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Iceland Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream

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3 Reviews

Brand: Iceland / Type: Sorbets & Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      06.05.2010 12:19
      Very helpful



      Good for the price, but there's better available

      First of all, let me say that I'm a big fan of mint choc ice cream, and I'm quite picky about what makes a good one.

      The appearance is important - we eat with all our senses, so if food doesn't look good we're less inclined to eat it. This ice cream seems to tick the right boxes here. When you open the tub you can see that it's a pleasant minty green colour, well presented with chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate on top. Time to grab a spoon and dig in - go on, you know you want to!

      OK, so having got some in a bowl, what do I see? Well, the chocolate sauce that I mentioned is only a very thin drizzle down the edge of the tub, and there's not a huge amount of choc chips in evidence. Not looking quite so good now is it?

      So how does it taste? Let's face it, this is the biggie. All told, I'd have to say it's not half bad. The ice cream has a good minty flavour, without going over the top (I've had some that are like frozen polo mints - too much!) The choc chips, although few in number, are at least a decent size, and taste like fairly good dark chocolate. There's a distinct flavour difference between the chips in the ice cream and the shavings from on the top, which is also quite pleasant. The chocolate sauce is pretty nondescript however, but what little there is mostly seems to be there for decorative purposes.

      Overall, I'd have to say that I've had better mint choc ice cream, but at £1 for a 1 litre tub this is quite a good buy, although it could do with a few more chocolate chips.


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      15.01.2010 08:40
      Very helpful



      A divine tasting mint and choc ice cream

      I really do have to give credit to hubby for this purchase as we have walked past our Iceland store hundreds of times but have never been in. It was hubby who suggested we went and had a look and ended up buying a trolley load of new items to try, this being one of them.


      The ice-cream comes in a good think slight white plastic tube. It is not overly large so it will not take up a lot of freezer space. On the tip there is a picture of 4 scoops of the ice-cream and the Iceland logo. There is a label on the bottom of the tub which contains all of the relevant information about the ice-cream.


      Now I am going on memory now as me and hubby both sat last night and shared the remainder of this tub which I have to confess was over half full! Once I opened the tub I was instantly hit with the strong smell of mint chocolate. I say it was strong but it was not at all overpowering or off putting. The ice-cream looked divine. It is a light green colour and has lines and swirls of dark brown chocolate running through it. There are also a good few noticeable chocolate chips which also run all the way through the ice cream.

      I was very surprised by how easy it was to scoop out the ice cream and put it into dishes. Also the best bit was the fact that the chocolate did actually run all the way through the ice cream and not just on the top which I have found to be the case in other brands.

      The ice cream is very soft and smooth, I did not find it was hard to eat or had lots of hard lumps in except for the chocolate chip which is only to be expected as this is a mint choc chip flavour. The green section if you manage to get a bit on its own does taste very minty but not too much and when mixed with the chocolate it really did add to the flavour. The chocolate for me remind me of dark chocolate and not the milk chocolate variety but I do find this works much better with the mint flavour. The closest thing I can describe the taste to would have to be after eight mints chocolates. I did find it was cold when eating but this s only to be expected.

      The ice cream did manage to stay firm for quite a good few minutes when scooped out of the tub which was good as I had prepared by boys dishes before they had finished their meals. They went straight for this ice cream when placed in front of them and commented on how tasty it was. They had no problems in finishing of their big dishes.

      When having just one serving of the ice cream I found it was a good flavour and not too sweet but when me and hubby were being piggy's and eating rather a lot then I did notice how sweet the taste had become. I recommend eating this is small quantities if you can.


      The mint chocolate chip ice cream comes in a 1 litre tub and I do find this is a good size as it means I can buy it and actually fit it into my small freezer without taking up too much room. The plastic lid is easy to use and once it is closed then it does stay sealed and stops the ice cream from going hard in the freezer.

      The ingredients of the ice cream for those wishing to know are:-

      Reconstructed Skimmed Milk Powered, Chocolate sauce(15%), Sugar, Glucose, Syrup, Coconut Oil, Plain Choc Chips(4%), Mini Chocolate Flakes (2%), Emulsifier; mono and Diglycerides of Fatty acids; Stabilisers: Carob Bean gum, Carrageenan; Flavouring, Colour: Copper Complexes of Chlophyllins, Spinach Extract

      The nutritional values for a 100g serving are:-

      KCAL - 185
      Protein - 4.3g
      Carbohydrates - 25.0g
      Of which sugars - 18.1g
      Fat - 7.5g
      Of which saturates - 4.8g
      Fibre - 0.4g
      Sodium - trace
      Salt - Nil

      I have to say that after readying those values then this is not at all healthy but I can say it tastes wonderful so the occasional treat cannot hurt.

      The advise which is given for allergy suffers is that this does contain coconut, milk and soya. The ice cream does not contain hydrogenated fats, artificial colours, flavours or preservative and No GM ingredients. It is also suitable for vegetarians.


      As this is an Iceland product then it is only available from their stores. We paid £1.49 for this tub but I have to say it was worth every penny and this is still a lot cheaper than well know brands.


      This ice cream has been a massive hit in my house from both adults and children so I have to say it is recommended to all. It tastes good, has a good blend of mint a chocolate and it is not stingy with the choc chips. It also comes at a reasonable price.


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        23.04.2009 15:39
        Very helpful



        A delicious mint choc chip treat for a bargain price!

        I was browsing the aisles today whilst doing some shopping for my sister and I noticed this mint choc chip ice cream for the bargain price of £1.00 and promptly threw it in to my basket.

        The ice cream is supplied in a plastic tub which has a resealable lid and the tab must be broken beforehand. I like this feature as it allows me to know that nobody has opened the ice cream and had a sneaky taste! (Maybe I'm just paranoid!).

        The ice cream is mint flavoured and has chocolate sauce on the top of the ice cream and around the entire sides of the tub. This does give it the impression of having chocolate sauce throughout the entire tub but this is not the case. There are chocolate curls and flakes on the top of the ice cream. It's quite a tasty ice cream. The mint is not too overpowering and the chocolate doesn't taste chip. The chocolate sauce melts and goes very well with the ice cream.

        When you first get this out of the freezer you might have to wait a good 10 or 15 minutes for the ice cream to defrost as it's not soft scoop!

        The ice cream is good quality and 1/8 of the pack has 106 calories and 10.4g of sugars. This is quite high but then it is ice cream and not something that you will eat for every meal of the day!

        I am rating the ice cream 4/5, it's not the highest quality I have ever tried but for £1.00 it's quite a good taste!


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