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Iceland Chocolate Orange Profiteroles

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Brand: Iceland / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2008 16:03
      Very helpful



      These are truly amazing!

      COST: £2 each (per box) or 3 (boxes) for £5

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per profilterole):

      Calories: 60
      Kj: 249
      Protein: 0.8g
      Carbohydrate: 3.7g
      - of which sugars: 2.8g
      Fat: 4.6g
      - of which saturates: 3.2g
      Fibre: 0.3g
      Sodium: Trace
      Salt: Trace


      Water, coconut fat, sugar, pasteurised whole egg, skimmed milk powder, wheat starch, paprika extract, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, flavouring, acetic acid, esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, palm oil, salt, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk fat powder, soya lecithin


      Orange flavour cream filling = 52%
      Choux pastry = 22%
      Milk chocolate coating = 21%
      Hazelnuts = 5%


      Contains coconut, egg, gluten, milk, nuts and soya


      It was the day before Xmas Eve, and I found myself wandering not to my usual Sainsbury's, but to the other end of the universe, where my closest Iceland store is. I had a little peep through the windows (never having been in this particular branch before), and it looked like an inviting, bright, well kept and well lit shop - so, in I toddled! I was very impressed with the stunning array of top quality, low-priced fruit and vegetables, not to mention the myriad contents of the freezer sections.

      It was in one of these freezer sections I saw the very thing I'd like to eat after my turkey on Xmas Day, as I'm not a lover of Xmas pudding - my eyes swivelled towards Iceland's 20 Chocolate Coated Orange Profiteroles, and I just couldn't tear them away. The profiteroles interested me by the claim of the orange flavour, and though they were on offer at 3 boxes for £5 (£2 each for a single box), I decided to just buy one box as I knew that if they were delicious, I'd probably wolf all 3 boxes down at once - or at least in one day.

      Iceland Chocolate Orange Profiteroles are to be found in the party foods section of the freezers. They come in a deep-shaped, dark blue box which has festive stars over it in white and paler blue. Pictured on the front of the box are two plates piled with delicious-looking profiteroles, plus yellow labels advising that each box is £2 or 3 for £5 are liberally stuck to all the surfaces. The description in white letters, under the product title, is "...choux pastry with an orange flavoured creamy filling covered in milk chocolate and crunchy hazel nut pieces...". The sides of the box repeat the description (minus the pictures of profiteroles), and the rear gives defrosting instructions, storage instructions, nutritional information, ingredients and dietary/allergy advice.

      Inside the box is a white plastic tray, piled high with fairly small profiteroles. Unlike some other brands of profiterole, the chocolate is already on these and not packaged separately - I personally prefer the chocolate to already be on the profiteroles, as I hate messing about squeezing chocolate sauce everywhere and mostly missing the target.

      I defrosted my profiteroles for a couple of hours in the fridge, and was pleased to find that they were still very cold, but completely thawed - and, on opening the box, they gave off a rather nice orangey smell. The chocolate is paler than that on most other brands of profiterole, but in a way it looks more natural, and the tops of the profiteroles are lightly studded with tiny pieces of chopped hazel nuts.

      Full up from my turkey dinner, I didn't feel that I'd be able to make much of an indent into the profiterole supply.....famous last words!!!!!!

      I picked up the first profiterole, and bit into it. The choux pastry was nice and floaty, and the chocolate coating wasn't too crunchy - although it didn't taste all that chocolatey. It was a nice little touch to put the chopped hazel nuts on top, as that gave an interesting mix of textures when chewed with the pastry, chocolate and creamy filling. The creamy filling isn't real cream - it's that creme patisserie (if that's what you call it!) stuff, but in this case it was very pleasant, fresh tasting, and with a definite hint of rather nice orange essence - a bit like the kind of orange flavour you get in a box of chocolates.

      Despite being over-full, and without really thinking about it, before I knew it I'd polished off (in the space of about an hour) the whole box of profiteroles! I was shocked and astonished to jolt myself out of my reverie and notice that I was just about to shove the last profiterole in my mouth - but I thought, hey-ho let's go for it - what's the point of leaving just one behind?

      Mildly berating myself for being such a pig, I assessed that these profiteroles are a truly, deliciously scrumptious treat, and for me they made a great dessert when I didn't want to be bogged down with loads of suet and brandy sauce. Bulk-wise though, I probably ended up eating more than what I would have done if I'd have had one small piece of Xmas pudding, instead of the whole box of profiteroles....but, it didn't feel like it and the bloating sensation was far less than I'd have experienced after a small slice of Xmas pudding.

      All in all I'd say that Iceland Chocolate Orange Profiteroles are a very good and economical buy; even more economical if you buy for a family, and each family member eats a normal portion (not the whole bloody box like guts almighty here!). They aren't overly chocolatey, but the lovely orange creamy filling more than makes up for that. I ate mine naked (the profiteroles naked, not myself!!), but I'd imagine they'd be lovely with thin cream poured liberally all over them.

      Highly recommended, and thanks for reading - thanks to Iceland too for giving me an idea as to how to get away from the dreaded Xmas pudding!


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