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Lindt Mousse Au Chocolat Milk Hazelnut

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Brand: Lindt / Type: Mousse

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2009 15:27
      Very helpful



      A delicious new bar of chocolate from Lindt.

      I have become rather disenchanted with Lindt chocolate of late, their flavours just don't seem to measure up to Green & Blacks and the chocolate never seemed quite as good as that used in the Lindor bars.

      However, with this Mousse au Chocolat bar they have redeemed themselves. It's absolutely delicious!

      The bar is split into thick chunks, thicker than usual because these smooth milk chocolate chunks contain the most delicious chocolate filling ever - a delightful praline flavoured nutty mousse that melts in my mouth and made me finish a whole 140g bar to myself!

      The outer chocolate casing is wonderfully smooth, I let mine melt in my mouth so that I would come by the mousse filling slowly. I was curious as to how the chocolate would melt away to reveal the soft mousse actually and can report that it does this very well. The chocolate is very similar to the slightly oily chocolate Lindt use for their Lindor bar only it has a more substantial quality which means that it melts so much slower, enhancing the overall chocolate experience.

      The mousse is absolutely superb, miles better than I was expecting it to be. It's soft and airy with a delicious chocolate-hazelnut flavour which really hits my taste buds, it tastes extremely luxurious as it has such a smooth and creamy texture and compliments the creamy milk chocolate absolutely wonderfully.

      It isn't advertised as having the flavour of praline, but to me this was certainly what it tasted like. Having used hazelnuts to create the flavour of the mousse, it will always be somewhat reminiscent of praline especially when combined with such a rich chocolate but I can also detect a very slight coffee flavour to the mousse filling too, which is surprising really as there is nothing in the ingredients list to give this impression.

      It's very tasty though and extremely moreish. I ate mine in a couple of different ways; popping the whole chunk into my mouth and letting it melt worked well but when I 'stripped' a chunk of chocolate to reveal the mousse inside it was also delicious. I love the fact that the mousse tastes so different to the solid chocolate casing, I have eaten mousse chocolates from Thorntons in the past and am always disappointed because there seems to be little difference in the two very differently textured components. Here though the filling has a much lighter flavour which makes the chocolate (although equally light) seem so much richer and more of a treat.

      I cannot rate this chocolate bar highly enough, if you read my reviews regularly you'll know that Lindt and I haven't been getting on terribly well recently - this has now changed thanks to this delicious bar of chocolate and I'll certainly be looking out in the supermarket for the other varieties in the range. I suggest you do too!


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