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Lyle's Golden Syrup Ice Cream

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Brand: Lyle's / Type: Ice Cream

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2009 23:47
      Very helpful



      A rich, tasty ice cream!

      The other night me and my friend were having a girly night with DVD's and a munch, now a munch for me is not complete without a tub of ice cream. We were nosing at the ice creams in Tescos and I always seem to get Ben and Jerrys and that is what I was looking at first. Out of the corner of my eye though I could see this dark green tub, an unusual colour to 'catch your eye' you may think, but it was a recognisable green and on closer inspection I realised it was the green of tate and lyles golden syrup that I was familiar with.

      Before investigating this tub of ice cream further I compared price tags first, £3.99 for my usual tub of ben and jerrys or £2.99 for this tub of lyle's golden syrup ice cream. The price decided for me.

      The tub the ice cream comes in is, like I've said, green, the same colour as the tins the actual syrup comes in. The Lyle's logo is dominantly printed on the lid and underneath this it says Syrup Sponge Ice Cream made with Lyle's Golden Syrup. The rest of the tub is then decorated in generous scoops of ice cream in which you can see golden syrup and golden sponge pieces. It looked truly mouthwatering!

      Each 100ml of this ice cream contains;
      140 calories
      15.6g sugars
      6.6g fat
      5.3g saturates

      The tub the ice cream comes in is a '1 litre' tub so a fair sized chunky tub with a generous amount of ice cream inside.

      When I opened the tub I have to admit it looked nothing special, just a creamy coloured ice cream with the odd golden bit here and there. There was no immediate aroma to hit my nose either, I expected all sweetness and sugar, even when putting my nose closer to the tub I was only met by a light sweet scent, nothing too strong or overwhelming. Reluctant to try the ice cream at this point I picked up my spoon and began to scoop.

      I was surprised at just how soft and smooth the ice cream was to delve my spoon into. As my spoon scooped deeper inside the tub, the ice cream curved into a soft mound onto my spoon. I smoothed my lips over my first spoonful and fell in love instantly.

      The sumptuously soft and smooth ice cream was creamy and delicious and melted in my mouth - of course lol. It was rich and gratifying, sweet but not too sweet and it had that 'golden' delectable touch to it. Whilst I got caught up in the heavenly sensation of this sweet and tasty ice scream I was suddenly introduced to scrumptious sponge pieces, very small pieces I may add but more than enough. These soft and fluffy cubes of sponge blend with the ice cream perfectly giving it a toothsome kick that's just divine in my opinion. Right at the bottom of the tub is a thin layer of Lyle's golden syrup itself which is also drizzled lightly throughout the ice cream to give it a sweetened and tantalizing touch.

      I absolutely loved this ice cream, it was so much more than I expected. The textures and flavours worked stunningly together creating a perfectly palatable treat with exactly the right amount of yummy sweetness and flavoursome creamyness. I would reccomend trying this to anybody, especially if you like Lyle's golden syrup. It's a pleasurable ice cream tub that is extremely indulgent and makes for some enjoyable devouring! Yum!


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