds custard made with fresh milk.

        One of the huge drawbacks to Heinz Sponge pudding is the mammoth amount of calories that are trapped inside of the tin, just 100g contains 285 calories. The sugar and fat content are very high, so maybe we would have to reserve this pudding for special occasions only!
        Heinz Syrup sponge contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. But it does contain milk, wheat, gluten and eggs.
        The pudding is fine for Vegetarians.

        As well as the Treacle pudding Heinz have a Spotted Dick pudding and a chocolate pudding with Cadburys chocolate sauce, they all come in at around the same price.
        The ideal convenience pudding, while you make the custard the pudding is heating in the microwave.


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      • Product Details

        Heinz Microwaveable Treacle (Golden Syrup) Sponge Pudding.

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