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Iceland Assorted Splits

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2 Reviews

Brand: Iceland / Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      21.04.2011 22:30
      Very helpful



      A really cheap cool treat in the hot weather!

      I like these Iceland assorted fruit splits; they may not be as delicious as the good old 'strawberry mivvie' but talk about value for money! In this hot weather we all like cold drinks, ics lollies/ice creams and some of the major brands are not excatly cheap so its always worth giving an alternative a try. After all, in this case,the only thing you will lose by trying them is £1.00.

      It was boling hot today in London and i had spent the whole morning shopping. I had a litle sleep when i returned and then i woke up, still hot and wanting something cold! My partner was going to the shops so i asked him to see if Iceland had their ice cream splits. I have had these quite a while ago and saw them recently again in iceland and seeing as they are cheap and knowing i like them, thought it was worth getting them. My kids will certainly eat them without any complaint. In saying that, they are not too keen on the orange flavour but will still eat it.

      You get 8 splits in a box; with flavours blackcurrant, orange and strawberry (in the box i got today there are 3 strawberry flavours, 3 blackcurrent flavours and 2 orange flavours). I would think that this may vary from time to time; In other words, you may get 2 of one of the other flavours on other occassions.

      The splits are 75ml each in content, with a cornish tasting icecream in the middle and an outer layer of flavoured soft water ice. I think the ice cream is quite good quality; its tastes really nice! I have just finished eating a strawberry flavoured one and i must say i enjoyed it very much!

      The splits are really low in calories so great for dieters. There's only 58 kcal in the orange and the blackcurrent flavoured ones and 57 in the strawberry! You can't go wrong with that. My favourite flavours are the strawberry and blackcurrent and to be honest im not too keen on the orange myself (so i was pleased to see there was only 2 of them in this box today).Still, even if i ended up not eating the orange ones (although i will!) that would still be 6 nice tasting low calorie fruit splits for under £0.17 pence each. If you count all 8 and you eat all 8; thats only about £0.13pence each!

      I cannot say that these splits are healthy as they have alot of additives and flavourings but i like them and if you want a cheap, nice tasting and refreshing ice cream/lolly, these are well worth trying!


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      07.10.2009 18:28
      Very helpful



      How on earth did this product pass through quality control?

      PRICE: £1 for 8 lollies


      Calories: Blackcurrant & Orange = both 58, Strawberry = 57
      Protein: 0.7g (all flavours)
      Carbohydrate: Blackcurrant & Orange = both 10.2g, Strawberry = 10.1g
      (of which sugars): Blackcurrant = 8.9g, Orange & Strawberry = both 9.0g
      Fat: Blackcurrant & Orange = both 1.6g, Strawberry = 1.5g
      (of which saturates): Blackcurrant & Orange = both 1.4g, Strawberry = 1.3g
      Fibre: 0.1g (all flavours)
      Sodium Trace (all flavours)
      Salt: Blackcurrant & Orange = both 0.1g, Strawberry = Trace


      Contains coconut and milk


      NB: I have not this time typed an ingredients list, as it's longer than War & Peace, so I'll just point out that the product seems to be largely made up of both artificial and natural colourings, with liberal additions of sugar and E additives.

      Though the weather appears to have now cooled past the point of ice cream and ice lollies being a permanent fixture in my freezer and mouth, maybe other DooYoo readers/members like to eat cold things all year round - this review is for those people, and others who just like to read about food in general.

      Iceland 8 Assorted Splits Ice Lollies come in a flattish purple coloured box that bears an image of three lollies on the front. The back of the box is identical, and the sides show nutritional information, what appears to me to be an unnecessarily lengthy ingredients list, allergy information, Iceland's contact details and a notice to say that the packaging is recyclable.

      Inside the box, each lolly is individually wrapped in sealed cellophane. The size of each lolly is approximately 5" x 3" x 3/4" and they are slightly ridged at the back and front, though rather badly mis-shapen with a wodge of ice cream untidily sticking out at the bottom. The sticks in the lollies were the right length though, and gave plenty of holding room so as to chomp on the lollies without my fingers touching what I was eating.

      The lollies are made of blackcurrant, strawberry and orange water ice, with vanilla ice cream inside. Sounds very tempting, especially bearing the £1 for a box of 8 in mind? Well, read on!



      The flavour of the orange water ice is somewhat synthetic, bearing more resemblance to something like the taste of the orange coating around a Smartie. Quite unpleasant, far too sweet, and has a slight and not nice synthetic under-taste which hangs around for quite some time after the lolly has been eaten.


      Though the strawberry flavour ice is synthetic, there's little or no after-taste and it isn't unpleasant. Some people may find it too sweet though.


      This is absolutely disgusting. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to anything even remotely blackcurrant-flavoured and has a horrid, almost putrid under- and after-taste that hangs around for several hours after having eaten the lolly. I wish I could compare the flavour to something else, but I honestly can say that I've never tasted anything like it before, and certainly don't want to again.

      The consistency of each of the 'fruit' flavoured coatings is very soft, and doesn't have the bite factor which frozen water ice should have.



      Inside each lolly is a strip of ice cream which is pale in colour. On biting through the flavoured ice into the ice cream, a horrid, rancid milk smell rises up which almost put me off eating any more, but I persevered.

      The consistency of the ice cream isn't as firm as I like, and rather than being creamy, it's gluey and it clung unpleasantly to every single nook and cranny in my mouth. Especially with the disgusting blackcurrant flavour coating, the combination of ice and ice cream was an even worse experience which I never want to repeat.

      The ice cream even had a vaguely salty taste to it, which I found rather astonishing, as I'd not personally consider salt to be a necessary or desirable ice cream ingredient.



      These ice lollies are cheap and nasty. Because they taste so very disgusting, to me they are a false economy. I'd much rather pay more for less of something which is a pleasure to eat, rather than have a lot of something cheap which is very sub-standard.

      The best of the flavours was the strawberry, and I did manage to get through these, but there were only two of them inside the box, along with two orange-flavoured ones. I ate one and a half of the orange variety which though slightly better than the blackcurrant, is much worse than the strawberry flavour.

      After I'd sampled the first blackcurrant flavour lolly and declared it unfit for human consumption, I was horrified to discover that there were four of them in the box! Had there been four strawberry-flavoured instead, it wouldn't have been quite so bad, as they were vaguely edible.

      Unless you love to eat a foul combination of sugar, salt and chemicals which tastes vile and feels like a load of gloop inside your mouth, I'd strongly recommend steering well clear of Iceland 8 Assorted Splits Ice Lollies.

      Also, I'd hate to think if low-income families could be feeding their children this terrible product in order to give them a treat, that the kids would be jumping and running around/shrieking like mad dervishes, due to an overload of E additives.

      I'd recommend spending a few more pennies to get something nicer, or making your own. Shame on you Iceland!

      Thanks for reading!


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